Corrugated Stealth

NPCs, there to help you every step of the way.

128 thoughts on “Corrugated Stealth

  1. oh my god….TOO CUTE I CAN’T STAND IT!! XD

    1. Honestly, my favorite part is the great “reveal” <3

      1. Did you……….reply to yourself?

        1. Clones man….Clones.

        2. Problem?

        3. Considering she didn’t ask a question or opinion, I’d assume it’s just a thought added later.

        4. I think he/she forgot to add that in the first post.

        5. i know why he did that, first of all its probably he forgot a long time since i commented on this and when i saw the comment he forgot he was the one that said it so hi went and replied to himself… its very hard for people and it happens all the time you qustion has bin answered and yes im from one piece so there.

        6. Notice the reply took place 2 minutes afterwards.

        7. BRUH LMAO

    2. Am I the only one who has done this?

  2. nice i hve waiting this , thats gamer cat it’s very funny , keep it uo

  3. Child of the White Wolf

    so true! XD

  4. As nice as always ^^

    Anyway, I’m waiting for you to make a comic inspired by The Last of Us.

    Consider it as a request, if you may.

  5. Mihi :3 Was waiting for this one after last strip :D Hope this will be followed up on(a lil faster than last time :x )

  6. But Cats love Box’s

    1. that’s why he says “if I weren’t a cat”

      by the way shouldn’t that be “if I wasn’t a cat” ?

      1. I was going to say that “weren’t” sounds correct, but I googled it and “wasn’t” is correct. But saying both of them back to back “weren’t” sounds better, but that’s to my ear.

        1. heh, I’m french so I don’t have an ear for the english language
          (it sounds so horrible when I’m the one speaking XD)

        2. It’s really a local thing. I’ve noticed that, in general, Americans prefer “wasn’t,” while Europeans tend to use “weren’t.”

        3. yeah, just yesterday, I learned the form “arent’I?” is widely more used than “am I not?” which, from a foreigner point of view, seems more correct.

          point is, I should stop trying to correct people on their native language grammar and just go with the flow XD

          (still bugs me, though, but whatever ^^)

        4. “weren’t” is the subjunctive mood.

      2. Cats on the Internet are known for having bad grammar.

        1. Cats are like dominating the Internet though

  7. I wonder what will happen if he was on a screen similar to the Windows XP Wallpaper… He’d get De-Stealthed immediately.

  8. Dat Otacon, always just almost helpful.

  9. He’s actually smiling under there because cats love boxes.

  10. C’mon otacon lol, I wish to see some Final Fantasy inspired comic, I haven’t see it before

    1. We would need afew more cats for that. Since the standard FF party is 3-4 people.

  11. would gamercat be interested in playing through dust: an elysian tail?


    I LOVE THAT GAME. and the music, i can play pieces in my head now (without any help from external music players).

  12. lol, so true! Oh, Otacon!

  13. LOL boxes!!! Yay!!! A cat’s favorite toy!!!

    P.S. Thank goodness you’ve finally updated with a new comic. You must’ve been pretty busy, huh?

    *Raises can of Arnold Palmer Half-Tea & Half-Lemonade*

    Here’s to easier, less stressful days!!!

    Ah, that’s my gamer fuel. 23 fl. oz. that hits the spot and quenches my thirst for only $0.99!!! You should try it. Good stuff!!! (^_^)

  14. *Snake* “I’m too sexy for my box.”
    Love Brawl Taunts and I love GaMERCaT. This comic is so adorable. And thanks so much for finally updating!

  15. I would love to have an icon that is Gamer Cat’s reaction to the box reveal. He is so adorable!!!

  16. If i remember correctly he also gave me ketchup.

  17. Is it just me or did anyone else read Gamercat’s lines with Snake’s voice?

    1. Just did. XD

    2. I cant really see Snake saying “gimme”.

      1. Killjoy.

      2. Im not a buzz kill Im just thinking realistically. Would you ever in all of metal gear see a hardened vet like Snake saying gimme gimme gimme?

        1. Alright, alright, I give. It’s still freakin’ cute though.
          And who says you have to think realistically? Who even cares? It’s an internet comic dude, you don’t have to pick it apart. Jus’ saying.


  18. Love how Gamercat’s little paws wiggle in panel 3! :D

    1. Cats are like small children… they want all! XD

  19. you forgot to put his patch in where he wet himself in fear of Grey Fox =P love the old MGS games

  20. Lol, NPC’s are the best.

  21. Stellar work as usual.

  22. Now i know how the stealth of snake was born……

  23. Otacon…….you son of a turtle’s roommate.

  24. could you please make a gamercat wallet? i would buy one so fast!

  25. Holy crap…. I started reading this comic today, and when I looked at the advertisement afterwards……
    It was an ad for a box.

  26. I think I used the gravatar thing… im not sure.

    1. Maybe this works?

      1. Now it works! Had to refresh the page!

  27. This was uploaded on my 19th birthday and I missed it! D:

  28. I love Gamercat’s expression at the Ta-Da part.

  29. I wanted to get the gamercat 3ds skin…. OUt of stock… D:
    Do you guys refill stock regularly?

  30. I got to metal gear Rex, then I forgot my chaff grenades

    1. I used the chaffs at first but then I realized you can get behind Rex and lock on as he turns, let the missile fly then go under his legs before he pees on you.

  31. Snake what happened? Snake?! Snake?! SNNNNNAAAAAAKKKKKEEEE!!!!!

    1. GaMERCaT: I’m still alive im just trapped in this box you put me under.

  32. You would be surprised just how effective a box can be in terms of stealth.

  33. i love but coud you make a minecraft one

    1. That would be one I want to see(along with TF2!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  34. Hey, I have created a memecenter account for you! Check it now:

  35. first comic in awhile that Glitch isn’t in

    1. I’m eager to see Glitch in-game (Like with a character’s costume)

      1. Remember though, it’s one player. You have to be playing to insert yourself.
        Also, Glitch is watching him right now :3 I think because what this comic is doing is showing Glitch the ropes on how to insert yourself.

  36. This needs an animated webseries immediately :3 I mean if they can do it with 8-bit theater…

  37. L OVE IT! Can’t wait for the next one!
    Oh, GaMERECaT, good luck with the bad guys!

  38. Can we suggest you to play certain games that can help with the comic? Or not?

  39. Is the box the prototype or did it just contain the prototype?

  40. whatnamecouldiuse

    Wonder how this will be going against the guy who can read your mind…

  41. Also has a teleport function. :P

  42. realy? i should be wearing the suit,

  43. When is the next update?

    1. I see you are also a fan of strays. Its lesser known but updated more.

  44. Can I make a suggestion (if you don’t like it you don’t have to do it) but you could do a comic where Gamercat is playing Marion and hes complaing about always hitting blocks with his head. Just a suggestion.

    1. “Mario”

  45. Can’t wait for next comic

  46. I love all of these! They’re so funny! Thank you for making them and keep up the awesome work!

  47. I love hows theres an add for shipping boxes on the right hand side of my screen…

  48. Gotta love the MGS series :D

    BTW out of curiosity, is there a set date for updates or is it just a case of keep checking back and there may be one?

  49. Who here remembers the Fatman fight from mgs2

  50. GaMERCat’s paws in the third panel need to be animated. Also the bright yellow suprise reveal star in the background of the fourth panel should be spinning, in order to be more surprisey and revealey.

    …and as always, cuteness overload ;-)

  51. I realize that your occupied with strays and other things but I wish to know if/when GC will be updated again. Its been many moons since Ive seen a new GC

    1. I joined the GC community just before this update was made. And that was a long time ago.

  52. Waiting for this website to update is like waiting for Starkana to get a new chapter. *sigh*

  53. I hope Otacon is happy that GC is a cat. :3

  54. you should do the co-op portal or something else co-op

  55. Wow, I’ve been watching reviews of really bad comic books with horrible artwork. Coming to this immediately afterwards, your comic actually looks twice as good than normal. I’ve forgotten how slick and very well drawn your comic is. I took it for granted.

  56. Make him, the human, and glitch play metroid fusion

    1. Which is only 1 player -_-

  57. Hello, Hello. I’m from Germany and I want to buy the Gamercat wallet. When I buy this on the online shop.. Will it be much more expensive?

    1. You can add it to your cart and check the final price with the shipping calculator. Payment must be made in USD.

  58. I think GaMER CaT should play remember me

  59. Schrondinger anyone ?

  60. who say cats cant kill humans there were a few incidences

    1. He means if he wasn’t a cat he would have the urge to kill him. Cats love boxes. Don’t you know anything?


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  63. Sigint: Uh,Snake… what are you doing?

    Naked Snake: I’m in a box.

    Sigint: A cardboard box? Why are you…?

    Naked Snake: I dunno. I was just looking at it, and suddenly I got this irresistible urge to get inside. No not just an urge – more than that. It was my destiny to be here; in the box.

    Sigint: Destiny…?

    Naked Snake: Yeah. And then when I put it on, I suddenly got this feeling of inner peace. I can’t put it into words. I feel… safe. Like this is where I was meant to be. Like I’d found the key to true happiness.

    Sigint: …

    Naked Snake: Does any of that make sense?

    Sigint: Not even a little.

    Naked Snake: You should come inside the box… Then you’ll know what I mean.

    1. Like my cat? Yup. Like my cat. He does that kind of thing a lot. It’s like, he was BORN to be in a box. Like, his DESTINY.

  64. OMG!! It’s a cat in a box joke! EEEE! SO cute! My cat also loves boxes. As I type even, he is currently sitting in a box looking at me and wondering why I’m not petting him.

  65. LOL! I read “ooo gimme gimme gimme” totally in Snake’s voice.

  66. who would think to look in a cardboard box? Lucario, that’s who.

  67. i luv boxes

  68. Best item for a cat, nah? :B

  69. Considering he’s a cat, you’d think he’d like it more than he did.

  70. Actually, That kinda works because nobody knows you’re actually IN the box….

  71. ITS A BOX

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