Trial Trip

I often question the logic of events in the Pokemon world. This is based off of the Sun & Moon demo version.

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  1. I don’t recall Pokemon Snap being so violent, but then again I do as much as I can to avoid recalling Pokemon Snap.

    1. Well, obviously, you were playing it wrong. I mean, the Pokemon don’t attack you, but you’ve got an infinite supply of projectiles to hurl at the innocent critters. >:-)

      My wife cackled like a maniac when I introduced her to harassing Pokemon in that game.

    2. You obviously weren’t playing it correctly. I mean, sure, the Pokemon didn’t attack you, but you were armed with an infinite supply of projectiles to hurl at the innocent critters. >:-)

      My wife cackled like a maniac when I introduced her to harassing Pokemon in that game.

    3. The part of pokemon snap I remember most vividly is taking a picture of some voltorb and/or electrode to startle them into exploding, and having to time it right so their explosion would blow a hole in the cave wall and open up a new path.

      1. i used to play snap as a kid and would litterly use the purple poisen ball so i could get a picture of mew with here eyes open

    4. I don’t want to insult Pokemon but that character Is SO retarded

    5. *0* that is not pokemon snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pokemon is too old too have alolan adventures! it to… kanto!

  2. this is good

    1. yeah agreed but that guys eyes \(l_l)/

  3. Speaking of Pokemon, I wonder if for the next Halloween GaMERCaT will dress up as Incineroar.

  4. You watch pokemon generations? Explains somethings from the games.

  5. Lath, Summoner of The Isles

    I think those Pokémon creators are now turning towards teenagers instead of youngsters nowadays. All the legendary Pokémons since around Diamond and Pearl are all looking like total edgelords.

    1. No actually since Hoenn.
      Cough RAYQUAZA cough

  6. i know i loved the demo at least he has a greninja

  7. i know i loved the demo at least he has a greninja.

  8. Fun Fact (and Spoiler Warning): Professor Kukui is married to Professor Burnet from Pokemon Dream Radar. Ya know, that spin-off game from Gen 5 that the main reason it existed was to get the new forms of Thunderus and his crew? Ya. Just thought it would be interesting to let ya know in case any of you missed that in Sun/Moon.

    1. Thank you

  9. Well considering that a harmless flash of light is an actual battle move, I’m sure it was an honest mistake on the Pokémon’s part.

  10. Well, Pokémon is a game about collecting magical evolving monsters, trapping them in balls than run on magic, and pitting them in literal blood sports. Pokémon must have very highly evolved anti-trainer instincts by now!

  11. Well, that’s a snappy situation…

    This is NOT a pun, I repeat, NOT A PUN ;_;

  12. I wonder how many times someone has said this.

    This is Paw-some. =3

  13. his face in the last panel! hahaha! Ohh, NPC’s with canned responses…

  14. Pokemon Moon Moon – starring Professor Derp!

  15. Yet another few in a long line of pokémon whose names were changed to “just as, if not even more, foreign-sounding” because no respect for what they’re translating

    1. Or maybe make it sound…I dunno,HAWAIAN?!

      1. which it already did just fine
        I will never understand decisions like that.. except the occasional unfortunate coincidence like makunoshita.. which has shit in it.. and has too many letters.

  16. I just had surgery on my arm and…HEY,HEY,WHERE ARE YOU GOING,THIS IS LEADING UP TO A GAMERCAT IDEA!ok,so basically gamercat gets surgery on his paw,and is unable to play video games for a while,an THE is the EXACT TIME ALLL the best games come out.several strips,like the spider theme

  17. Haha; the inspection of Pok̩mon logic reminds me of this Р

  18. How often do these comics come out??

    1. Monday at pacific midnight, weekly.

  19. Pokémon Logic. Making no sense since 1996.

  20. Derp.

  21. What if he met lusamine? Or lillie? Just saying I would like to see that.

  22. I reacted the same way when playing this

  23. I know that guy…

  24. Those eyes at the end.

  25. Kukui’s eyes are so derp LMAO

  26. I know, Gamercat. What’s wrong with humans?

  27. Glitch is best boi

    He walks around with a lab coat and no shirt. of course he’s insane

  28. we are not humans we are alieans

  29. This is the Pokemon SUN & MOON DEMMO! not Pokemon Snap!

  30. kukui in the last panel looked derpy… :P

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