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  1. And remember kids, It is only steal if you get caught.

    1. ha ha ha… nice

      1. EVIL FAIRY!!!!!! INCOMING!!!!!!!!!

    2. Otherwise, it’s just permanent borrowing.

      I permanent borrow from the NPCs in Morrowind

      1. My dad has a ps4

  2. Oh my gosh! Glitch is adorable! On another note, I found a way to get a ps4 :)

  3. more like Grand Theft Console. …get it? cause you’re stealing consoles instead og automobiles? ….i’ll show myself out now.

    1. that was genius.

      1. (applause)

    2. a joke is not funny when you explain it.

  4. I like glitch’s sweater…

  5. I like glitch’s sweater…

    1. stupid double-click mouse

      1. I thought you did that on purpose to annoy people.
        oh well

  6. So I guess Glitch is now the voice of reason. lol Btw, does gamercat play pc games too, or is he commited to consoles and handhelds?

    1. did you not see him playing portal 2?
      …oh wait that’s on the xbox as well…

    2. Have you ever tried to use a keyboard with paws? Or stretch your arms from WASD tot he mouse with just a two foot arm-span?

    3. He plays PC games too, but I prefer consoles, so he’s kind of limited to what I can make fun of.

      1. Awww yeah!!! Hardcore console gamer girl. Very nice!!! ;-D

      2. do you think that you might be able to do a comic about dragomon hunter with GC?

        1. or maybe bendy and the ink machine

  7. But…but Persona 5 is gonna be PS3. You can get the PS4 later. Persona is important.

    1. Dark souls 2 is ps3 as well. No need to move to the next consoles for quite a while.

  8. I am glad to see GaMERCat puts his Assasin Creed skill in practice … sort of.
    By the way, couldn’t GaMERCat just pre-order PS4 online by himself as how he did in other comic? He has the money afterall. :3

    1. Mabey he doesn’t have the money

      1. Read the comic, he said he left the guy the money for the console he had just stolen. :)


  10. Panel 5; I need that in high-res and 16×9, so I can save it as a wallpaper.

  11. glitch’s sweater looks like a yellow sock made to fit him…. I love it!

  12. I’m starting to feel kinda bad about Glitch. Gamercat is a really bad role model.

    1. Your serious right?

  13. my plan is to wait till at least February to buy either/both the xbox1/ps4

  14. Yes… That is the best way to shop.

  15. I wish my cat was as awesome as these two… or that I had a cat

  16. The guy with the ps4 doesn’t look the same as the other guy with the ps4

    1. In the 1st and the 5th

      1. Didn’t you read it? GaMERCaT said, “Here comes ANOTHER one.” Meaning another person with the new PS4 game system.

  17. so i was wondering what the xbox one was being sold for on ebay….. prices are all over the place, there are even a few ppl trying to sell the day one bundle for $50,000 (i shit you not) and one person was trying to sell it for $75,000

  18. gamercat’s honesty about a serious problem with our society is refreshing.

    1. Who in the crap cares?!?

  19. Make him do minecraft

  20. I want PLUSHIES!!!!!

  21. That’s one way to go about it…
    Love it :)

  22. These comics are absolutely adorable!! But…

    Why hasn’t a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-based one not yet been made!? XD Lol, methinks it’s long overdue. Hehe…

    Regardless, keep up the excellence!

  23. Hahaha, too funny. I didn’t get a PS4 myself. Instead, I waited for 2 hours in the below 40° cold outside of Gamestop so I could get a PS’3′ for Black Friday. XP I wanted the GTA V bundle but it turned out that they sold out prior to Friday. Ended up getting a different bundle with The Last of Us and Arkham Origins. Also took advantage of a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on the PS3 games and got Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces F for me with Gran Turismo 5 being the free game that I’m going to give my bro for his 11th birthday on the 10th of December. All in all I spent just under $300 for a PS3 and 5 games. I’ll just get GTA IV and V another day. I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

  24. hey guys who ever is a fallout fan check website in one hour and 40 min it says ”Nuclear winter is coming” ^^ also i would love to see gamercat play some of fallout ^^ i will abcyall!

  25. But what will happen when his owner finds it?

  26. A new one portraying the rivalry between PS4 and Xbox one would be interesting and humorous

  27. “Violence in Videogames; Studies link videogames to increasing cat violence.”

  28. I LOVE Glitch new cloths. =^_^=

  29. When reading these I here Gumball and Darwins voices ( you are not cool if you don’t know who they are ).

  30. My friend got the PS4 but he doesn’t have any games :T

  31. I mainly want to get one because of KH3 and inFAMOUS: Second Son

  32. LOL, I imagined Link and Navi’s voices!

  33. Lol love this soooooo much

  34. SCREW the ps4! It’s a buncha CRAP

  35. run song plays*


  37. is it me or does the guy the mugged look like Markiplier? XD

  38. On the plus side: extra Pro points for the guy when he buys a 2nd one!

  39. How about a comic about Litten,you (gamer CAT) learning about the Solar System?

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