Master Card

Tricksy fairies.

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    1. Last time i laugh to that, that was before the internet

    2. Huh. I would use that Master Card to buy a blue shell for you.

      Kidding! I would rather just throw a bunch of Pikmin at you!

      I hope that becomes the new “Blue Shell”


      1. haha first person to superstar through you lol

    4. BAD BAD FAIRY!!!!! YOU NEED TIME-OUT!!!!!!!!

    5. You are the first first commenter. This is the earliest comic with a first comment.


  2. Last Time,I caught my cat stealing money off of my wallet,i should’ve name him GLTICH

    1. If he is young, than you still can ;)

      1. sorry,but he is 3 years old.

  3. AAA Game: $59.99
    Getting a card stolen by a cat: PRICELESS

    1. not actually priceless the cost is all the money on the card.

      1. Only if your cat knows your pin/signiture. If they do, get their brain examined!

  4. Now I know how I will explain my gaming expenses to my GF: “The cat has stolen my card and bought it!” xD

  5. At least he didn’t gain weight

    And that “mew”s makes me imagine it with the most adorable kitty voice, then I squee

  6. …and now you know why I never “Listen” to you, Navi.

    1. I agree… Navi is a very bad teacher! è_é

      P.S.: I’m the only one who expected to see Glitch transforming in He-Man, in the fourth panel? XD

      1. Nope I did. XD

      2. everybody did.

        Funnyface reference: Beside this sententence. O)_(O

        1. who he man

      3. Glitch-Cat! And the MEOW-STERS of the MEW-NIVERSE!
        *dun dun dun DA dun da dun dun dun DA dun da dun dun dun DUN*

  7. … Why does the fairy want him to steal from his human…?

    1. Because her running gag is she wants Gamercat to spend as much money as he can on videogames and strategy guides and junk food. Now it’s Glitch’s problem :3

      1. Oh, okay. I guess I was thinking too much into it. lol

  8. Awwwwww :D the only way this could be cuter is if Glitch aged seven years.

    1. You mean his human looks at him, says “What’re you doing?” Then Glitch mews at him. They stare at each other a bit. Then, suddenly, Glitch just ages seven years within the span of ten seconds. He mews again, then runs off with the Mastercard.

      1. Yes.
        Except i don’t think that would be cute. Kittens are cuter.

        1. I agree.

  9. I just love these cats!

  10. Look what the cat dragged out. Of the wallet.

  11. *screams at cuteness* NO GLITCH NO NO NO NO!!!! INSTEAD LEMME SNUGGLE YOU ‘KAY???

  12. So many facepalms in these comments. xD Adorable strip though.

  13. Master Sword.


    I see what you did there, Navi.

    1. Also the He-man reference :D

  14. Glitch: “Mew”
    *Translated* “You didn’t see ANYTHING…back to sleep human.”

    So, if Glitch is replacing GaMERCaT as the new hero of time, does that make him Fi?

  15. ^^ nice idea

    -Glitch draws the Master Sword/Card
    -Light in Room goes on
    -Human wakes up


  16. Awwww. ^.^ So cute, so cute.
    (And this is why everybody ignores you Navi!)

  17. I see GC cleaned up the puke. But how?

    1. He licked it off. Like a cat.

      1. Wonder how it tasted! XD

        1. Like fish. :)

        2. RandomCommenter#1437

          Plz don’t.

  18. DrewTheRedPoochyena

    little by little we’re getting to see more of what the owner looks like. first we see his back, now we get a good view of his head. only 1 question remains though: What’s his eye color?

    1. CLOSED EYES,he looks like an asian heheh

      1. It’s only fair that his owner is Brock. lol

        1. so brock dyed his hair black?

        2. It’s black in the games. At least the original concept art.


  20. I once caught my now deceased cat, “Patches” stealing a small sandwich baggy of lunch meat out of my backpack, that I’d brought home from a friends. I looked away for all of 10 seconds and looked back just in time to see her with it in her mouth trying to carry/drag away to the

  21. Anyone else know why Glitch says mew. XD

    1. Cats say “Mow”,kittens say “Mew”.

    2. Heres a hint: pokemon (huge hint)

    3. Aperture Science Online Catbot

      Sometimes it even seems that cats are actually saying the word “meow”

  22. Where does Navi go when humans are around?

    1. I don’t know where Navi goes. I guess it’s wherever she goes when you’re inactive in-game. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just start up OoT again, L-target an enemy (where Navi flies around their faces and stuff), defeat them, and watch her carefully.

      Also, fourth frame should be a user icon.

      1. She goes into Link’s hat, actually, which I always found really adorable.

        1. So where did she retreat to here? As far as I can tell glitch isn’t wearing a hat.

  23. I hope that gcs owner doesn’t kick glitch out for trying to rob him…

  24. Do a team fortress 2 comic!

  25. I wanna see GC and Glitch play Slender-Man.And Glitch has already got all 8 pages.LOL

    1. Innocent little Glitch playing a Horror game? he’s like 7 in cat years. Gamercat would never subject him to that. Wait until he’s a teenager. (Which would be probably 2-3 years from now)

      1. Its not that hard to draw Glitch not being afraid of slenderman

        1. The fact is he is a little kid, no sadist would subject a little kid to Slenderman, especially a videogame which makes the experience all the more realistic.

          You might as well say “Glitch should play Silent Hill, one of the most psychological terrifying games that would scar a child for life. He’ll be cool with it”

          Also this is a family friendly strip meant to be funny and cute :D

          I doubt Samantha will go into games like Silent Hill, Slenderman, GrandTheftAuto etc…

        2. Oh really,then why did celesse showed us the portal violence?you know the one with the blood

  26. Navi woke him up almost like she woke up GaMERCaT.

  27. So, am I the only one who thought the fairy represents exploitative free-to-play games and intrusive DLC?

    (Also: first time commenter, medium time reader, relative fan of Strays.)

  28. AWWW Glitch, you and your child imagination. :)

  29. Navi is the devilish voice inside your head, never leaving you alone, telling you to steal and things.

    This is perfect.

  30. OMG this is sooo adorable~! I can’t wait to see the next comic.
    Navi is so hilarious, but also such an annoying lil– OMG GLITCH YOU’RE SO ADORABLE~!

  31. I keep thinking of things to say after I have already commented.. Anyways, I noticed the character section was in Pokemon form, but there’s no Pokemon comics? Probably kinda hard to do one of those, though, with being cats and all.

    1. X and Y comes out soonish, let’s hope Samantha makes a comic out of it.

  32. I think soon enough the cats’ owner should be in Character Section. Even if he doesn’t do anything. I just have a strong strong feeling that his name is Greg.

    1. Or Dante, that would be cool :3

  33. What navigation says in panel 1 sounds like something a drug dealer would say..
    “Psst, hey kids… wanna go to hyrule?

    1. And reading that comment… Not a soul cared.

      1. Alright, ill admit thats karma for a while back…

      2. But its good to know you’re narcissistic enough to go back to your own comments enough to see my reply.

  34. This is one of the best comics I’ve seen yet! I was on Cheezburger and saw a comic, so I came on over because it was so unique. Keep up the awesome work! (And don’t be hard on Cheezburger, many people found FLOABComic-one of my favorites-through them, so chances are they’ll find you the same way.)

    Glitch is just too cute!!

  35. WHY YOU NO UPDATE!!!! My Monday has been ruined! TnT

    1. Whoah there Heyo,some people dont have time too upload comics in the web so dont rush them,how about going to other webcomics like,strays online,
      vG cats,mokepon,off white comic,ireth and vespera(how to train your dragon),and toilet genie.

      1. Musical Armaggeddon

        also there’s homestuck, a 8000 page 800000ish word webcomic, but in school i will have to send you a spesific link and if your school is as tech savvy as mine you cant see the pics or aimations so you might as well wait until you get home (pun not intended). and dont rage at me for not typing simple words right and nailing the complex ones i woke up and started reading gamercat so… also i just relized wat dat TnT is y u so sad just reread until new post. thats what i do.

    2. Turns out they updated it on taptastic so MONDAY RESTORED!!!!!! :D

      1. How does comics gets updated there faster than on the official site? O_o

        1. Take it up with Celesse.

  36. Would he be cuter or not as cute if Glitch was wearing Link’s earrings?

  37. At least Clippy isn’t their mentor.

  38. I would love an icon from the 4th panel :3

  39. Someone you used to know

    Ohhhhh… Iget get it Master sword / Master card ha ha ha

  40. So THAT’S why there were some odd charges to my card!

  41. PathOfTheAwesomePie

    I…can just imagine “I’ve Got The Golden Ticket” song playing at that moment and then just cutting~ lolz

  42. PathOfTheAwesomePie

    Or in the case, golden sword? (@~o)”

  43. … I hold the KEY TO THE WOOORLD!

  44. Master sword! Master card! Oh how things tie together! XD

  45. Some guy translated it to hungarian and the joke is even better. (Master Kard)

    mom: what are you watchinh?
    ME: mew mew?

  47. What am i doing? Stealing your credit card so i can buy my own games!

  48. The credit card to seal the darkness! The MASTER CARD!

    1. Get ready! To fight him with the master card! Whoops, i can’t, cause I’m a CAT!
      Hello, darkness, my old friend….

  49. Is that a VISA card, no wait, it’s LITERALLY a master card! (look up credit card brands)

    1. Wow… 1 year since I posted this…

  50. Heroes of our time

  51. So is it a master credit card?

  52. FrenchToastyEevee

    im glitch when im buying robux i act like i have power when i grab my credit card XD

  53. FrenchToastyEevee

    I got the JOKE XD is a master credit card sword its porbs the best thing you can fight and pay for games XDDD

  54. Malcom can’t see annoying fairy

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