Trope Trolling

What would a gaming comic be without the classics?

44 thoughts on “Trope Trolling

  1. …kill the enemies and push the block?

    1. maybe hit all the buttons?

      1. look it up?

        never mind, this one is useful. It’s the exact opposite of Navi

        1. if its a fighting game just mash buttons like this

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        2. Yes haha like that dhhdhdhxusjjsuxneudieh

        3. and this! fdhga\jieuf9dsvehfr90iguhie90w8duvg yfheu3wi9dheuiw390ecfhvbjraw,seuksdauysdjhsdqjddsffjzdfzdjzdd\kdshhasdxchjhsdasdasdfjklsdjjasdaqsdfmwe

        4. the opposite of Navi is perfection

  2. is the gamercat a boy or girl?

    1. He’s a boy.

    2. How… Could you think GaMERCat is a girl? HOW COULD YOU????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Well he is very feminine.

    3. Cat… he’s a fucking cat

  3. I think it’s a boy

    1. you THINK!? more like he IS a boy!

  4. He is a boy. Oh, my… That fairy is so annoying! And she is just like this in Zelda. Most of the times she just say what you have already figured out.

    1. That’s not true at all and you know it. Also? Not everyone is a supergenius that knows everything. I still have to remind kids that Mario has a run button.

      1. Of course, I agree with you. I’m just saying that most of the times the fairy is helpless. At least in the DS games, it is likely she will say the obvious things. But there are always complex details that she will not tell you, because it’s your job to figure it out alone. Actually, although I say the fairy is boring, I really like her. Because, you know, Link doesn’t speak at all, so the fairy makes the story a little more funny.

    2. At first I was excited that she would help me solve the worse of the puzzles and such. Hahaha, nope!

      1. Yeah, no. The fairy is pretty useless. Anything she says is useful one time only if at all. After that, she’s just annoying

    3. Thank god there’s that one level where she says obvious things and you have the option of using sarcasm.

  5. The GaMERCaT is male. And he’s a very funny cat.

  6. LOL

    I LOVE GaMERCaT’s reaction in that last panel!

    Really needed a good laugh today, thank you very very much!!

    Long LIVE GaMERCaT!!!

  7. The true trick is jump above the enemies! XD

    1. To bad he was playing a puzzle game that you can’t jump in.

  8. “What would a gaming comic be without the classics?”

    Funny. The answer is funny.

    1. but-but but, I like the classics :( the correct answer is boring. It would be a boring gaming comic without the classics.

  9. Uhm… I Know What You Can Do! Past The level. The End.

  10. too bad he don’t play on pc, if he play on pc he just can download a trainer, right? anyone agree?

    Best comic ever! XD

  12. I would TOOTAALLYYYYY BUY A T-shirt with that last panel on it! x3 I love your Comix, keep it up! =D

  13. Celesse, what game is GaMERCaT playing? He is using an XBOX 360 controller, but he can’t get past a level, and a hint to what he may be playing is NOT starfox… Oh, and by the way, what level cannot he get past?

    1. Aperture Science Online Catbot

      Xbox 360… Hard… He is good at a lot of games… No barrel rolls… He is bad at puzzles… Celesse likes Portal… He might be playing Portal on The Orange Box? IDK if you can get Portal: Still Alive or Portal 2 on the 360.

  14. Alice David Turner

    You should make a comic of GaMERCaT playing a terrifying horror game! It’d be funny.

  15. Do you realize how much you would make with that last panel on a t-shirt?
    In the words of Shia LaBouf-“JUST DO IT!!!!!)

  16. I know the feeling. People being less than helpful is the worst.

  17. Do an alieron roll! Jeez get it right.

  18. What game is he playing anyway

  19. Play star fox and then do a barrel roll, then you will pass the level

  20. I would press random buttons- axy lt axyayyba rt lt rt axyxbyabyxbyabyxbxayb

  21. DO A BARREL ROLL me:I’m playing Luigi’s mansion….eh ima do it anyway

  22. Or u hit the the yellow block with ur head and def a king turtle and save a princess

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