Almost Cute

He almost had it. He was so close.

125 thoughts on “Almost Cute

  1. omg…cuteness overloaded.

    1. I wonder why the lights turned on when he puked.

      1. Omg good point! XD

      2. Clearly you have never dashed through the house to find the source of cat yakking in the middle of the night. if you’re quick, you can throw a paper towel on the floor before it happens

        1. it’s true tho

        2. My score: Cats-100:Me-maybe 5

      3. Maybe he has radioactive puke?
        Either that, or there is a Light Arrow in his barf.

        Reply if you have a different theory

      4. he’s just suppose to be cute and adorable

    2. Maximum overload

      1. GLITCH! BAD cute, adorable, cuddly kitten! AWWWWW

    3. I still think he was cute!!!! *3*

    4. Anoynmous's Imposter

      Did he just go over to barf?…………….Nah…………But did he?…….no nononono. Unless…

  2. Child of the White Wolf

    the cuteness…it overflows~

  3. The Cuteness would be overloaded if he had puked a rainbow :)

    1. RoflyStudiosOnDeviantART

      oh my god yus

      1. Agreed

        1. Someone needs to make an edit.

        2. Missed a spot. Thats little dot on GC.

        3. Better. :)

    2. In Brazil, everyone feels the same.

    3. TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!1

  4. Pi-pikachu! Pika pika!

    1. does my name really matter

      Pi-pikachu would mean Ash/master/friend the second part is just gibberish.

      1. Actually Pika-pi is Ash. Ash’s Japanese name is Satoshi, so Pika-pi is Pikachu’s approximation of that


        1. Can you send me a link to a pokemon language translator. I feel like learning pikachu just because.

        2. i am a pokenerd to! and proud of it to!!!

  5. Oohhhhh, how swee(barf)…….. so close to being cute, so so close.

  6. Oh my… such cuteness!!

  7. The art is beautyfull and all the things. And I would buy the book. But, can “Pikachu” whit all is bag of fucking pika piku and shit go to hell please? This comic is GaMERCaT.

    1. I felt my GaMERCaT experience was ruined much more by your rude swearing than by the person pretending to be Pikachu….

      1. I second this emotion.

    2. and pikachu is in pokemon and pokemon is a game therefore it belongs here

    3. pukachu would be more relevant to the comic XD

  8. Can’t wait to see how that GamerGirl Character comes out c: if there is one being planned for the comic that is.

  9. So cute! >w< I especially adore panel 2.

  10. Looks like it’s time for a cat nap. (^_^)

    1. Anne Frank-ly i did nazi that comming

      1. Nazi jokes are a bit out of Mein Kampf-ort zone, maybe we should stop before it goes any Fuhrer…

        1. Would Jew like it if we stopped? No. HALT! HAMMERZIET!

  11. Da Dewâ„¢ Duke + Senor Doritoâ„¢ Bandito

    That cat clearly couldn’t do the Dewâ„¢, perhaps he didn’t eat enough Cool Ranch Doritosâ„¢?

  12. Glicht in 3 . … 2…. 1….. Barf !!!

  13. Exactly that (well, the lower three panels) happened with my cats, Mido and Din, a few weeks ago. XD

  14. cute

  15. i sleep on gamercat because sleeping on pillows is too mainstream.

  16. AWWW!!! =^w^=
    Glitch is so cute… apart in the last panel!

  17. Awwweh, so cu- XD

  18. Quit feedin yer cat doritos and dew!

    I told ya this was gonna happen.

  19. D’aww, even barfing can’t kill the adorableness of Glitch.

  20. It’s nice that this page came today, because I took my cat to the vet today and it was decided, against my will, that it was better to put him to sleep. It was my decision, but I didn’t want to. It was best for him though…
    He was just as cute as Gamercat and I do have my suspicions that he too was playing games while I was gone or asleep :P

    I loved him so much though. Hard to stop crying.

    Sorry I spilled that out here, didn’t want to make anyone upset or anything, just needed to get it out of me.

    1. Sorry for your loss. I can relate completely what it is to loose your loving companion.

      On a different note, even with the barfing I find him very cute… but I’d hope the dude takes Glitch to the vet and make sure he’s fine.
      Hopefully it’s just a kitten being a kitten :P

    2. I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m sure in kitty heaven, cats can play videogames.

  21. Awww. somebody has a intestinal sikness

  22. que tierno

  23. quietlythundering

    So cuuuuuuuute! :D

  24. Oh… My… SQUEE!!!!! Barfing made it much cuter!! It’s so sweet, and Glitch is so lucky that he met GC. They’re so adorable together!

  25. It’s so ADORABLE. Love love love it!!!

  26. Maybe he should stop eating all of that junk food…

  27. Perfect game for glitch and GC to play together. ICE CLIMBERS!!!!!

    1. Its 2p competitive or working together. Maybe they could be trying to get their games back from the anonymice?

  28. Too freaking adorable! :3 I wish my cats would cuddle like that. The vomit though – that’s an inevitable part of cat ownership. lol

  29. I think he might be sick, his owner should get him checked out

    1. He did get chips and soda all day. I think that’s pretty normal for him to react like this.

  30. Glitch needs help with his barfing issue

    1. I agree entirely. The first time he barfed got me a little worried but the 2nd time I’m very concerned for glitches health and well being. I’m not saying go through the drama of a sick cat but maybe have him checked out even if it must be by doctor Mario.

  31. Hey Samantha. You hinted earlier that you might introduce a Girl Gamercat.

    Well in your “Journey Comic” Gamercat is joined by a pink cat. Was that foreshadowing?

    1. Maybe the girl GaMERCaT might be call GaMERCUTEY…
      Or something.

    2. Yes, it was foreshadowing. She’ll come along eventually ;)

      1. I hope shes not spade and GC isn’t nudered although I guess glitch could wind up being their child of sorts.

      2. Can you make her a HardToGet girl for GC?

  32. I was like, AWWWW in the fifth panel and then I laughed so hard in the last one! This is too cute!

  33. I love this comic it is AWESOME & cute. ^-^


    I want this in printed form!

  35. awww,… that’s soo… ewww…

  36. Can we confirm that Glitch is healthy? While cats do regurgitate relatively often, being a stray and doing so twice in one day has me worried.

    1. Glitch is healthy, it’s just random kitten puke. Though the second one can be attributed to all the junk food GC gave him.

  37. CUTENESS. SO. OVERLOADED! If only Glitch hadn’t barfed…

  38. vaya despertar tan colorido¡ -ademas de caliente y oloroso- …. ¡UGH¡

  39. Love it

  40. This would be cool if it were on a weekly newspaper, or a daily one! Every morning I would open up my newspaper and get coffee out and read “World Record on Homeruns? Skip. Tornado coming my way *listens to tornado outside* Meh, later. I guess I’ll read the charly comic again. *turns page* OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS CAT COMIC FULL OF VIDEO GAMES.

  41. I modified it so it stops at cute and doesn’t go to funny. I’m using it as a desktop background. Tried my best to match the fonts.

  42. looooooooooolllllllllll

  43. ey Celesse, do you like Silent Hill? It’d be interesting to see Gamercat walking the foggy streets of Silent Hill in one of your comics.

    1. I played the first one and was sufficiently creeped out by it. Unfortunately I didn’t think of any good jokes while playing it, but I haven’t written it off completely.

      1. Random question that has nothing to do with the first comment and your reply: would I be allowed to draw some fan art for GaMERCaT?

      2. Then obviously you never got the Dog Ending

  44. MAKE PLUSHIES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. he’s soooooooo cute when he heaves

  46. Would I be correct in saying this updates every Monday?

    1. Yep, Mondays.

      1. Thats very nice to know. Thanks.

  47. Why is the room suddenly lit in the last panel?

  48. I love Glitch, but I miss Navi :3

  49. Im curious does GCs owner/person care about how much Glitch is puking?

    1. Maybe the lights are in-tune with GamerCat’s awake/sleep levels.

      1. Thats a responses to my last question but ok. :/

  50. After that sleepless night of cleaning barf off my fur,i manage to comment on this comic late at night

  51. My “gamer fuel” as it currently stands are Pretzel M&M’s and Arnold Palmer’s Half Tea & Half Lemonade. I’m addicted to the stuff…

    What’s your favorite snack while gaming?

  52. I had to punch a hole through the wall just to feel manly again.

    It didn’t work.

    1. I’m 11, so I drink water on a 3 hour long gaming streak on minecraft.

  53. You should do a kingdom hearts comic

  54. does my name really matter


  55. The fifth panel would make a great icon! It’s so cute!

  56. some random gamer

    ommi gawd sooocute >w< plz do something with game cat-sheik!!! it would be adorable! plz!!!!

  57. SOOOO CUUUUUUTTTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3
    *Dies from cuteness overload* xwx

  58. Have fun licking THAT clean. > w <

  59. At first I was like “awww so cute, oooh wait.

  60. This comic went from too cute, :3 to not cute enough. XP

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  62. He had a dream of eating too much.

  63. i like gaming but i like this comic too

  64. Miguelantopere Gamer

    can someone go to vacune the poor glitch?

  65. Awww. Gamercat is going to be a good big brother.

  66. It was too much soda. I knew it. Or maybe it was the chips…?

  67. U little evil Glitch u went on gamercat JUST to barf

  68. Omg why is this so cute?

  69. Glitch is cute either way

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