Run Snake Run

Seriously, have you ever watched him run?

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  1. Hey thats cool Glitch has a star on his/her back…. Thats a cool little mark.

    1. Cool, my first cat had a star shape on her chest.

      1. My cat as a heart shape on her side They start out separated like a broken heart. Then when she sits it’s a full heart X3

        1. My cat lighting had a lighting bot on his head and it is cute =^.^=

      2. lol mine just had the numbers 707

    2. Bah he shoulda had a missingno. shaped patch on his back because GLITCHES!

      1. I bet that would be REALLY difficult to draw…

        1. He said shape, not exact image. So if anything it would just be an L on his back :3

      2. missingno. isn’t the only glitch pokemon. i have run into a few others myself. ever heard of ??????????, or more commonly reffered to as decamax?

        1. well actually, decamax is a pokemon designed to prevent game crashes. if you get your main pokemon to a high enough level, there wont be any pokemon left strong enough to challenge it so they put decaax in as a a ridiculously strong pokemon so it wouldn’t crash the game whenever you enter a battle. i have only encountered him in pokemon red and blue though.

    3. Wait i remember the last comics that glitch sometimes have dots or even only even no shape behind him

      1. Maybe that’s a glitch…

      2. Almost correct. Glitch had nothing on his back before he was taken to the house. When they reached the house, the star was there.

        1. Actually, that’s not correct either. He used to have two spots on his back, then I changed them to be a star instead.

        2. You’re an idiot he always hada star on his back…

        3. If i was able to respond to donutfinder i would say this
          ‘That’s the creator you baka, ALL IS KNOWN BY THE CREATOR’


        5. And then it was a religion.

        6. yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

          (and some other weather I suppose)

        7. Good job Celesse! Glitch is a Superstar! (Pun Intended)
          Well, he would be if you put little eyes on the star…

          I just imagined it. I like him better before

        8. wait i looked back ate every early comic of glitch he always had a star on his back no dots.

        9. when i said ate i ment at

        10. YOU ARE ALL WRONG! HE HAS ALWAYS HAD A STAR ON HIS BACK!!!!!! -pant pant- I just went through them ALLLLLL

        11. Celesse, I can’t find any comics with glitch with dots on hid back… IM CONFUSED

      3. Since glitch is a pokemon fan and like GC likely has some connection to games maybe he evolved?


    4. uh…glitch is a dude..

      1. They just said that cuz they weren’t sure and didn’t want to assume cuz then he would be brutally murdered by a swarm of GC fans.

    5. Glitch is a Joestar.

    6. HA HA HA HA *3* this makes me want to play it!

    7. Its a he

    8. I love the way his face is when hes “tiptoeing” around!

    9. glitch The buttin masher


  2. Snake, what’s wrong? Snake?! SNAAAKE!!!

    1. Lmao awesome

      1. never noticed the star on Glitch`s back. thats new (>^-^<)

        1. More like, That’s Mew, amirite?

        2. Lawl >3<

  3. Loving it. I love the direction these comics have taken recently. I really enjoy it because it seems like you’ve been making more since there’s more to do with Glitch in the comic now :D

    1. Well GLiTCH is highly marketable.

      1. Sonic ’06 begs to differ. XP

        1. I see what you did there…LOL XD

  4. AMG–I laughed at GC’s expression in panels 5 and 6!

    1. I like 3 and 5 :3.

  5. Simply adorable. Awesome.

    1. i TOTALLY need plushies of them !!! ^_^

  6. panel 5: I see what u did there ^^

  7. awesome work! ^^ keep it up!

  8. Man, I really need to play these Metal Gear Solid games. They sound like they’re fantastic. Also, bonus points for using the word “ninny”! Bahaha!

    Out of curiosity, did you build your own website, Samantha? It’s marvelous! Very well designed.

    1. ninny X3 priceless i tell you , priceless

  9. I realized that fifth panel is actually animated after reading the comic the second time later during the day. xD

  10. PEPPY:GaMERCaT there’s any enemy behind you! DO A LOOP!

  11. istelguapo gizmo’s had that mark since the gender ambiguous was drawn into the comic and the mark was first shown in living the life

  12. Hmm… Now that I think about it I do the same thing as the GaMERCaT. I pretend I really am in the game, that I am the character, that I AM ALL POWERFUL!!!

  13. I just noticed gamercats tail has a slight star shape to it at the end just like glitches back :0 why! I need to know the meaning!

    1. It means nothing you fool! Not all cat tails come to a neat point.

      1. i agree with Juggalo X. the stars might mean something

  14. so pannel 5 is animated? …… im stareing at it but i dont see anything…..

    1. Then you are lagging.

      1. Love that icon with that comment XD

  15. My old cat gordan had the Nuclear Half Life symbol on his forhead i thought that was neat

  16. Ninny? lolololol Too bad the book won’t run the gifs, specially the one from the DDR contest.

  17. GamerCat should play minecraft

    1. personally i want Anonymouse back

    2. :D YUS! MineCraft!
      Just thinking about it, I can imagine GaMERCaT all blocky and wearing Steve’s clothes xD

      Oh, btw, this is my first time commenting, even though I’ve been reading this comic for a while now… I ABSOLOUTLEY LOVE THIS WEBCOMIC!! :3

  18. A kitten shouldn´t eat all this sugar :v

    1. Glitch will be fine! He’ll just go the way of Gamercat, and we all love him ^^

    2. Webcomic kittens are different from real life kittens, they’re immortal and can literally eat anything.

      1. exactly why are you talking about this?

  19. Wait ’til Glitch sees Psycho Mantis. :3

  20. I need that running gif

  21. Snake’s upper body remains perfectly motionless when he runs. The sign of a good soldier, and also a good Irish step dancer.

    1. Where is the “like” on your comment?!

  22. I LOOOOOVE Glitch’s face in panel two!! I wish I looked that adorable when I drank soda….. (^__0) <3

    Oh, I'm just gonna keep saying this until something happens with it…

    1. I agree! Plushies are needed!
      # you get a imaginary waffle for having the same idea as me

      1. i totally agree with EpicElf. something this awesome just NEEDS plushies (>’.'<) i'd wanna give you a REAL waffle for that!!!!

        1. Yay!!! I love waffles!!!!! (^___^) <3

  23. I JUST noticed the little gray circles that appear between the panels of the comics but disappear when you look at them, similar to optical illusions. :D

  24. (‘-‘)/
    /[ ]
    / \ I’m giving this comic a high-five.:)

    1. Sorry, the guy I made didn’t turn out as well as I thought…

  25. I saw someone with a GC purse and wished I could Stelth run away after i took it. *sigh* I love comicon

  26. I haven’t heard the word “ninny” in forever.

    1. ARE YOU DAFT?!?. COD 4 reference

  27. My reply to GliTcH’s ninny comment if I was that into the game.

    Last Panel:


  28. They need to have GC stuff at comic con.

  29. Ohmagawd. Are they gonna play coop games and be in the game together and stuff? Because that would be just kinda adorable

  30. I love how GaMERCaT squints his eyes in panel #3. I AM Solid Snake!!! LOL Good stuff!!!

  31. Watching Glitch is the best! I have two small nephews who is always bugging me when they watch me play games. I want stealth; they want action.

    So I pass them my controller to let them do it themselves. Their faces turn green sick…. or they surprise me, got through the level in quick time and earned the achievement I always wanted. Damn kids :D

  32. You need to do something about this hole E3 busyness, there are a lot of gags there, PS4 trolling to Xbox and stuff, new smash, the wiifit yoga girl in smash? wth? XD

  33. Great comic where you can se them… eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew ?
    This is a well hidden reference !

    1. Mnt. Kit dew, and Dogritos.

  34. This comic didn’t have a Metal Gear joke. GaMERCaT, get in there!

  35. You had us waiting a long time. I checked this website every day hoping for a new comic. I thought all that wait was because you wanted to do something special with E3 or Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’m sort of surprised by this outcome. Surprised, but not disappointed.

  36. I reallyyyy want to see them play Brawl together!

    1. That is the greatest idea in the history of ever!

  37. Oh my god, I love GC’s facial expression in panel five. And the use of the word ninny. These comics are awesome! :P :)

  38. That’s exactly what I look like when I’m being sneaky too.

  39. Eh, So since i am playing TLoZ:MM, My frist playtrough of a zelda game, Should i imagine myself as Link the Wolf?

  40. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I didn’t know Glitch was a Joestar.

  41. …What’s a ninny? :/

    1. Dictionary def says “a foolish person”. Jus’ saying

  42. Oh that’s a nice stealth walk, you’re moving too fast. -_-

    1. yeah real manly Snake!!!!! XD

  43. Guys. Glitch always had the star mark. Except for the first three comics he was featured in. Everyone after that, had the mark.

  44. Maybe glitch is part Spinda

  45. why not have GAMERCat play Castle Crashers?

  46. nothin’ like video games just you me some Doritos and a bottle of Mountain Dew
    |””””””””| |””|
    | < | / \
    | doritos| | /"\ |
    | | |Dew| HECK YA LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. sorry about that glitch there i dont know what happened

  47. TheGallicanCourier

    I refuse to believe that Glitch speaks in any voice that is not identical to that of Catbug.

    1. Haha, totally.

  48. man i remember this game i still play the 3

    1. I played peace walker once. Once.

  49. I keep thinking of this…

  50. thats not even how he walks in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes it is.

  51. on this one glitch has no mark on his back :o

    1. OOPS. Fixing.

  52. I know I’m super late for this but happy two year anniversary since the first GaMERCaT post! Love the comics too!

  53. Anyone else think that he should play animal crossing new leaf next?

  54. oops sorry about that i got mad ther

  55. Just got GaMERCaT cussing other gamer out as my Gravatar. LEGIT to say the least.

    1. And on that day… not a single soul cared…

      1. Screw you.

        1. Just cuz I have an AWESOME gravatar and you don’t. :P

        2. Should I care?….NAHH!!!

        3. Mines better. (he says emotionless with snow blowing at his back)

  56. Gamer snacks?
    More like DIABEETUS

    1. I read that as Wilford Brimley.

  57. TheGallicanCourier

    I also refuse to believe that GaMERCat does not speak in the voice of Morgan Freeman.

  58. I wouldn’t know. I spent most of my time hiding in boxes xDDD

    But seriously, I just found your comic today and I’m in love with it! Really adorable kitties, nicely done comics and a great blend of old and new games. I’m definitely a fan!

  59. lol i love this comic

  60. I think the guards need to smart up.

  61. i just recently found out about GaMERCat and i have to say that it is the best thing ever since Pokemon yellow version!

    1. Agreed, it doesn’t get much better than that :3

  62. Uhh, Samantha? What exactly are you doing, man? It seems you’re putting all your effort into your other comic, Ferals or whatever. Last I checked, it only had 30,000 views on Taptastic. That’s nothing compared to the amount Gamercat has gotten.
    I’ve spent quite some time trying to figure out what is going through your head and I can’t come up with anything. I don’t know why you’d try to push an unsuccessful comic series when you have a potential goldmine right here. I was discussing it with my friend and he made another great point. Gamercat doesn’t even need any dialogue at all. Hell, you could just pump out cute pictures of this cat if you wanted and people would eat it up. The Journey strip and the recent DDR one proved this. So you obviously don’t have to worry about running out of material for this one.
    I just, no matter how hard I try to think about it, it just doesn’t make sense. Why are you not making more of these?

    1. There are a lot of factors involved, but when you take it down to brass tacks, the reason I keep Strays consistently updated and not GaMERCaT is that 1. It came first and 2. It teaches me more as an artist than GC does. I learn a LOT from doing Strays. GC is for fun, and unfortunately means it must be put aside when other things need to be done.

      Besides that, Strays isn’t the only reason GC doesn’t get updated, and isn’t where all of my effort goes. Most of it goes towards my shop.

      I’m also working on a somewhat big GaMERCaT project in the background that I can’t talk about yet, so my effort is going into that instead of new strips. But I’m sure you’ll be happy to know a new comic is going up in a few minutes.

      1. I didn’t even realize you had another comic! So I spent all of yesterday reading Strays and man, I like it! And can see exactly why you’d spend more time on it. So, er, thanks to that complainer for pointing it out to me.

  63. Im curious does GaMERCaT actually go in the game or just put on a costume?

  64. DrewTheRedPoochyena

    The 2nd panel, can’t tell if he has his eyes closed or if he’s doing a death stare :/

  65. Alternate Ending: “Why do you run like a ninny?” “That’s not my run, that’s the thing I do when I have to pee — the drinks and snacks are getting to me…”

  66. Glitch is a super star

  67. No, Gamercat, the kid is right. Your running like a ninny.


  69. My grandfather’s first deployment in the Army was to the On the way up there, his unit ran into guys returning from the Aleutians at Ft Lewis, He said they were all smiles, "Oh boy, you guys are gonna love it up There’s a woman behind every tree!" When they got where they were going, there were no

  70. I’ve always liked snake’s run

  71. Glitch is male

  72. Wait did you see gamercats face lol omg it’s too hilarious

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