Trophy Trip

So, are you Gamercat or Sweet when it comes to trophies/achievements?

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  1. I’m personally on Gamercat’s side when it comes to achievements. I generally prefer games with them to against them, but I understand the other side completely.

    I’ve had the mass effect trilogy since the trilogy set came out. With the breaks I’ve taken, I’m still on the first game… trying to 100% finish it….

    1. The Mass Effect trilogy are moderately easy to 100% though.

      1. I have not gotten 100% on any mass effect game, mainly because I just cannot make certain decisions. I will not play through ME1 with mainly wrex. I want that one guy to live and I don’t want to hear his bull$#!+ about saving the Rachnii queen.

    2. I enjoy getting trophies, but I think Sweet wouldn’t like CallOf Duty, because trophies are inevitable in that series.

    3. I’m GaMER Cat to because I finish games a week after I buy them so I like to make the game last longer

      1. I’m Sweet when I play games I just play but if I get an achievement while just normally playing yay if not yay I beat the game.

        1. Sweet.Some of them are just unacheivable and it’s more fun without the pressure

        2. Yeah… I’m with Sweet



  2. Too many games, too little time :( But I WILL go thru every marker in Wither3

    1. i wish you good luck and bravery, fellow 100%-er

  3. I’m with GamerCat all the way on this one, still working on getting some of those sweet, sweet, platinums. Though I wish some games would at least make you have to work for the majority of achievements. Rather than making every achievement really simple like a lot of games do these days.

    Also Celesse I have to say I absolutely love your work, these comics actually make me look forward to Mondays, and have officially made Mondays my favourite day of the week

  4. I am also on GamerCat’s side. When I don’t finish the game on 100%, I feel like I didn’t play it right.
    But who knows, maybe one day I will wake up and realize I am just a nuts who takes silly things too seriously. After all, people change.
    By the way, what do you think about trophies, Celesse?

  5. I naturally tend toward obsessively trying to get everything in RPGs. This has resulted in a huge backlog (seriously like 4 or 5 years worth, if I play at my normal rate, and that doesn’t include any future titles!). So I’ve tried to rein it in. Plus, I’ve realized that a lot of these “trophies” are just data for things you may do while playing the game anyway. It’s the same with ultra-rare weapons, powers, and spells: if you can beat the game without them, then there’s no urgent need to find them other than bragging rights. I understand getting stuff that may give you an advantage in multiplayer; besides that, though, I feel like it’s okay to move on to the next thing and come back later only if you have time and desire.

  6. I’m with both of them on this actually. Achievements and Trophies are interesting, they DO make u think you’ve accomplished something yes, but personally, i think they should make it so that ALL Trophies/Achievements are actually something to work for, to push your skills to their limits. Not something utterly ridiculous like giving you one for completing a damn level/chapter of the story. Those are just unneeded.

    1. I personally don’t care for trophies and achievements. If I get them cool! I just wanna play the game and see the story.

  7. I use to be a gamercat but have now come over more to Sweet’s side. That being said I do like achievements that get you to try things you might never do otherwise. The original Dead Rising had some good ones, like getting an entire squad of females traveling with you, or intentionally letting time run out to get a certain amount of survivors out of the mall. The best thing is that a good number of those achievements unlocked items in game like the real Megabuster.

  8. Bit of a Mix, I like chasing some achievements and the challange can be fun but I do not stress over getting 100%.

  9. I am on Gamercat’s side. I mean, one of the first games I got for my 3Ds was Kirby Triple Dulux. That was 2 years ago and what percent am I on? 94%! I still need to beat the arena, beat the TRUE arena, collect all the key chains, and still unlock this one last video that I don’t have yet! Sure I could just call it quits but I would never forgive myself.

  10. realkingcatlamarre

    im in the middle

  11. I’m both.
    It depends on the game. With some games, I really just don’t care, when it’s done it’s done.
    With some games, I enjoy them so much that I don’t want to stop YET and thus bother to get the achievements. Fable 2, A Tale Of Two Brothers, Life is Strange and so on had been the latter, for example.

  12. depends on the game, what kind of achievement it is, and my mood. legend of zelda games, unless i’m doing what i call hard mode (not getting any heart containers or pieces) i have to get everything. MMOs, i like getting them, but again it depends on my mood, and what kind of achievement it is. for example, i will get PVE achievements but not PVP, and i got “insane in the membrane” on WoW cuz i thought it was fun. so… yeah. depends.

  13. I’m Gamercat-ish, but I only lean towards his side and I’m certainly no completionist.

  14. Achievements are useless. And “% completed” counter is useless. I don’t need that to know the game is finished. The game is finished when you defeat final boss, watch final cutscene. And if there are multiple legit endings, sure, there is a point in getting those too. But wasting hours on impossible jumps or pixel hunting or anouther playthrough because new game+ opens new outfit….no. It was way better when achievements actualy meant something. Defeating every boss in MGS 4 with tranq gun is an achievement. Shooting 1000000 bullets in borderlands is…a thing that happens.

  15. Well, my first playthrough I’m usually Sweet, but then I play it again, taking the GamerCat approach, although if it’s something like the Blimey O Riley Achievement from COD Ghosts where I have to kill all the enemies stealthily, I go for it.

  16. I keep playing as long as I’m still having fun. Sometimes that means quitting before I even finish the story. Sometimes that means getting all of the achievements but one or two that are really annoying. Really depends on the game.

  17. I actually agree with Sweet. While I enjoy earning trophies, i never spend hours and hours on a game just to get them all.

  18. Gamercat!


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  20. Myself, I am a bit of both.
    I hate leaving achievements un-achieved. I want to fill that quota.
    But honestly, a lot of games DO give a bunch of BS achievements that just **** me off.
    Especially the multiplayer ones. Good Hell how I hate multiplayer achievements.

    But I still like achievements. When I get a game, I look through the achievements to see what there is. When I beat a game, I look to see what achievements I missed. And for some titles, I do make the effort to get all of them. But f*** you, multiplayer achievements, f*** you.

  21. Look like somebody is addicted to achievments trophies ;)

  22. I lean more towards Sweet. Some I chase, others, meh.

  23. I am Sweet.

  24. Hard to say.
    I’d have to be GaMERCaT.
    I don’t really notice myself going for achievements until i’ve purposefully unlocked 5 in an hour.

  25. I’m Sweet. Any “achievements” I want are either ones I set for myself, or ones that actually unlock something like in FTL

    1. FOR Faster then Light is a fun game I agree the ship’s you can get are really cool

      1. FTL

  26. If you want to grab all the achievements go ahead. But my Steam backlog is telling me to not bother with them.

    Even if Steam had some sort of achievement point system for total achievements collected, I’d still earn those points quicker by going through all the low hanging achievements (mostly SP completion) across many games instead of getting every single achievement in one game before moving to the next.

  27. I’m in between.
    I like aiming for trophies/achievements, but I don’t like sticking to a game just for the sake of “that one trophy”.

    1. The recommendations you provided here are very valuable. It had been such an entertaining surprise to have that waiting for me once i woke up this very day. They are always to the point and straightforward to learn. Thanks a ton for the valuable ideas you’ve shared above.

  28. Definitely a Sweets type of player! I mean, I enjoy getting achievements, I think they’re kinda clever sometimes. But most of the time I’m just there for the story or the fun of the game itself! Like, I didn’t play Portal 2 for the achievements, I played it because it was fun! :0

  29. Heh, I was just clearing out my 0 achievement games from my xbox live profile… So nice timing on this comic. As it is, I do wish I could remove the games I decided I don’t like, even if I have 1 or two achievements in it. Also, I’d love to have multiplayer achievements be separate. I never actually get them.

  30. In general, I tend to be more like Gamercat. That said, for certain games (Deadpool immediately comes to mind), or certain types of achievements (ones that are obviously there just to say ‘I tolerated this game for an insanely long time’ (the mastery rank ones on Warframe come to mind, as well as Underdome DLC ones on Borderlands)). A lot of the time though, I play on Steam, so I get to see global stats for everyone who plays the game, and I often focus on ones that almost nobody has.

  31. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I’d be a Sweet. Unless the achievements are fun to get, or the game is so enjoyable that I’d like to challenge myself with getting the achievements, I typically don’t give a damn. I’ve got a lot of games I’ve yet to beat, and I won’t get around to them if I sell my soul to get every achievement in Smash Bros. or something.

  32. Thank you, Sweet! Someone had to say it! I have never cared about achievements! The only extra tasks I care about are the ones that unlock extra content. It’s cool when I get an achievement, but the only ones I ever get are the ones I don’t even have to try to get.

    1. How do you guys not care about trophies every game i have played i gotten 100%

  33. If I have time and no new games, I scroll through the achievements and do the funnier ones.

  34. I don’t care. I’ll get them in visual novels and maybe RPGs, but seeing everything in those games is something I like to do anyway.
    I have trophies turned off whenever I can.

    1. Hi Miles, my name is Myles!

  35. N Riding A Giant Patrat

    I like getting as close to 100% as I can, but also understand that some of those achievements are just too insane/impossible. They’re just fun to get when I can.

  36. Both! I have this internal dialogue with most games. Start of on Gamercat’s side then depending on how annoying or how much time the achievements need I slow, or sometimes very quickly, shift to Sweet’s side. Once I’ve switched its highly unlikely that I will ever bother again.

  37. I always try to get all the things and explore everything. Just can’t help myself.

    Also, you’re making my Mondays brighter with these comics. Love GamerCat and the crew!

  38. Little of both. More on Sweet’s side of things though.

  39. I suppose I’m with Sweet on this one.
    If I can get those achievements while I enjoy the game – that’s fine and cool, but no way in hell am I gonna spend hours and hours to get some silly icon just for its own sake. Furthermore, I won’t cry a river and instantly replay if I missed some of the obvious ones that required a little more effort from me. It’s unreasonable and, frankly, I would consider it to be a waste of my time.

  40. Little bit of both. I Do the ones I think would be fun.

  41. Sweet all the way. I mean, if I’m already doing something that looks like it’ll brush up on a ‘chivo, I’ll snag it, or if it unlocks something like a cheat code or optional equipment or something. But I am NOT wasting time on gamer score. Screw attack that.

  42. I’m with Gamercat on this one because I know most of the time trophies\achievements are pointless but I do like spending that time getting them because it extends the gameplay time so I can enjoy the game longer and I get a sense of satisfaction knowing that I earned them.

  43. I’m mainly with Sweet, with a few exceptions. On most good RPGs I try to 85 – 100% those, but with everything else I usually don’t, unless I have a lot of free time

  44. The whole point of playing games to me, is for the fun of it. If an achievement doesn’t look like it’ll be much fun to do, then I don’t bother. If I really like a game, and I know I’ll get something decent for completing it or certain challenges %100, then I’ll do it. Gamerscore, trophies, and achievements are useless, and only serve for bragging rights. Again, I don’t play video games to be a show off, I play for fun.

  45. Unoriginal contenT

    I consider myself actually with Sweet on this one. For the most part, I don’t play games to “play” them. I play games for their stories. It is the main story that I bought the game for, not all of the “hours of additional side quests and content.” I actually had an argument with my brother-in-law over Skyrim over basically this same thing. I played the game for the story, basically played all the way through until just after the second fight with Alduin the World-Eater then switched to Fire Emblem FATES: Conquest (yes this means that I didn’t actually play Skyrim until several months ago, I’m more of a die-hard Nintendo fan). I finished playing the game at around Level 17 because I did not do basically any of the side quests, nor any of the mining, smithing, or any of that other jazz.

    He on the other hand is die-hard side-quests and basically the equivalent of Gamercat, when it comes to Skyrim. Also, he never finished the main story because of all of the other content and side game. The only game I have ever went out of my way to 100% was Majora’s Mask.

    I basically consider myself done with a Pokemon game once I’ve beaten the Pokemon League Champion and whatever after game story exists (The Delta Episode, the entire post-credits psychosis which Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky).

    Once the story is over, I switch to a new game. And in some cases, I haven’t even actually finished the main story (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch) simply because a different game came up. I am full-heartedly Sweet on this topic.

  46. I think I’m more like sweet, I like ignoring achievements but sometimes I like funny achievements like when I play flash games there is some achievements like the cake is a lie or watermelon that are fun to get. Although achievements are a waste of time some reward you with in-game money.
    P.S* first post ever

  47. I’m halfway between. I like getting as many trophies as I can, but I will happily skip the ones that are far too difficult (insane mode, for example) or require online play I can’t manage (playing with newbies or having x number of people on your friends list play with you, because I don’t go about friending everyone I can just to get trophies), and I won’t look back.

  48. thatpersonwhoplaysvideogames

    can you make a comic on the megaman x or zero series or on metroid

  49. I’m somewhere in the middle. I like it when I get them, but I don’t go after them unless it’s a game I really, really like, or at least something I think I can do easily.

  50. I’m Sweet. I play to hear the games’ storylines, and lord knows I get sidetracked enough with all those sidequests.

  51. Depends on the achievement itself, really. For example, I’ve gladly taken multiple attempts at ‘If They Came To Hear Me Beg’ on Halo: Reach, but no way am I gonna spend thirty or forty hours on Saints Row when I can beat the entirety of the game in a few hours, if even that. Just needs to be an achievement that actually is one you’d -like- to get without forcing yourself to play a mediocre game longer than you care to.

  52. I’m with Sweet in the sense that I wouldn’t ever bother going after achievements and whether a game had them or not would effect my decision to get it. (it seems very silly to me that that would actually be a deal breaker to some people.)

    I don’t really care about them being included though, it’s fine for the people who want them I guess.

    To be honest I kinda like the oddball achievements you get for doing something weird, but I still wouldn’t actively try to get them.

  53. Suprisingly this becomes a mini-arc soon after for those who read this linearly.

    Not that I would know anything about that.

  54. Hmmmmm…
    Gamercat I guess but I won’t TACKLE anyone…

  55. Depends on the game. Most RPGs I’m playing for the story and don’t care about achievements, but I really want to get all the achievements in Europa Universalis 4 one day…

  56. I’m typically Sweet when it comes to trophies/achievements. But, sometimes I’ll do them for fun or if I know there is a pay off (like armor in Halo).

  57. I get all the trophies I can on my playthroughs unless they require me to go out of my way to find it. Unless it’s a secret area or a really powerful weapon, like the ryno from the Ratchet and Clank series (couldn’t think of other examples)

  58. I go Sweet, then Gamercat – I’ll play the game normally, then I try to get all the achievements.

  59. I’m sweet I just play the game, if I want more challenge I’ll just crank up the difficulty… or no hit run on dark souls

  60. I can relate. I’m always the achievement wanter out of me and my bro. And my sis will go crazy for then also

  61. I never realized that Sweet had a dinosuar tail…

  62. prototype, prototype 2

  63. I was Gamer cat, when I played “DeadRising.” Then I realized that I was wasting my time on one game for 5 months, and I still had 12 other games to play.

  64. Uhh… both. I don’t care about them, but I’m fine when I get them.

  65. I’m more like Sweet in this than I am like Gamercat. I mean there’s SOOOO many difficult long hard grind type of achievements for Madden 18 that I just do not like having to work for. Some are simple and easy to get and others would take in game years. I have gotten all the achievements for Destiny 2, but they’re relatively easy by comparison; challenging in their own way, but easy in terms of time investment.

  66. I might have to go with both because i try to get the ones i can acheive or i just flat out ignore them

  67. I’m in between when it comes to trophies.

  68. Can I choose to be Glitch?

  69. I don’t care for ’em really…

  70. in slime rancher i was determined to get all the trophies that didn’t inovole speed run. then i saw one that involved throwing a chick into an incinerator. never. gona. happen

  71. What why not?

  72. A perfect example

    Sweet, I sometimes do them though

  73. Jason WillowHammer

    I’m team Sweet. The achievements are completely pointless and you get nothing from them.

  74. I’m Sweet until I’m overpowered, THEN I’m Gamercat.

  75. Sincerely, I’m more like Sweet. I don’t give importance to in-game trophies.

  76. Im like Gamercat when it comes to getting achivements cuz, sometimes you grt rewards like the games i play

  77. personally i am more of a GaMERCaT when it comes to achievements. partly because in some games i play doing the stuff give me bonuses and achievements. otherwise, sweet, then when i beat the game. GaMERCaT

  78. Im a complete GaMERCat, but I feel sometimes they make it too hard. Then it defeats the purpose. But I feel that somehow, earning trophies is just satysfying, what its okay. (Woops, typos)

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