Kickstarter for Volume 2 Book!

Hey, guess what! It’s time to print Volume 2! The Kickstarter is now up and running, so please check it out

This book picks up where the first one left off, with the next 100 comics, new concept art, character profiles, bonus illustrations and an exclusive, brand new 5-page bonus comic.

This time the bonus comic focuses on Glitch and how he came to be in the trash can where Gamercat first found him. Readers have long been asking for more information about his past and this comic will give a look into it.

There’s also a really cool enamel pin featuring Maneki Gamercat with an 8-bit coin. It won’t be reproduced after this, so this is your chance to grab it!

We’re already over half way to the goal, so it’s off to an amazing start! But it would be awesome to hit some of those stretch goals, so please help out if you can and spread the word <3

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27 thoughts on “Kickstarter for Volume 2 Book!

  1. How buy your pins plsssss , i want shiny and standard édition

  2. Damn… That shiny edition disappeared quick…

  3. yay! i cant wait for the 2 volume!!!!!! keep up the good work!

  4. damn. i missed my chance. hope those pins come back soon

  5. Is there anyway to get this even though the kickstarter ended?

  6. a shiny GaMERCaT pin appeared!

  7. I love the animation! So cute. Definitely grabbing the volume 2!

  8. It’s good that you made something like these. I will wait for next release of this…

  9. Are you still raising funds for this one?

  10. Yeet

  11. Sweet, great idea

  12. This is super cute! Can’t wait to try my very first purchase!

  13. The shiny enamel pin was sold out fast.

  14. A continuation of volume 1. I enjoyed reading it.

  15. I love so much animation! So good and i Definitely grabbing the volume 2!

  16. Where can i buy this book now?

  17. Wow this blog is very nice …

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  19. Great post! We’re interested in future Gamer Cat volumes, so we’d love to stay in the loop. Thanks!

  20. Thank you! We’d like to order the pins, but y’all are out. If you get more in stock, then we’d appreciate an update.

  21. I’m just a newbie but still looking for this stuff. Is there a new update? Please let us know! Thank you.

  22. This is so cool, like the comics and excited to see more of this, thanks for posting looks so cute and amazing.
    Good job!

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    I love such a lot of liveliness! So great and I Definitely getting the volume 2!

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