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The site has officially been moved to a new host. I’m sorry about the downtime the past week or two, but I already get a lot of views and after someone shared a comic on Reddit all of the traffic just blew up the server despite the two layers of caching I had in place. My host disabled the site and insisted I reduce the CPU usage, but it just wasn’t possible.

However, I was kindly offered hosting with my advertising service, so that’s awesome! They should have no trouble handling the site traffic and they even helped me move the database over. We should see a marked improvement in site performance now :) And I don’t have to worry about dishing out an insane amount of money for a private server, haha!

We’re still tweaking things here and there, so please excuse any broken links or glitches (ha) you may find. But if you come across anything that’s seriously broken please let me know.

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9 thoughts on “New Host for Site

  1. How come the comic’s featured full size on the front page anymore?

    1. Because people keep missing the news updates….please read them and you’ll find the explanation as well as a recent comic link to bookmark if you don’t like it.


  2. Sergio Montserrat

    Well, the good part is that it’s resolved. The less hosting costs is an added bonus. Thanks for letting us know what happened.

  3. i have so much fun reading these comics it sort of reminds me of the anime noragami GaMERCaT is Yato glitch is Yukine pixel is Hiyori and sweet is Daikoku heh tell me your response :)

  4. If it Saves you money im ok with it 2

  5. Thanks for letting us know what happened.

  6. Which website????

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