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All right, so when I updated the site’s theme it pretty much borked everything and I was forced to migrate from ComicPress to Comic Easel. I’ve been meaning to do it anyway, so the deed is finally done after many hours of retweaking everything to look like it should. I’m still working on it, so please excuse any funky things you may see going on for a bit. I’ll try to get it all done soon.

Also, a lot of people seemed to have issue with not being able to land immediately on the newest comic anymore, so if you’re one of those people just bookmark this link:

Just be sure to check in on the news posts now and then, okay? Game on

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20 thoughts on “More Site Tweaks

  1. That’s…not a latest comic page, that’s an archive page. There’s really no way to just go straight to the latest comic, literally anywhere, now. That’s…very frustrating. Even if I don’t mind clicking the Comic link, that I then have to squint to tell which one is the last one I read, if I might be one behind or not…that’s a serious pain. Why did we change this, again?

    1. I don’t understand what you mean. Clicking the thumbnail in the top right of the sidebar takes you straight to the most recent comic. The bolded link in the update above also does that, as well as the “Comic” tab in the menu bar beneath the header.

      Unless some coding got borked while I make adjustments to the site, but they work for me. Try clearing your cache?

    2. I think I figured it out. Firefox seems to have some issue with that code (I assume you’re using Firefox).

      Try this:

      1. Working fine here on Firefox 30.0!

      2. Actually, I’m using Chrome, but that worked.

  2. They don’t use RSS?

  3. Will you fix the RSS too, to make it pointing directly to the last comic published ? Or will you make a news for each new comic ?

    1. The RSS is meant to stream any post made, both news and comics. It’s WordPress’s default RSS stream.

  4. Looking good. Don’t forget to fix/add the dynamically-set comment on the template for the resulting comic page. I can see from “View Source” that it isn’t there right now which is why TWCL is showing The GaMRECaT comic as “Status: Pattern Not Matching” at the moment.

    1. I’m afraid I have no idea what you just said ^^; I don’t know PHP very well and I’m just working with WordPress + Comicpress/Comic Easel. Please send me an email if you’d like to elaborate and can help me fix whatever the problem is :)

      1. I sent you an email just now with what I know. Good luck.

  5. I’ve noticed that the website’s been a little slower than usual over the past couple of days. Have you talked to your hosting provider about optimizing your WordPress install? I can try to help you out if your host doesn’t know what to do :-)

  6. Sweet has sisters well what do you know eh

  7. can uz makes a utube channel plz

  8. Um Hi I Have Been Reading These Comics For aWhile and This Is My First Time Posting =)

  9. You should play minecraft! Its a really cool game and I think you could make a pretty cool comic out of it!
    everything in minecraft is pixels!

    | o o |
    = =

  10. I love minecraft.


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