I Want it All

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51 thoughts on “I Want it All

  1. navi is the holy spirit of steam sales, past present and future ^^

    1. as well as everything in between!

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        The ghost of Christmas want

        1. of all the fairys ive seen and or met this one is the most evil.

        2. Did any one else notice that this exact thing GC did to the Mailman?

    2. dum fairy.

    3. Glitch is so naive.

  2. i liked navi more when she could only say “hello” and “listen”

    1. that’s the first time i’ve seen someone say something like that.

      1. But it’s true!
        Her devious thoughts coupled with her fairy voice can really get into your head!

        1. Late reply. Navi is eeeeeeviiiiilllllll!!!

        2. no reply is late

  3. The truth is… Navi in on the payroll of the game company! Oo’

  4. Oooooh, idea for a comic strip here!!! Have GC and Glitch play “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” and have one of them pick Toro the Cat. It would be funny and ironic. :D

  5. Hmmm, that definition WOULD certainly explain a lot of my game-buying behavior…

  6. “these aren’t the droids u r looking for”
    “these aren’t the droids we r looking for”
    “U have to have it”
    “I want to have it”

    I see^^

  7. Im contempt with my backwards compatible PS3 thank you very much. :)

  8. :I
    Come on now, Navi. No need to be corrupting the innocents.

  9. Why is it on the other website now? Now I gotta bookmark another page… That’s like 1000 Bookmarks I got now from league of legends not having a “find your post” button.

  10. Cat In a Poke Ball

    Poor Gamercat…

  11. This was how I was when my brother took his PS3 to college…. What’s funny is I only have one game in my possession (Bleach Soul Resurreccion). But when you’re hooked, you’re hooked.

  12. I think Nabi got to my kids,they would always tell me to buy things.cURSE U NAVI!

  13. Well, that makes SO much sense. I now understand why I want new games all the time. I must have a Navi in my pillow at night or something…. making me dream these things….

  14. Wait a minute, wasn’t there another comic besides this one?

  15. Aww yeah. Glitch wants it all.

  16. It’s kind of sad considering that when they first met, he was happily playing a Gameboy without regards to the “brand new” Vita…

  17. i just noticed the star on Glitch’s back.

  18. Navi must work as an undercover agent for Nintendo. Maybe a rogue advertising robot from an attempt to use robot Zelda characters for merchandising gone wrong.

    1. HOLY SHIT YOU MAY BE RIGHT!!!! She did appear parallel to a LoZ game release! :O

      1. I can imagine it now…
        GaMERCaT: Hey Navi!
        Navi: Hey GaMERCaT!
        Glitch: Why is there a button on Navi’s wings?
        Navi: DON’T YOU PRESS THAT B-
        Glitch: *press*
        Navi: *robot voice* POWER OFF *falls to ground with a metal clang*

  19. *sigh*,like father,like son,i wish


  21. Sweet, sweet revenge!

  22. If Glitch actually got that Wii U…LUCKY!

  23. I have a policy when it comes to getting Consoles: don’t get them on release date, make sure you have enough money to buy a console and a game, and make sure there is AT LEAST 3 games you want on it

  24. My favorite comic ever

  25. me with remote control robots


  27. I have a Wii U… Its actually not that good once it gets pretty old

  28. Glitch is a girl?!

  29. Sri a Wii U I’m disappointed in u and also Glitch was never a girl look in the character section

  30. No glitch is boy she’s talking about annnoying fairy

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