Achievement Locked

36 thoughts on “Achievement Locked

  1. That awkward moment when it’s the same guy you robbed

    1. It’s why the same trick dont function twice… ;)

      1. Attack from the back not the front. You will get the better advantage

        1. and time for a get away

        2. im just glad glitch is not wet from the guy because if he did i would grab my ROCKET LAUNCHER and BLAST him to SMITHEREENS

          (Ps i dont actually have a ROCKET LAUNCHER )

        3. 360 headshot

        4. diamond wolf puppie

          yes tactics btw would never steal but funny comic :0

    2. At first i thought that was an actual gun

  2. These just keep getting funnier and funnier XD

  3. Now I’ve found a way to explain why I always carry a spray bottle with me ^_^

  4. Take that Ninja Cat! Though it properly sounds stranger saying that in public.

  5. Well hey at least he got the PS4! (Love it XD)

  6. Why do I see these on other sites (Memebase, for example.) weeks before they show up here?

    1. They post to Tapastic 1 week in advance of the website —>

      1. Seems kinda weird. You’d think they’d be here first… Huh.

  7. guess Gamercat forgot to “jump ahead” first and yell attack later.

  8. I TRYED THAT!!! but instead of water, I got handcuffs…. he’s right I wasn’t expecting it LOL jk

    1. I tried spelling once.

      1. …but then I took an arrow in the knee.


  9. That’s what you get when you do wrong. . .

  10. One time I found my cat in front of a GameStop. I waited… A person with an XboxOne, a PlayStationVita, and a game was coming out. My cat leaped at him, and my cat took his stuff! I just doubled over, laughing like crazy.
    Lawl JK… I wish that happened, though. I could’ve gotten a free XboxOne!

  11. Off topic, how come the owner isn’t a character. He has been there more than anonomouse.

    1. I just haven’t gotten around to adding him to the character page yet.

  12. I didn’t see GC steal his vita. He clearly walked out calming from the store.

    1. calmly*

    2. GamerCat stole his PS4 last comic

  13. Oh Gamercat, your showing Glitch all the bad things , he shouldn’t do……. but its really funny.

  14. Haha~! Poor guy. I’d be afraid of cats after two attacks.

  15. I love that GaMERCaT’s Bandana is exchanged for a scarf in colder weather :3

  16. This is why you don’t rob the same guy twice.

  17. it would be funnier if they danced away while singing fuck this shit im out

  18. But I’m not even in a rocket!


  20. ummm revenge that was same person in the last comic

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