Underlying Intent

If you haven't played Undertale yet, you really should.

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  1. It’s just me or anybody else love Flowey?

    1. Well, he is a tragic character and sometimes a little sympathetic

      1. Yeah, everything about him, at the end, makes me regret everything I said about him at the beginning.

        When I killed him at the end of Neutral, I actually cried.

        1. Killing him in genocide is pretty fucked up as well.

        2. Hey, what about the true pacifist ending, huh?

        3. I sighed in relief after killing Flowey. That’s what he gets for calling me an idiot like 7500000 times

    2. He’s literally my favorite fictional character of all time.
      You’re not alone.

    3. Yep i love flowey

      1. I love how he is really my adoptive brother in a soulless form

    4. Yup. Him and Snas

    5. a very puzzled shark

      flowey’s cool and all, but we’re not gonna talk about the fact that this was posted at 3 in the morning??

      1. that_kid_that_oofs

        One word. Timezones.

    6. I’ve never played UnderTale, but I love this comic strip!

    7. I’ve never played UnderTale, but I love this one

  2. That face on panel 5 though

    1. the most… interesting face i have ever seen?

    2. “THIS IS A WOLD OF LIES!!!! ”

  3. No. No I shouldn’t.


  4. I would really love to see GaMERCaT’s reactions to:

    fight with Asgore and Omega Flowey.

    1. Some Other Random Guy

      How about the fight with Asriel Dreemurr?

  5. Yay, I love this web comic it makes me smile!!

  6. Hilarious! And yet, sadly, the kind of strip that won’t age well because once you know “that’s what happens in the game” there’s no joke anymore.. heh.
    I do love, however, how games nowadays have become more and more a group experience. It’s “how was it for you when you saw __” making it fun to actually watch someone replay a game you’ve played yourself, just to see their reactions. And Gamercat is just that kind of fun reacty person!

  7. XD That was MY first reaction to! I LOVE Undertale, and am furry happy that you made a comic about it!

    1. Freudian slip. 45% sure that was intentional.

  8. woa frisk gamer cat…….adorable overload run for your pitfull existences

  9. I can see GaMERCaT aborting a genocide run. Flowey’s clearly left a really bad first impression. (He DOES have that effect on people.)

    Glitch meets Burgerpants. Hilarity ensues.

  10. I can already imagine Nano doing genocide run.

    1. Nah, she would probably be Chara.



  12. My best friend started undertale and totally fell for Flowey’s friendly act. She complained to me about it and literally the next day this comic was on Tapastic.
    Coincidence? I think not.

    1. What’s your friend’s name?

  13. Undyne_The_Undying

    Could we please get more undertale comics??

    1. It’s funny how Undyne is a complete and utter racist psychopath and yet she’s one of the most popular characters of the game.

      It’s like Undertale fans are brain-damaged scumbags who can’t realize how blatantly racist the game is.

      1. Waffles i don’t know you and you don’t know me. But you just saved my day by being literally the only human being i ever met realizing that Undyne is racist and literally wants Asgore to become Hitler

      2. She isn’t racist! If you are raised to hate a people that actually truly wronged you or your people it doesn’t make you racist! Especially if you’ve never relly met someone of said race/species. She wants to hurt the humans because THEY were racist and commited a massacre of the humans for no real reason. She doesn’t want Asgore to become the next Hitler. She wants justice. Also I she was racist she wouldn’t talk about how cool “human history” is aka the anime alphys shows her. A racist would be bias against it. She isn’t racist she just cares about the people she knows and loves.

  14. Undyne_The_Undying

    Hope there’s more undertale comics headed our way

  15. Please… please don’t go into the plot of this game. I don’t need ANOTHER site I have to avoid until I get the chance to play this.

    1. I’ll be sure to mark anything too spoilery with a warning. Next week’s comic is a little spoilery, so feel free to skip it!

  16. i remember this part

  17. Go for the genocide route!

  18. Let this be all of Undertale. No more please. Seriously, F that crap.

    1. GuythathatesJimVincent

      yes more please

      1. GuythathatesGuythathatesJimVincent

        Seriously, f–k Undertale right in the poopshoot.

        1. Guys please stop hating on each other and Jim Vincent please keep your negative thoughts to yourself, cursing and insulting games that people think is amazing is not a good idea and very immature.

  19. Ah, no. Please, not again.

  20. Re-read it all of it today, time well spend

  21. If their is anything in undertale it is killing sans

  22. At this moment, GamerCat knew…

    He f##ked up.

  23. Flowey is such an asshole , and i am so happy Undertale came here in Gamercat ^-^ (PS: Gamercat is just so cute in Frisk clothes >.<)

  24. “Ah, this game is racist!” “Ahh, you can’t have that opinion because my own differs!” “Well fuck your opinion because I agree with their opinion! By the way, I never met you and I hate you, so I’m stealing your hate name and letting you know it’s you who I hate!” When are people going to realize that this is the internet, and use it for further discussion of topics rather than fighting, hate? You do know you can look up what the game is about, see the psychological meaning and such, and also figure out a character’s past by digging deep enough, right? Shit, stop fighting and get along. Games whould be something that unites players, not what some people decide to display as “superiority”. In my own opinion, Undertale was pretty cool. Flowey scared me at first, especially the sound that played when he went from cutesy to menacing.

    1. The Crusher Of Your Dreams


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  26. TROLLFACE (well it sorta looks like it)

  27. Moral of the story: never trust a talking flower 😁

  28. This world is SO full of lies

  29. You should do a Deltarune Comic!

  30. UNDERTALE!!!


    “Howdey! I’m FLOWEY! FLOWEY the flower!” At the end:”DIe”

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  33. This world is SO full of lies

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  35. For some reason, this game scarred me for life for a few days

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  38. Promise me you’ll never put the gay in

  39. actually, you can make friends with anybody. just keep playing the game until flowey turns into a giant photoshop monster and when you beat him, don’t kill him.

  40. (In this comment there is an undertale spoiler!) I’ve played undertale, stuck on the Mad Dummy boss fight, tryna attempt pacifist

  41. Samantha truth or dare? Please pick dare I dare you to never do anything about undertale again please

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