Well, it’s taken longer than it should have, but it seems like I have just about enough comics to put GaMERCaT into print. While I consider the options, I would like to hear from you guys, the readers, and find out what you would like to see in the book. I would love to include bonus content, but there are several things I could toss in and I want to make sure what I choose would even be desired.

So what would you like to see? Here are my ideas:

  • Concept sketches & information on how GaMERCaT was inspired and came into existence, as well as how he evolved along the way.
  • Bonus illustrations
  • Bonus comics not published online
  • Revise the earlier comics to match the new art style (GC has changed a lot since the beginning!)

I can’t do all of them (or can I?), so let me know your favorites or if you have ideas for other bonus content. I will likely be doing a Kickstarter to fund this, so some of these could be stretch goals as well.