Kickstarter for Volume 1 Book!

It looks like I completely forgot to make a post about this here, but I’m currently running a Kickstarter to fund the printing of the first book of the comic!

It will include the first 100 comics plus bonus content, and I’m also offering some exclusive Kickstarter-only items like pins and stickers, so please check it out if you’re interested! The Kickstarter ends on October 16th!

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36 thoughts on “Kickstarter for Volume 1 Book!

  1. Dang, I wish I would have known about this when the signed copies of the book were still available!

    1. I will be adding another 100 shiny bundles on Friday around 8PM EST!

      1. Ok. Am I able to upgrade my pledge? I just signed up for the $35 tier but I’ll upgrade to the signed copy Friday if there’s going to be more.

      2. Man really wish I could but I cannot pledge anything but due to several circumstances I can’t. I always regret not being able to kick start projects when it’s too late to in circumstances like undertale and this. I’m kickstarting in spirit and am a big fan. Good luck with the BOOK! I’ll be waiting for its release.(:

    2. Is there going to be more?plz? With Video games on top?

  2. Woohoo! Upgraded to the signed book! Thank you!

  3. Can u make a comic about kitty cannon?

  4. I really wanted the book but this month my budget was short :(

    You will release this book later outside the kickstarter?

    1. No worries, the book will be available online after the KS is fulfilled!

      1. PinnApelCat here, is the book out still? And when is season 2 coming to the web? No need to rush.

  5. I really want the book but I just know the comic yesterday.:(
    Oh no

    1. I’ll have the books available in the online shop later!

  6. Will it be available in book stores at all or just online?

  7. Is it just online available?

  8. Great inititiative! Loving it

  9. It’s so cool that you reply to peoples comments. Keel up the great work Cellese!

  10. w0w I would love this!

  11. Do you think you can upload a background? If you ant, I can make it for you. I’m an artist.

  12. Want me to make you a background?

  13. Keep up the work – love it

  14. Does GaMERCaT play Sonic The Hedgehog? Or any games on the switch? No? Maybe? Yes?!?

  15. Cellese. The creator of GaMERCaT. Plz tell me, is GaMERCaT ur real cat?

    Your biggest fan,


    1. sorry keyboard went crazy uhh i guess bye

  17. Can you make a comic about detective pikachu :3

  18. I keep getting re-directed to the “Amazon” reward spam on your site

  19. I’m glad I came across this site… very educative book you’ve created.

  20. It’s a pity that I’ve never used this book!

  21. Thank you! We truly enjoyed Gamer Cat Volume 2, so we’ll be reading Volume 1. Your comics are fantastic, and we hope you keep creating!

  22. Great post! We’re excited for the 100 comics, but we wish more were in production. Oh well… Cheers!

  23. nice book cat sticker. can i buy this sticker?

  24. Nice!

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