Stuff and Blankets!

So, I’ve tweaked the site a little. Most people seemed to be missing my news posts because they just read the comic and leave without scrolling down, so the comic is now off the main page. Sorry to those that don’t like it, but it’s only a click away ;P Please find the “Latest Comic” link to the right in the sidebar. It will take you straight to the newest comic. I might be making further tweaks regarding other features, but that will come later.

In other news, I’m holding a special preorder for the GaMERCaT Fleece Blankets! So many people have asked to restock them, and I want to deliver.

But we need your help. It will be a HUGE cost to get these professionally manufactured. Rather than run another Kickstarter, there seems to be enough demand to raise the funds via preorders instead.

The benefits to this new production method are numerous and worth the bigger cost. There will be enough of them for everybody to get one, the material will be thicker and softer, and the blankets will be cheaper! (Original price $39.99, now $29.99)

Estimated arrival will be around October. Preorders will remain open until we reach funding, but the sooner we do the sooner we can get them ordered. So don’t hold back!

Please order! Thank you!!

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16 thoughts on “Stuff and Blankets!

  1. Point the first: This is a website devoted to a webcomic.
    Point the second: People visit this website in order to view and appreciate said webcomic.

    You made the decision to make the main page of this webcomic’s website NOT the comic itself. How does that make sense? Worse still, you don’t have a dedicated “latest comic” URL that one could bookmark, should they wish to see the comic they visit the website for. This is backassward thinking.

    1. I feel like you could have stated your opinion in a more constructive manner. You just come off as a rude asshole instead of being helpful.

      Anyway, the blanket is so cute! I would totally order one if I wasn’t a poor college student.. Maybe I still will.

    2. Oh, and if you look over at the right side of the page, there’s a distinct latest comic link, and even a first comic link. So maybe you should fact check a bit more before being rude.

    3. This site is not the only webcomic site that does not display the latest comic on the main page. Many people actually dislike that feature because it spoils them if they aren’t caught up.

      I get a lot of complaints that people are missing out on news or events (such as the Kickstarter) because they unintentionally miss the news updates. I’m trying to fix that.

      Is one extra click to get to the new comic really that much hassle? It’s right there in the sidebar at the top.

      1. Could there plz be a new character possabliy a Turkish angora kitten named Digit that’s as tough as nails yet she has a crush on Glitch

    4. There’s an RSS feed if you want a direct link straight to the new comic. That is what I have and I love it! I get all the news and all the new comics, right as they get posted. I haven’t missed anything at all, yet. So maybe, you might want to try that instead.

      1. Valid point! I should have mentioned that in the update :)

  2. >>Sorry to those that don’t like it, but it’s only a click away ;P

    You know what’s also a click away? me deleting this bookmark from my favorites.

    I’ll go find me a webcomic that’s happy enough with me just viewing their comic,
    and deciding on my own whether or not I want to know more.

    Bookmark Deleted.

    1. What a jerk

    2. Bye! Thanks for reading.

  3. I am so confused why people are upset… That’s a totally normal thing to do for many webcomics! Oh well. G’bye, jerks. Your loss.

    Personally I follow the entire RSS feed with my fabulous Brief Firefox plugin, so I never miss a single thing. So if “one more click” will just totally ruin your life, install that.

    Anyway, the blanket is SO CUTE!!! What is the material content of the fabric? Is it 100% polyester?

  4. I say I’d love a blanket but I don’t have money :( I’m sorry

  5. Blanket looks great.
    Site looks great.
    A+ work.

  6. bnapvrjzorkcwwegqsnythp

  7. This is good news indeed. It might be true…

  8. Xoe (my nickname was Glitch)

    Disappointed was gonna buy the blanket been wanting it now it’s no where

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