Well, it’s taken longer than it should have, but it seems like I have just about enough comics to put GaMERCaT into print. While I consider the options, I would like to hear from you guys, the readers, and find out what you would like to see in the book. I would love to include bonus content, but there are several things I could toss in and I want to make sure what I choose would even be desired.

So what would you like to see? Here are my ideas:

  • Concept sketches & information on how GaMERCaT was inspired and came into existence, as well as how he evolved along the way.
  • Bonus illustrations
  • Bonus comics not published online
  • Revise the earlier comics to match the new art style (GC has changed a lot since the beginning!)

I can’t do all of them (or can I?), so let me know your favorites or if you have ideas for other bonus content. I will likely be doing a Kickstarter to fund this, so some of these could be stretch goals as well.

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112 thoughts on “Books?

  1. I’m more excited by the fact that GaMERCaT is coming to print! Been a silent supporter until now. I’d happily help out on the Kickstarter :D

    I’d like to see the concept information/sketches, along with a revision of the earlier comics to match the new art style. The bonus illustrations and comics could be stretch goals.

  2. You should play Cathrin and post a pic about that? c:

  3. I think that you should add everithing related with GC like how you decided to create it, your first attemps, and everithing cause we love that kitty cat.

  4. I’d love to see options 1 and 2, as much as bonus comics would also be cool (but, I believe, that would end up being too time-consuming, and I’d rather see them here. ;))

    Cheers! o/

  5. I absolutely want a book of gamercat! no matter what!
    well be awesome you can include the “Journey” illustration, its just awesome, maybe some stickers or something like that.

    and shiping worldwide please!!!!

  6. I don’t think it’s necessary to revise the earlier comics. The change of style is a nice thing to notice and in my opinion it’s cool to be able to notice that.
    Bonus illustrations and comics are very welcome.
    Information about inspiration is cool too, but I personally get bored with more than two or three concept sketches.

    Keep up the good work and good luck! <3

  7. Even given how bad the last Kickstarter I backed went, I’d back this in a heartbeat :D

    Also, those sound like great stretch goals!

  8. I would love to an autograph from you because your comics are amazing. Plus i like all the ideas you have :)

  9. as an international resident, i always appreciate when a kickstarter has a “pdf” or “digital download” support level option, since i know shipping abroad can be beastly expensive. :) good luck!

    1. I plan to offer a PDF level :)

  10. Just the fact that this could go into print is exciting enough. :)
    Personally I like option 1 to 3. All of those are nice add-ons that aren’t directly needed but could give some added value.
    As for option 4. I think it would be nicer to leave the old as it is (unless it’s too troublesome for a book print) so you can see the progression and it’s in it’s purest form.

  11. You should make all of the options.. c: Sounds good! I love the GamerCat and his friends… <3

    1. It’s GaMERCaT, not GamerCat.

      1. I know right…

  12. Option 1. I want to see GC’s “evolutions!”

  13. I’d like to see bonus comics and illustrations, but all the options would be pretty awesome. Well… I don’t think the redrawing of old comics is really necessary though.

  14. I like the first two options the best, and I’m also very glad you got the chance to do this. I wish the best of fortune to you :D Btw, I don’t really think revising his old artz would be good, considering it might take a while, and even if it doesn’t I want to be able to see how GC evolved over time in the book, it’s like a history of gAmercAt you know? Anyway, really great job on all your hard work :3

  15. Bonus illustrations
    Bonus comics not published online

    i would be happy with that :)

  16. I would like to see all options. Especially number 4, for me personally, I like to see the artist’s process on how it came to be today. Maybe you could provide a little section =D

  17. The first two at least; the third, yes please; the fourth, if you want to. I personally quite like seeing an artist of a series develop over its course

  18. Lurker here, I would donate a few dollars :)

  19. All of the above? o-o

    Except I don’t really think you should go back and “fix” any of the old comic images. GaMERCaT is wonderful the way he is.

  20. I am from Argentina, will i be able to order this?

    1. Yes, I will ship internationally.

      1. About how long till they become buyable. I want one nao lol. Shut up and take my money

  21. Everything!!!! I love GamerCat =D

  22. The first 3 options have my vote! Especially the first n 3rd.

  23. You can do it all. I believe in you!!!

  24. All of the above!

  25. I like all of these options!

  26. yes!, and app for Andoid and iOS

  27. I would love to see this turned into a book! I love concept art and everything so it would be super awesome.

  28. I think it would be great to do a kick starter for this. So that if people want to pay for it they can get a little custom sketch or pick their favorite comic or two and get a copy they can frame.
    I know I would LOVE to frame some of the Zelda ones.

    Though I think having ones that were never put online would also be pretty awesome :)

  29. I’d really love to see the concept sketches and behind the scenes kind of stuff on how GaMERCaT was started. I also agree that the bonus content and stuff should probably be stretch goals. As for the revisions, I don’t much see a point in that, since the change in art style is negligible at best.

  30. I myself have been a silent fan for a while aswell

    Definitely include the not published comics, i personally would love all of them. What you can do for the comics that are not published, to be printed out seperatly and give your autograph to them? I know I would personally love it and Im sure many others would aswell. That way you can put the evolution, the illustrations and everything in the book pluss the extra comics with your autograph to make use feel that much more special!

  31. The first three bullet points should do quite nicely. It would be nice to leave the original art style as they were from the beginning, since it shows the natural progression of GC until what it is today.

    Onward to the Kickstarter C:

  32. I would really like to see comics which weren’t published online and some concept sketches & info :3 but I like all your ideas so it is really hard to choose!

  33. With just 29 strips it may be a little low on content. I’d say you better wait till you’ve reached at least 50. (75+ would be a nicer collection though).

    1. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting close. If I go for a 50 page book, that is; say 40 comics with 10 pages of bonus content. I’m just looking ahead to prepare for what I might include with it.

      1. I think it is okay with this amount of strips, because the bigger the book, the more expensive will be. And people will prefer to see new things better than the same as they can see on the net. A 50 or 60 page book will be fine and economically permissible for most fans.

  34. I would love to see some concept sketches and information on how GaMERCaT was inspired and came into existence, as well as how he evolved along the way. Maybe some comics you haven’t published online before.

    Yeah, please leave the original artwork as it is. That’s one of the things I really love with comics – to see it evolve!

  35. even though all four are great ideas, I would personally think that the first two are the most suitable for a first paper edition :) you could think to spare the other twos for a future new “golden” edition, or something like that :)

  36. I would love to have a gamercat recopilation book!! (which doesn’t mean that I would be able to buy it soon… U___U)

    If I were you, I’d add the first three extras you mentioned, but I wouldn’t make a revision on the comics. In my opinion, the old works should never be retouched, doesn’t matter if your style changes, because the fans (just like me) like to see the evolution process of your art (in this case, your comics).

    And I would I reserve two of the bonus illustrations to add them as a double-sided poster, or maybe add stickers or postcards :3

    Hope that my opinion is useful for you ^^


    As a big pledger, and living in France, I have seen an awful lot of projects having problems when the time to ship comes.

    So please please please, check and double check how much international ship will cost before starting the Kickstarter.

    And I will happily pledge!

    1. Don’t worry, I run a shop for a living and know all about shipping :) It won’t be an issue with me.

      1. Good to hear that, I will get my comic one the fun starts… HURRAY~~

  38. As others said, I don’t think it’s necessary to remake the first comics, it’s nice to see how everything evolved.

    That said, redrawing the first comic would be a nice bonus and show nicely the differences in style :)

  39. Hi!
    I would like to see illustrations with remarks, and also unpublished or unfinished comics along with published ones you really like.
    View xkcd 0 for example.
    Thanks for asking!

  40. I would love to see your concept sketches and stuff about how you came up with the idea and whatnot. Second to that would be seeing some more illustrations!

    I don’t think you need to redo the older comics (unless you really feel you need to!) I like seeing how a comic has changed and defined over time.

    Also STICKERS! I don’t know if I’ll be able to pledge enough for the book but I would definitely put in 5-10 dollars for a GC sticker for my laptop. Especially that one with CG on the companion cube, I adore that one.

  41. I’d say Wall Posters!,. we can already read the comic after all. I never quite “understood” the need for online webcomics to reach onto the outdated physical medium of “books”.

    1. It’s prestige. You can put EVERYTHING on the internetz. But to print, you need to pay. And if you can earn money to print, then you are awesome.

      Printing a webcomic is the ultimate test of popularity and AWESOMENESS

      1. Jasiek, how do you get internet in the Himalayas?

  42. I vote for 1, 2 and 4, but not 3.

  43. I’d say that the GaMERCaT Book would be an amazing collector’s item to have. I would totally buy it if I can.
    However, the bonus comics not published online would be very sad to hear for the others who don’t want to buy the book. I’m unsure I will disagree about that, but for the other ideas for in the book, no problem!

  44. Omigosh, YES! I’d read it! GaMERCat is pretty popular amongst gamers, of yesteryear and yesterday. I love how you incorporate different gaming reference into your comic strips. Your art style is spot-on, too. I may not be a publisher (yet), but I’d try all those ideas you have! If one or two work out, it’d be a mega-plus!

  45. if you do revise the earlier comics keep the old ones on the page (probably smaller without text) to show how the art has changed

  46. Sounds like a neat idea..

    Needs some Bastion and Monster Hunter.
    I wanna see Gamercat hunt monsters.



  48. Ooh, I always love to see concept sketches of things : D! And bonus comics would be cool to as an second option. : )

  49. Option 3. Bonus please! :3

  50. Bonus comics! It needs them!

    And GC in a Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective comic. With his scarf he would fit perfectly… :3

  51. I’ve just recently become a fan of your comic and of, and I’m so happy you’re thinking about publishing a book!!!

    I vote for #1-#3, and I’d LOVE to see a deluxe edition with lotsa stickers and/or a poster, but whatever goodies you include will be fantastic with me!!

    Also, I’d love to see the little brown and cream cat get a name (and a plush version down the road too!!!!) (^___^)

  52. Would be more then happy to toss in money for this. Love the comic dearly. Keep up the great work!

  53. I think the bonus illustrations or comics would be awesome! But honestly, I’ll buy this regardless!

  54. I vote for all of them, just do it!!! along with more merchandising would be great!
    I just hope I can order it (I’m from Colombia on South America)

    1. You have more chance then Me (Poland, in eastern Europe) :X

  55. Couldn’t it be like you make the book with the back story for it and as an extra fee to add all those other things you mentioned in a side book which with that added fee it would guarantee the reasoning behind the extra effort in which to do the extra work.

  56. I’d love to see this! I’d also love to see you at the mcm expo in london ;)

  57. Aw man exciting! I personally like concept sketches and bonus illustrations. I’d back it in a heartbeat.

  58. I love all the options.Fantastic!


  59. Concept sketches!!! Btw, publish them online toooo, pleeeease.

  60. For. The. Love. Of God. Put all of in the book please!

  61. The moment you start a Kickstarter is the moment you have my 20$ + shipping fee. So I await the start. This can’t go wrong :D

  62. where would I buy this “book”

    1. I think it would be sold on kickstarter as an pledge reward, then later she would be selling it through her shop on this page. At least that’s how I imagine it.

  63. I’m french and if GaMERCaT is coming to print make sure it can be delivered in France (in English of course) ^.^ You’re the best !

  64. I think it’d be cool to see concept sketches & information on how GaMERCaT was inspired and came into existence, as well as how he evolved along the way.
    And maybe a few bonus comics that weren’t published online.

  65. Hmmmnn… I say both the sketches & story with bonus illustrations. It’s optional, but you should create GaMERCaT vids on YouTube. Here’s an example of a username.

    User: GaMERCaTisGreat13

    That’s just an example.

  66. I would LOVE a gamercat comic book!!! My boyfriend and I love this site and plan on getting all of the merch. This is going to be great!

  67. You could make the Journey comic a Playboy-style foldout to keep it in format.

  68. What I want to know is how you’re going to handle animated strips in printed format. Printing just one frame won’t cut it. Printing them flip-book style on the other hand would be AMAZING(and would pad the page count of your book quite nicely). The flipbook was what won me over on the C&H kickstarter.

    1. Oh, and while possibly more expensive, holographic pages would work too.

  69. I’d like to see any of the first three, but please don’t revise the earlier comics. It always makes me sad when artists do that, because you lose a lot of the sense of progression of the characters and the strip.

  70. You can keep things nice and simple. Some insight into the design of GaMERCaT at the start would be cool before delving into the strips themselves. Having some commentary underneath for some panels would also be great to see.

    If you do revisions, it’d be extra awesome to have the original version above it.

  71. Stickers and Posters!
    Perfect for us fans! :3

  72. I think it’d be amazing if the fans were able to submit fanart and we would have a special section showing some of your favorites :) i also like Zakata2’s idea of stickers or posters but perhaps only for those that pre-order? like a pre-order bonus?

    1. No, No. Better in to normal editing.

  73. I say to go Kickstarter to get preorders and get the word out, then have your extra ideas as Stretch Goals. (Concept sketches, Bonus illustrations, Bonus comics not published online, etc…).

  74. You really should start printing the GaMERCaT. And when you do there will be more supporters. The first time I saw these comics I though “Damn, this will be famous one day, and that day is soon.”

    So why not? I mean if you have enough cash to start selling this in the USA (Most states especially California) then this will probably overtake Garfield! What I mean is that people can relate to GaMERCaT and would want to read all of his comics!

    Wont stop reading or gaming-
    CaT GaMER

  75. I think that they need to update the characters I mean gamercats owner is a character :I

  76. All the ideas are great~ I would like to suggest GaMERCaT stickers along with the book. At least with the first press or pre-order. Because I really love the ones you make at Sugar Bunny shop. I would love to buy some, too!

    Plus, how about comics about GaMERCaT´s origins? When he got adopted? Why he like games that much? It would be awesome!

  77. Mice and birds attacking a cat. The irony of GaMERCaT playing Pokemon.

  78. I like all the ideas! They all would be great in a book. I think doing one of the ideas won’t be right for everyone if people like different ideas. If this is sold online would it be shipped in the U.K and Samantha do you have Twitter/Facebook?

  79. Btw I have the u.k time, so whatever time is on these posts are wrong. I don’t know if it’s American time or whatever.

  80. Don’t redraw old stuff in new style, it’s so interesting to see how things have changed. You were a fantastic artist long before GC so no “those drawings are so awkward and embarissing” excuses. I think Bonus comics, illustrations and concepts is the best thing you can do :)

  81. hello, you do not have plans to move to other languages​​?

  82. if this works, do ’em all. i would DEFINITELY go and buy it even if u dont do them all. and actually if u do the revise the old comics, put them as bonus content and keep the old comics in the book. i cant donate tho…

  83. arent you a fan of portal or got inspired by it? because your first post was from portal and the GaMERCaT has small ”a” just like GLaDOS in portal

    1. I am a fan, but that has nothing to do with it. It’s actually GlaDOS, with only the last 3 letters capitalized in her name as a nod to DOS operating systems.

  84. Can you create a valentines day one ^w^

  85. How are you able to publish books with so many copyright issues? You use and sell art assets of other companies, and you directly reference or draw them many times like with xbox one for example. Aren’t you worried about that?

    1. It can be a somewhat risky area, but I never use their art assets, which could be the biggest potential for a lawsuit. I draw everything myself.

      Basically what I’m doing falls under parody law. As long as you’re making fun of it you can use visual representations of copyrighted material in what you’re doing. I’m not the first person to do this, either. There are plenty of other gaming comics before me that sell merchandise with copyrighted material on it, such as Penny Arcade, VGCats and Awkward Zombie. To my knowledge they’ve never been bothered by the companies they parody and some even seem embraced by them.

      I think companies tend to overlook this kind of thing because it basically helps promote their stuff for free (How many people never knew of the game Journey before they saw my comic about it?) As long as I don’t get too carried away with selling their intellectual property I should be fine.

  86. Oh myyy!! I’m from Czech Republic, will I be able to get one? =(

  87. I read your latest, thanks for making her. I hope she joins ^w^

  88. EVERYTHING! I absolutely love everything about GC!:)

  89. Just read all of the comics in one sweep, except when I paused to check out this cookie-clicker game… (What have you done!! *clicks on tab to check number of cookies*)… Like the idea of the book! Would make a really nice gift to gamer cat-lovers everywhere! But no need to revise the cartoons, I think the change in style adds to the charm.

  90. Definetely don’t revise the comics, unless you plan to show both. Having the old visual style is more true to the comic.

  91. I would love to see some romance between Pixle and GaMERCaT! (There my otp) and some more going into glitches backstory, some drama, building of friend ships. And Mario party. Just wanna say I love your comics so much! I made a OC she is gray with white ears and black paws and a orange eye and blue eye and a thunder bold on her flank, (hint hint) LOVE YOU!!!!!

  92. Options 1-3, yes. Option 4, do the exact opposite: revise the newer comics to have the original style.

  93. Options 3 or 4. I really hope this gets made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Where are the comics? It’s been 4 years and yet nothing of this story had come out.

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