Early Bird on Tapastic

Heads up, guys! Starting today the comic is going to update on Tapastic one week in advance of this website.

So you can read this week’s comic here – http://tapastic.com/episode/15631

You can also catch all the latest updates via the Facebook page if you don’t already know ;3

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18 thoughts on “Early Bird on Tapastic

  1. Richard Robertson

    What’s the point in having a website devoted to a comic if not to upload the comic to it?

    1. Simple. Taptastic is probably like Manga Magazine in that if you upload a week ahead on that website, you can claim to be a “premium webcomic” which means, you get paid for every single view of the comic. Meanwhile, here, she’s actually paying the server host for every single view of the comic.

      1. Then il reread all of the GC comics on taptastic to feed Celesse as much cash as she needs to make more comics! :D

  2. Fine by me. Just get loads of coins in progress. And also: give moar time 4 GaMERCaT, I want a printed version :X

  3. Why would that site get it uploaded before the “official site”?

    1. See above comments.

  4. I came here for clarity and found it. Thanks. Im resetting my homepage to taptastic as we speak! :D P.S. Will the same be done with strays?

    1. Thanks! Strays isn’t included in this, so it will update on the website at the same time as Tapastic.

  5. I didn’t realize that gamercat was so underground, I expected more outrage.

    1. Why outrage? It’s not like you need a membership to view it on Tapastic, it’s still free to read. It’s just on a different website.

  6. Master sword…more like Master CARD.

    I’m probably the last to get hat.

  7. Awesome :3

  8. Sorry, going to stick to the gamercat domain.

    Avast Antivirus reported trojan attempt the moment I got there and not fond of pop ups. I’m all well and for supporting an artisan, being one myself, but I’d rather you host clean ads on this site than go to another and risk computer infection.

    1. As far as I know, Tapastic does not host ads with pop-ups, and they certainly don’t allow viruses. I will report this incident to them so they can look into it. Thanks for letting me know!

  9. Nothing is worth navigating Tapastic’s awkward user interface, so glad you’ll still be posting here as well!

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