I actually played Neko Atsume back when it was still only available in Japanese, but it's still an adorable game.

75 thoughts on “Cat-astrophe

  1. Haha wow, purrfect setup for your comic!

    1. that pun was CAT-astrophic!

      1. :3 I meowst ask you to be nicer to me!

        1. Holy Dodocatjesus, your bad PAWns almost killed me!

        2. This is making meow eyes burn.

        3. You’ve got to be kitten me!!



      1. At least they are somewhat amusing…

        1. PAWSOME!

        2. i FELINE this is getting PURRsonal!!!

        3. u gotta be kitten me. i play neko asume its fun

        4. please help my sister has a addiction

      2. I loved this game!

  2. her face in the last panel :D

    1. I know, I love it! The expressions in this series are always so good.

      1. I second that.

  3. My first thought was that Neko Atsume was like a weird harem Dating Sim for Pixel.

    1. whyyyyy but it is a nice game i have ALL THE CATS AND MEMOS


    1. Pixel Is collecting… CATS???????

  5. If you haven’t tried Stardew Valley yet, I think you might like it. I would love to see Gamercat comics about it :D

  6. What’s meta mean

    1. I’m So Meta, Even This Acronym

      1. ISMETA

        1. I finally got that joke.

  7. you should do one about fnaf!

    1. I think there is one

    2. also how bout no with the fnaf. we need to let that series die rather then drag a corpse around screaming that its still alive.

  8. Sooo, it’s like Pokemon, then?

    I’m so out of it.

    1. No, it’s a waiting clicker game

  9. Hey, what a coincidence! I ply Neko Atsume. :D

  10. So let me get this straight. Cats play a game where you have to collect cats?
    Mhm… Why not Facebook or something like that? ;)

  11. Hey, what a coincidence! I play Neko Atsume. :D

    Sorry about the extra posts, the first one had the typo of “ply” instead of “play,” and the second was on the wrong comic… If there are any moderators, or if you (the reader) actually are the mod, please do delete those extra posts.

  12. O MY GUSHNESS!!!! I has Neko Atsume, for a few months now… MY GUCHNESS!!!! YOU DIZ A COMICZ ON ITZ!!!!

  13. Aww cute

  14. *downloads immediately*
    Well I mean, I would, but my phone is all the way over there *points towards next room*

  15. I tried playing the game when it was in japanese and no cats ever showed up

    1. You gotta place some food for them.

  16. My mom made fun of me for collecting virtual cats.

    I didn’t tell her about

    1. Flightrising dot com, collect old virgin orphans today!

  17. Boku To Wanko is my personal preference. It’s not in English yet and probably never will be, but it has dogs which are so much cuter than cats IMO

  18. It’ll probably take me 110 years to collect all of them. It would probably easier to rob a bank or something. The RNG Kings/Queens are not kind to this princess.

  19. If a cat owns cats, does it count as slavery?

    1. It’s pretty much just a petpet.

  20. *waves* <3 Proud "player" of NekoAstume here!
    Pleasantly surprised to see it featured hehehe

  21. asdfhgdedfihpbuwoe;lj

    that’s cute

  22. You know your comic is popular when it has rule 34. :'(

    So addicted xD

  24. Imagine a comic about Nano’s daily schedule! It would be interesting to see how she praises.

  25. If a cat is collecting cats, its like when people were owning other people during slavery.

  26. I love this. Good use of metahumor.

  27. I thought I was over this game. My last tablet broke, so I thought “Well, since I’ve forgotten the name, I don’t need to worry about it anymore”. Now I know what it is and I’m addicted again. You know, just because my memory was the only thing between me playing it.

  28. Haha! I love your GamerCAT comics! And I’m excited for the next one! I think you should make one where they are reacting to minecraft! Yes I know some people don’t like that game but I think it would be cool to see that. Thanks!

  29. I agree! MINECRAFT! Plzzz XD I would love that so much!

  30. Minecraft? Wait… Yes please do minecraft!!! Keep up the good work

  31. Great job! I would like it as well if you did minecraft. I don’t mean to beg or anything like most people I would just like it if you do this. Thanks, it will be very much appreciated! Also, your work inspires me very much, leaving me with more creativity and the love for GamerCAT comics! Thank you so much for making these comics! Please, do keep up the work, Funny jokes, Great art, cute cats, and all the fun! Once again… Thank you very much!

  32. Great job! And quite frankly I agree you should do minecraft. But don’t do anything you don’t want to do! Thanks for the comics! I will never lose the joy of GamerCAT

  33. my weeb teacher got me into this. NO REGREEETS

  34. I’m addicted to neko atsume. I play it while I’m at work when we’re slow and whenever the net isn’t working, as well as whenever I want… Sometimes I log into ESO and it takes forever to load, so i play NA.

  35. I love that name i still play it


  37. btw that comment above is me

    1. Hey! No it’s not!

  38. She is already a cat and a lady, so what is the big deal?

  39. lol whats weird is i play bunch of the game pixel plays XD

  40. I have this game! Its soooooo fun! EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY IT!

  41. Gamercat, Pixel was using a dating app

  42. I’ve got to play it meow (cause now and meow)

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