When I first heard there was going to be an art book for Journey, I can’t lie, I squealed quite loudly. Especially because the news came in the form of a request to add the GaMERCaT Journey comic to the book in the special fan art section they had planned. I was absolutely thrilled and very honored to be asked, as there are many other wonderful Journey pieces out there to choose from.

The whole process happened very fast, and before I knew it my copy of the book arrived on my doorstep! It is personalized and signed by both Matt Nava and Jenova Chen, and the book itself is just gorgeous. It features a full artwork slip cover that belies the beauty underneath; a rich, red cover with an embossed golden Journey gliph that is, frankly, adorable! Inside the book is a plethura of images and information about the entire creative process behind Journey, including unused designs, alternate ideas and even how the journeyer evolved in appearance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

But, of course, the best part for me was reaching the fan art section and finding GaMERCaT amidst the other wonderful fan art pieces that were featured. I can’t really describe how awesome this is!

I highly recommend this book for any fan of Journey. Preorders are already sold out and the book is on backorder, but keep your eyes peeled for when it comes back in stock. It will aso be available on Amazon in the beginning of October. If you need more incentive to purchase the book, then check out this 10 minute video about it and all of the special features and goodies that it contains!

Safe journey, fellow travelers!