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  1. I was neutral about B&W’s changes. I _liked_ the change the X&Y brought. However, I’m skeptical about S&M anime. (Not to mention animation errors in the trailer)

    1. I don’t know, I’ve enjoyed quite a bit of S&M anime in my time. ;)

      1. I am so very glad I’m not the only one who saw that.

    2. I hate new Ash.

      1. Same, but how does gamercat play console games on his computer?

      2. why is Pixel using a sans grin, Why Is Pixel Using A Sans Grin, WHY IS PIXEL USING A SANS GRIN, W H Y I S P I X E L U S I N G, A F R E A K I N G S A N S G R I –

      3. I think that Ash only looks that way because Serena kissed him

  2. I suspect quite a boost in the first episode’s view counter ^_^

  3. The changes in character design can be actually the best for the franchise. Just look at the early Garfield or the early Simpsons.

  4. Cruel Pixel is cute! =^_^=

    But i must admit the old GamerCat style was not bad.

  5. Ooooh, breaking the fourth wall, now are we? xD

  6. I prefer the Kanto games, season, pokedex and trainer (RED)

    1. Genwunner

      1. is that bad?

        1. Depends.if you crap all over the other games, and scream in all caps “ALL POKEMON GAMES AFTER GEN ONE SUCK!!”without even giving them a chance, you are the bad kind of genwunner.but yo calmly stated your opinion, without crapping on all the other games.thats the good kind of genwunner

        2. Where did my earlier comment go?

    2. LinkIsTheNewLuigi

      Gen three was my favorite though…
      Probably always will be.

      1. My fave might be gen 6. My team was Delphox, Vivvilon, Meowstic, Crobat, Haxorus, and Yveltal!

  7. One wonders how long she’s been dragging that piece of paper around, waiting for just the right moment to troll.

  8. Dat 4th wall break.

    1. Please, Sans already kicked a hole in the 4th wall.

      1. No, Sans blew up the 4th wall with a nuclear bomb and threw the rubble into a black hole xD

  9. Wait.

    How was She able to have a picture of him that way?
    As far as I know, Pixel was introduced after GaMERCaT changed his look.

    1. Plot device, Mr. Frodo. Plot device.

    2. She obviously reads the comic.

      1. She most likely found that photo somewhere in the house

  10. Pixel uses 4th Wall Break!
    It’s super effective.

  11. That’s pretty tacky Pixel. Nobody likes being embarrassed with old, awkward pictures of their youth.

    Only mothers get to do that.

  12. I loved the old Pokemon. I loved the old art style.

  13. I love this! I was just telling some meta jokes to my friends! it’s like this comic reads my mind sometimes.

  14. I think the way that Sun and Moon Ash is drawn in this comic is way better then how it was in the trailer.

  15. Uh. That evil troll grin pixel had.

  16. Ash can’t get older. So he will get younger.

  17. I’m fine with change in pokemon or in a game. Mega evolutions were an awesome idea, as were the primals and the assorted modifications done in the pokemon games from start to finish. Heck, I was one of the few people who didn’t mind that there was an ice cream cone or a trash bag pokemon in gen 5.
    However, I think that Gen 7 is taking things a little too far. We already have mega evolutions, z moves seem to take this a little more than is logical. Ultra Beasts make relatively little sense as to how they COULD theoretically fit in to pokemon. Implying that there are no gym leaders also seriously cripples the potential with most Gen Wunners (I’m okay with it but it does irk me a little). Slight issue with the teams not having actual names for their admins (plumeria happens to be a brand of swimwear. WTH Ninentdo?) Still, despite all these possible issues it feels like Nintendo will deliver a good game. Alola forms are an awesome idea and are a love letter to anyone who has ever wanted pokemon breeds, so Nintendo is listening.They’re just throwing out too many ideas before considering the indepth repercussions.

    1. Plumeria is a type of flower. A Hawaiian flower. Swimwear? Since when?

      But yeah, they are making way too many additions to the mechanics of the game. I’m afraid all the new stuff is going overshadow the new Pokemon (at least the ones who aren’t memes already)

    2. See, what’s happenig is what we “scientists” (idiots) call Digimonization.

  18. After finishing this comic, I went to re-read all of the gamercat comics.
    Everything’s still great

  19. I have no negative opinion on the Sun and Moon anime style, i think it’s just fine. it kinda reminds me of Mamoru Hosoda’s animation. Just as long as they don’t turn Pokemon into a series where every episode Ash comes on screen and asks the audience how they are, i’m good. Could anyone actually imagine if they made a Pokemon series like Dora? Where itll be like:

    *bushes rustling* Main Character: “huh? did you here that? is there a pokemon near by?” *a big and potentially dangerous pokemon jumps out and is literally right in front of his/her face.* Main Character: “Can you help me find the thing that im looking at and is within arms reach of me?” *5-10 seconds of silence, still staring at the pokemon* Main Character: “Oh! there it is! i must have gone blind for the past 2 minutes, cuz i apparently didnt see the thing i was looking at. thanks for your help.”

    and i’ll be sitting there, cringing, and say, “that was a damn (insert dangerous pokemon here!) if this were real life you’d be dead by now while you just looked at it wanting MY help for something you can plainly see right in front of you!!”

  20. Dude, good writing counts!

  21. I guess Ash did the synchro dance and gain his Alola form.

    1. *gained

  22. Claws bared!
    She really is just asking for it

  23. Vander Wielen Ylan

    Ok, sometimes you can change styles like the drawing of Pokémon improved…..but you can’t change it radicaly !!!!! Ash was getting mature man…. And the drawings were getting so amazing….

  24. I feel the anime would be ten times better if they scrapped Ash entirely and have each season follow a new game, and we get the game’s protagonists.

    Once they achieve their goal, and the next game is out, we move on to a new person.

    Like that small teaser we got of the B&W protag with a Lucario.
    That kicked Ash’s anime in the butt.

  25. “Put it back in the drawer!!!” 0wO

  26. OH. MY. GOSH. I’d never noticed the change in the art! I went back to the first one and was shocked! I have to agree with GaMERCat on that one, though. It hurts so badly when something changes like that. I was so excited about how far Minecraft PE had come, finally having horses and all that PC stuff it didn’t have before, but over time, I missed the brighter graphics and simplicity, and became a little depressed about it. In “Warriors”, that book series about cats, too. I know they didn’t really CHANGE it, but the other series weren’t the same as ‘The Prophecies Begin”. I still love it, of course, but it doesn’t have the same feeling. :)

  27. YES!! I’ve been looking for a funny, but trustworthy (no swearing or inappropriate content) thing like this for so long! I’ve looked into a bunch, but there’s always SOMETHING. I have found a sanctuary! A home! A territory! I have discovered my place! And… A sandwich? Who put a sandwich here? Oh well. Mm, yum. This comment turned out a bit weirder than I expected :P)

  28. I think i actually like the smooth look of the old art better

  29. That’s how I started out 

  30. I never even noticed when his look changed. LOL

  31. Am I the only one who doesn’t watch the anime?
    In my defense, I no longer have cable.

  32. Where did she get that? And she didn’t know Gc in that form

  33. I think it all depends on which style is being redone and the place they’re taking it. For example: the Pokemon anime’s style being redone looks good and does the show justice, BUT at the same time Thundercats Roar looks like it’s taking the franchise into a place it was never meant to go.

  34. how many comics intil he changed into a different stile

  35. When I have you!

  36. PIXEL NO-

  37. I see no diifferance.

  38. Change is good…In some cases… *Flashback*

  39. I like the new anime more than the old one

  40. I won’t lie, I kinda liked the lineless look more.

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