I let a friend visit my town and she managed to shake 3 of my trees to death, then tried to devise ways to hide it from me. Seemed like something Gamercat would do.

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  1. aww haha, Gamercat’s cute little paralyzed-by-fear face.

    1. I prefer Pixel angry face. XD

      1. Gamercat x Pixel

        1. equals cuteness?

        2. its a ship dum-dum

        3. Aw, poor GaMERCaT! Pixel is so mad… she still is…

    2. I don’t know if that can happen in animal croossing

      1. it’s ‘crossing’ not ‘croossing’!!!

        1. It can with perfect fruit trees if you harvest them enough. And there might be rotten fruit, which look exactly the same as perfect ones!


  3. I didn’t even know this was possible in Animal Crossing

  4. uh just chop down the tree stomp it into the ground and act like nothing happened she’ll never notice if one tree goes missing

  5. I had to look it up, apparently once you pick from a perfect fruit fruit tree x amount of times it dies. Love seeing gamercat in Animal crossing!

  6. XD lol that attempt

  7. Lol that does seem like something Gamercat would do XD how did she try to hide it from u? It’ll give me ideas for how to hide it if I do lol lol XD

  8. How did she try to hide it? I can only think of stomping it into the ground..

  9. Oooh boy… Is it too late to go back to Tom Nook’s town?

  10. It’s almost as if shaking a tree isnt the right way to get fruit from it

  11. I would LOVE to see gamercat play Xenoblade Chronicles. It would be awesome!

  12. This actually made me Laugh Out Loud. :D

    And it reminds me: one day a villager asked me for some perfect fruit. Sure thing! I shook a tree, gathered the fruit, chopped down the dead tree and replanted a new one. Hurrah, the circle of life! Then I presented the villager with…a rotten perfect fruit. I wasn’t paying attention (late at night, was tired), and didn’t realize it until he made the “HURK!” expression. I felt awful. :(

  13. This made me properly Laugh Out Loud. :D

    Which reminds me: one day a villager asked for perfect fruit. Sure thing, that’s easy! I shook the tree, cut it down since it was dead, and planted a new one. Then I ran over and presented the villager with…a rotten perfect fruit. I was tired and not paying attention, so I didn’t realize it until he made the “HURK” emote. I felt awful. :(

    (Sorry if this ends up as a double post, Firefox sometimes eats forum comments.)

    1. It double posted. :P
      Anyway, yeah, that does seem like something that would make you feel bad. I haven’t played AC myself, but I can imagine it would be to you like hurting my chao Master in SA2B would be to me.

  14. …I didn’t know it was possible to shake trees to death…

    1. Nor me. Normally I have real bad luck, most of the time whenenver I shake a tree a beehive drops down and the bees sting me, and I have to exit – reset – enter the game and the bee sting will be gone. ( Free Advice )

  15. :D Wow! Congrats, Gamer Cat! You are not allowed in Pixel’s town EVER AGAIN!!! (totally happened to me before)

  16. luna The #1 Pokefan


  17. Good luck getting the keys back to the town, Gamercat.

  18. For a second there, I thought I was seeing an “I wanna be the guy” reference XD

  19. It it just me, it is this basically just Garfield for gamers?

    1. Nope it’s not just you it’s basically just Garfield for gamers

  20. which game is it?

  21. I know how you feel GamerCAT
    My favorite villager, Goldie, wanted a cute shirt. I instantly gave her the cutest shirt I had!
    A few weeks later…. I FOUND IT IN THE RECYCLING SHOP>:( lol if anyone also knows how I feel please comment as well

    1. I saw a comic once about it. The guy gave tangy a guitar and she says “i’ll charish it forever!” Then the next panel theres a guitar in the recycling bin and the guy is crying.

  22. And that’s why multiplayer would never work in Stardew Valley :P

    1. Its Animal Crossing.

  23. Im always playing acnl and never in my experience of playing the game have i actually shaken a tree to death, i think i watered a orange tree i needed in my orchard to death though, if watering even does anything to it. Or…i planted it in April and not July. Im going with the month idea

  24. I love Animal Crossing!

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