Mistaken Identity

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  1. This human heard GaMERCaT talk!!

    1. i think in a game anyone can hear him, just like otacon

  2. Camercat can talk, but it seem that this boy cannot hear… or see, now! XD

  3. wow I want that pokemon. to bad they have made way to many, like 500.

    1. 980, including mega evolution. without, it is 932.

      1. 898, actually

    Bug Trainer blacked out!!! GaMERCaT receives $20.00

    1. GaMERCaT uses PAY DAY!! GaMERCaT finds $1.20 Lying around!!

  5. It’s funny because he says he’s not a pokemon but then he uses a pokemon move. :D

    1. He is a cat and cats can scrath, So he could probably do it.

    2. Jesse once used fury sweeps to catch serviper and she’s human so….

  6. You NEED to do an entire arc in the pokemon world with GaMERCaT as the lead.

    1. that’s what the author is doing.

  7. Heh, new consoles release and GaMERCaT is doing Pokemon comics.

  8. Now, would GaMERCaT be playing Glitch’s Red he found or is he playing a 3rd gen remake?

    1. Judging by the hat, the remake

  9. Glitch is too cute in next week’s comic O_O

  10. still want a comic strip where they get a wii u >w<!

  11. I thought the bug catcher kids didn’t care about non-bug types?

    1. Stick an Arceus in front of any single typer and I think they’d probably make an exception.

      1. i see what you did there.

      2. As long as it’s bug plated

    2. arceus can change types, so the trainer can just change its type to the type the trainer wants

  12. Come on kid, can’t you see he’s in a trainer’s outfit? This comic made me laugh way too hard…

  13. GaMERCaT is merely speaking the local language….very effectively.

  14. … did that kid swipe his Pokedex, as well?

  15. Objection! His cast page lists him as knowing four moves, not one of which is FURY SWIPES.

    1. 1, 2, and… … … Ta-da!
      GaMERCaT forgot how to use purr.
      GaMERCaT learned Fury Swipes!

  16. with that appearance, anyone would be confused.

  17. I’d just like to say that I really appreciate the use of the old pokedex. Looks just like the one I have at home with me! It was nice to see. Keep up the fantastic posts :)

  18. The bigger question is, which pokemon did Gamercat start out with?

    (A Clefairy would be hilarious.)

  19. Gamercat = epic :D
    please make a monster hunter collaboration :)

  20. Is that GaMERCaT in the TOP PERCENTAGE?

  21. it’s so cute, and so true…

  22. Wait, on pokemon the maximum battle move is only 4, but on GaMERCaT profile he already have 4 move. The question is, witch move did he forget?

  23. Kid must have never seen Meowth before if he’s surprised by a talking cat.

    Speaking of which, I wonder who’d win: GaMERCaT or Meowth?

    1. Gamacat

  24. You know I could make a story off of this one comic alone… Pokemon that want to become pokemon trainers.

  25. Either that, or your a black Mew who thinks they are a trainer.

  26. This actually reminds of an old Kids WB promo where Brain (from Pinky and the Brain) was posing as a Pokemon, and Ash decided to catch him even though he didn’t appear in the Pokedex. Off hand, I forget how it turned out except that it was painful for Brain.

  27. It’s super effective!!

  28. I guess you could say that trainer was really *BUGGING* GaMERCaT.

  29. Whoa, is that a talkin’ cat?! It’ll be worth millions, I’m havin’ that!

  30. gamer cat used beat the shit out of the kid and kill him dead. its super effective!

  31. Imagine if the Pokeball actually worked and in the last panel the kid was showing gamercat off to his friends, and all the kid’s friends believe that gamercat is a rare talking Pokemon that isn’t in the Pokedex.

  32. For the last time, I AM NOT A POKEMON!

  33. Dummy.

  34. Powerpuffrailfan121


  35. Wild gamer cat appeared

  36. Dark/electric type because he’s a black cat who plays video games

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