I think they need to unlock Rosalina ASAP.

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  1. Oh, so she’s one of those girls that can’t comfortably play until they play as girls? Interesting, I don’t know any of them in real life so it would be nice to at least read about one :)

    1. I know a few. It causes issues from time to time. Luckily (or unfortunately?) there are a great many co-op games that don’t have selectable female characters. That’s unfortunate because that sucks for obvious reasons but it’s lucky because we get to avoid that conversation.

      1. This is me and my friends playing mario cart

    2. Actually she’s just trying to use her gender as an excuse to secure the character she wants.

      1. Ah, if that’s the case then I guess that’s ok. A cheap card to play but if it’s effective then by all means~

      2. I appreciate this comic. It’s a neat reversal on a standard pattern, and really gives a little bit more life to Pixel’s character.

      3. but you said “they need to unlock rosaline ASAP, suggesting that one of them feels the need to be a female character. is it sweet? does sweet prefer girls in videogames?

        1. If he does, he would be like me

      4. Funny, seeing as she claims not to care about what she plays as or plays, so this is funny coming from her. First off, its completely normal to plays as girls! Thats sounds weird now that I said that lol

    3. When it comes to games that have a 3rd person POV option, I prefer and only will play as female, if the option is available. It’s not my fault that the female designs often give them better asses than the males, and I like staring at nice asses when I game.

      1. Same.

        I operate a male chassis… but in games I prefer playing female characters because they represent what I’m gonna be looking at for the next few hours at least.

    4. I play as a girl when the stats are better or about the same as a male character, but if a male is a better fit for there type of player/character type I want to be, I will play as a male

  2. Whoa whoa whoa, Toad is hands-down THE best character in SM3DW.
    Think about it.
    You always compete with your buddies to get the most points because you want to keep that sweet crown on your own head, right?
    How do you get points? Doing stuff. Get coins, kill enemies, get stars and stamps.
    Of course, only one person can get points for doing a thing. You can’t kill an enemy twice, and only one person gets credit for getting collectibles.
    Who gets the points? The person who gets there first.
    Barring places you NEED another character to get to (i.e. the character switches), how do you do that? Beat the competition.
    And who, exactly, is the fastest character?
    It’s Toad.
    It’s always Toad.

    Toad is love.
    Toad is life.

    1. toad’s my favorite character, whenever I player mario bros wii with my friends I call dibs on the yellow toad faster than the flash. personally, I think it would be funnier if glitch and sweet swapped around.
      also, f*** the characters, I can’t believe they’re all agreeing over the remotes. speaking of which, doesn’t player one have to be mario? yet glitch is always the gamepad, player one, but always luigi as well

      1. No, you only have to be Mario in New Mario bros. Wii. In 3D World you get to be whoever even if you’re player one.

  3. Once in a blue Mew

    Luigi is the best one though

    1. You mean ‘Green Mario’?

      1. fuck you luigi hater

        1. dude the green mario is a refrence from a tapastic comic (right?)

      2. Screw off asshole.

  4. I know you’ve probably answered this somewhere but…is Pixel the same cat from your Journey comic?I just couldn’t see the answer anywhere.

  5. But Sweet got toad anyway.

  6. lessons learned never trust the annoying fairy X3

    1. thegAmercAtisbAckwArds

      Lesson learned since Episode 1, never trust the annoying Navi from Ocarina of Time or The GaMERCaT.

  7. XD yeah that was a great idea, not!

  8. Hi! nice comics, I’ve been reading them since last month (from the first one) and I’ll continue…
    ;) Great job lady!!!

  9. Wait, so sweet and pixel just waved off navi like she was just a normal thing? Do they each have one? Also, Rosalina is best charscter.

  10. Moral of the story: nobody likes Toad.

    I kid but honestly I don’t blame her I would not want to be stuck as the toad either. I’d totally be Luigi because he rocks.

    1. aggreed

    2. I like being Toad, Luigi isn’t great for me

  11. quietly tries to replace toad with link

  12. Now we need a follow up with the pixel/luigi death-stare.

  13. Awww, but he looks so nice is a dress!

  14. Why do you make us always go to tapastic for the next comic? I don’t mind that too much other than saying read the latest here and such. I also hate that at tapastic i have to go through ALL the previous ones before reaching the newest.. wish there was a show new first button..

    1. Because I have a deal with Tapastic where they support me and they get the comic 1 week in advance of anywhere else.

      But if you create an account on Tapastic (or log in with Facebook) it will keep your place on the comic and take you to the newest one whenever you visit it on that site.

      1. Good to know, i’ll try that out. i just dislike scrolling through tons of comics every time haha.

  15. I guess Pixel is now the one wearing the pants.

  16. Is that a Calvin and Hobbes reference?

  17. True that

  18. i think i am in love with gamer cat! i have the bag and the ds cover and for (early) Christmas i have got the plush and the blanket im soooooo happy my room is now a gamer cat room!

  19. Actually, a good compromise is when nobody or everyone is happy.

  20. Anyone else notice that shifting their costumes to the left is what their actual costumes are?

  21. I…can agree with pixel

  22. Um, is it me, or is Sweet looking a bit like Aladdin with Toads clothes on? XD

  23. Toad is actually a girl…….

    1. me and my friends always fight about who gets to be toad, and this is the complete opposite.

  24. Glitch is cute as Mario, but why is Pixel the only one with a mustache when Glitch and gc don’t? I’m confused. How ’bout we go back to Tetris?

  25. And no, toad is not a girl. Have you even SEEN toadette?! Look her up

  26. Toad is a girl! How does nobody understand that? She is a Girl!

  27. She is totally a girl, i think…

  28. Someone should make a Left 4 Dead 2 mod with GamerCat as Coach, Pixel as Rochelle, Glitch as Ellis, and Sweet as Coach!

    1. No wait…
      GamerCat as Nick, Pixel as Rochelle, Glitch as Ellis, and Sweet as Coach!

  29. If you’re an evil boss on the rise,
    You can count on the four of us taking you down
    ‘Cause we’re good and evil never beats us,
    We’ll win the game and then go out for pizzas!

    We are the Gamercats,
    We’ll always beat the game
    And if you think we can’t
    We’ll always find a way
    That’s why the gamers of this world believe in…
    and Glitch!

    I know this is irrelevant but I thought I’d do it for fun since all four of them are there.

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