Nailed It

Cats, man. Cats. I know a lot of you guys had settled on the name Patches for the kitten, but though it was cute, it wasn't quite unique enough. Retrokitty was another good one, but he's not always going to be playing old stuff. I settled on Glitch because I think it suits him, so I hope you guys like it.

200 thoughts on “Nailed It

  1. As if the writer answered my question through a comic! Awesome!

    1. I think she get some inspiration from everywhere, also from the comments :3

      1. Oh s**t it’s game dog, run gc run

        1. Vampire Asterisk Acquired

          Specialty: Genome Drain. Learns the abilities of monsters.


          Glitch learned GASTRIC JUICES


          Post if you know what Game/other webcomic this is from

        2. Bravely Default

    2. Whiat what?

    3. GGgggGGGgLLLLllllLLLlLLlllLiIiiIiIiiiIIIIiiiIiiIITTttttTtttttttTtttTCCCcccccCCcccChhHHhhhhhHhh!!!!!!!!

      1. sorry my computer had a kitten!!! *3*

    4. No, you should have named you BARFY

  2. Hahahahaha Lol Glitch, that is an awesome name :D

    1. any cat with a Game Boy is considered awesome

    2. Glich used SYSTEM ERROR! It’s Super Effective!

  3. Better than ‘Barf’!

    1. But it’s short for Barfolomew.

      1. Purrfect.

        1. Wynaut stop all these puns?

        2. Audino, Wynaut?

        3. stop right meowtic!

  4. Love the name Glitch! >^o^<

  5. Neeeed plushies of these two~ SO CUTE <3


  6. nothing cuter than cat vomit

    1. actually,it`s cats rooling on the floor

  7. can’t stop giggling at the 4th and 5th panels hehehehe

  8. I was wondering when you would announce his name in the comic, you had already named him publicly in the character’s info part of the site. Damn Spoilers.
    Great name though.

  9. Glitch, hammer! Flashlight! Jackhammer!
    Glitch, STOP!

    1. Glitch, ANYTHING! *shower pole*

  10. Not Barfolomew then?

    1. As tempting as that is…

    2. You want to name a CAT Barfolomew? Really?

      1. Sounds like a name for a dog

  11. LMAO nervous vomit. Poor Glitch. Glad he gets to stay!

  12. Gamercat and Glitch, both names sound pretty good (“G&G”) xD

  13. but what is the gamercat’s name? duhn duhn duhn!!!!

    1. Gamercat. Duh!

      1. Gamercat and Glitch the dynamic duo.has bit of a ring 2 it

        1. Like Nerd & Noob (a comedy youtube series here in Brazil)

  14. He was playing the first Pokemon, and in there you find MissingNo, which it’s … well, a glitch. So yeah, quite smart there :)

    1. I was just thinking. Makes total sense to me. And Patches doesn’t really match the theme of the comic anyway, considering the main character’s named Gamercat (possibly)….

      1. Ah, but patches are made by game developers all the time. (^-^) It’s actual gaming terminology. Especially when DLC is announced, patches are often included with the added content to make them more compatible with the source code.

        1. True!
          But Patch would make more sense!

    2. I think he’s actually the Mew Glitch.


  15. AAARGHH!!!! Too cute for my eyes!!!!! >(^o^)<

    And I would preorder plushies of these to the minute they came out……..

    1. Glitch has me begging for morr

  16. PLEASE MAKE PLUSHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would buy them for all my friends!!!!!! (^__^)

    1. NEED PLUSHIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >(-.-)<

    2. Plushies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Plushies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!!

  17. I love Glitch’s face in panel three, when he’s the first to realize what’s coming up….(>v<)

  18. Darn, now he remindes me of Vanellope. xD

  19. whyisitincapitals

    Lucky he didn’t name him Barf.

  20. Really, if you’re an animal lover, you have to be okay with a little puke.

  21. I LOVE the name Glitch! Was just reading up in Glitch Hop earlier. It was a sign. * prostrates self on ground*

  22. Well Glitches need Patches.

    1. That sounds like a four-year-old’s Valentine’s card.

      1. [IMG][/IMG]

      2. Hmm? Perhaps a new female kitten named Patches becomes smitten with Glitch?

        *Ahem* Dear Ms. Celesse, please include more female characters. They are just as prominent as male gamers in society and they need a little shout-out too.*wink**wink*

        1. I think that’s a wonderful idea! And it’s true. I’m a girl and I love to play video games.

        2. I actually have a girl gamer cat planned. She’ll come around eventually.

        3. Wasn’t there one in the Journey comic?

        4. A GIRL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OMG, you just MADE MY DAY, Celesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! *screams with ecstasy* (^O^)

          So happy right now…. You turned my rubbishy day into a bunch of sunshine and rainbows and — KITTENS!! :P

          Thanks again for your comic. Makes me chuckle every time… ;)

          Will be lookin’ out for that cute cat! (D__D)

        5. The Journey Cat? :3 I still Remember Her xD It would be cool

        6. I think this is already getting rather cat-heavy. The girl character should be a dog, but not just any dog, a scary-looking pug who noone wants anything to do with until they actually talk to her and discover she’s really a very nice person. Then they feel like assholes for shunning her.

        7. *Thumbs up* 20% cooler

  23. PERFECT name choice!!!!

  24. Nice introduction! Again, love your style and the manifestation of the characters!

  25. the look on gamercats face in the fourth panel^^ awesome, also an awesome comic :D thx and keep up the awesome work *thumpsup*

    P.S.: Did I write “awesome” about three times?
    Doesn’t matter, can’t write it often enough.

  26. Awesome…simply awesome.

  27. rofl Glitch, that is absolutely perfect. So cute. XD This page made me LOL.

  28. I know it’s just a webcomic and it’s better not to think too much into it but… does the human call gamercat, gamercat?

    1. Yes, his name is Gamercat.

  29. *BLARG!*
    That is downright adorable. I’m keeping him.

  30. Imagine Glitch playing online videogames and his ID be: Glitch. Everyone would be like: Damn Glitch!! xD

  31. So, they’re officially brothers now :3

  32. Glitch! awsome! but… what is gamercat’s name? :)

    1. GaMERCat!

  33. Just out of curiosity, did Glitch puke because of the 3DS’s effect on the eyes? Or was it because of nervousness? Just a thought…

    1. Neither. Must’ve caught rabies while in that trash can.

    2. Actually, it was just a random puke that cats seem to do.

  34. … That is one laidback guy. I wouldn’t react so well to a mysterious kitty puking in front of me. Kudos to him!

    And sympathy for the newly-christened Glitch, who needs Tums.

    1. *tummy rubs*

    2. As a cat owner, you get used to it. Cats puke at random times for seemingly no reason and, if you’ve owned one long enough, when they do that you just sigh instead of freaking out about it.

      1. I think he meant…

        The owner might be scared that a random sick cat is in his house. I mean cats living on the streets have all kinds of diseases, so it wouldn’t be that strange to be cautious.

        But I guess his attitude is. “Sick cat in my house? No biggie, just get him his shots and new pet”

        1. True, but I’d rather avoid the drama of the reality of a potentially sick stray cat moving into one’s house since this is a light-hearted comic. So I’m chocking this up to living in an idealistic world where it’s normal and nothing to be too concerned about.

        2. :-3 I agree, this is a fun/silly comic that doesn’t need that kind of seriousness.

  35. Glitch’s first impression was so awkwardly cute for some reason.

  36. Cool name! Glitch actually is a pretty cool song. Has the gamer cat shown glitch the new pokemon game? lol

  37. At least he didn’t claw anything…

  38. Is his owner the guy from Penny Arcade? O_o

    1. Uh, no. Pretty sure Gabe has much longer bangs.

  39. Glitch= and Glitch says Mew instead of meow
    The Mew glitch of pokemon *-*

  40. It suddenly hit me. I would love for these to be animated into webcartoons :D

    I really am curious as to what GaMERCaT and Glitch’s voices would sound like.
    GaMERCat… would probably sound like a teen, deep but still young. Glitch I can only imagine him sounding either like “Spike” from MLP:FIM or “Tails” from the old Sonic cartoons.

    1. no cat bug from bravest warriors

      1. Yet another show that doesn’t air in Canada :'(

        Though for a minute I thought you were referencing the novels “Warriors” which people constantly confuse my name for. (Dartpaw is used in the books but I thought of the name on my own, I never read the books and it’s just a coincidence)

        1. Bravest Warriors is a Youtube show…

        2. The universe just redeemed itself in awesomeness <3

  41. This is just like my kittens, I come home ask how their day was and bam! One or both of them pukes then stares at me. I tell them they are lucky they are cute, clean it up. Then I lay a towel down on the floor in the sun beam. When the sun moves I gently drag the towel to keep them in the sun beam. Lather rinse and repeat.

    1. i used to have cats in georgia

  42. Good thing it’s not a dog, it would start eating his own vomit.

  43. Incredible… Vomit computes to Calling him Glitch… i need to do a study…

  44. I thought that the human would be your projection.

  45. Glitch is holding a TM… I wonder which one…

  46. I think a lot of us were hoping for Derpy

  47. Who announces that they’re home to their cat?

    1. A really awesome owner, or Jon Arbuckle.

    2. I do.

      1. I don’t. My cat would just hide because he doesn’t like hugs XD

    3. Actually I do that when my Dog greets me at the door.

    4. Everyone. Who doesn’t?

  48. This cat has strange resemblance to Sakamoto-kun from Nichijou. Perhaps that could be a comic idea?

  49. Just found this awesome comic! Please keep it up!

    Oh, and as I use The Webcomic List to keep track of those comics I read, I noticed that The Gamercat profile is somewhat lacking in the image area. Perhaps you can fix this with some awesome gamercat imagery.

  50. So will we finally learn GamerCat’s real name?

    1. It’s GamerCat

  51. I always think that the owner of gamercat would be a girl XD

  52. Found your comic today, read the archives.
    Now it’s on my list of watched comics.
    Really great work, love the art style and the light heartedness.

  53. he shouldn’t of had all those strawberry muffins

    1. or mabye he had som bad catfish

      1. true but most likely muffins

  54. gamercat and glitch is kind reminds me of toro inoue and kuro

  55. i think you should make one where GaMERCaT shows glitch a new pokemon

    1. YEAH you should

      1. either that or get gamercat a girlfriend

  56. Look cute: Mission accomplished.

    Actually I want to commend you for being honest about the nature of cats.

    (Hmm, I wonder if I should change your art sample on my links page to use that fourth panel…)

  57. By the way, this is actually a surprisingly true story. Our cat once invited over a stray into our house. He lived in our basement, running and hiding from us all the time.

  58. There’s already a video game webcomic cat named Patches, anyways:

  59. Also, are we ever going to see the owner’s face?

  60. at least not let other surprise on the carpet

  61. And that’s way i’ll never ever have a cat… -_-‘

  62. lol this is purrfect all they need is a rival gamer OH! perhaps a female rival gamer secretly liking each other! To much?

  63. Hmmm… How old is Glitch?

  64. Glitch: Download!
    (A cookie if you get the reference.)

    1. Reboot really did deserve to finish its storylines. A pity it was cut so short.

  65. Oh my Gosh, this is ridiculously adorable.


  67. Uhh.. There’s a cat advertisement on my screen. Should I be scared?

  68. If I was the Owner. “You can stay if you beat the Elite 4…” cause I’m just that heartless.

  69. ok now introduce a female gamer

  70. Just marathoned this baby! this is sooo darn awesome :O *o*

  71. Happy Birthday GaMERCaT
    Wait a sec… G…a…MER…CaT ==> Gee, a MERe CaT! :D
    or is it
    G…a…MERC…a…T, not sure what “T” is for^^, so i think it’ll be much more like
    “G…a…MERC…CaT” ==> Gee, a MERC-CaT! :D

    1. or is it
      “G…a…MERC…CaT” ==> Gee, a MERC-CaTtey! ==> Gee, a MERC-Kittey!

      1. here’s an idea lets say its JUST FREEKIN GAMERCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. i just wanted to thin why it was so important for her to make the letters of GamerCat like she made them :I

        2. *think
          btw it wouldn’t hurt you to think. One “!” is enough :)

        3. i bet there is no hidden messege in the letters, is more because it looks great that way

        4. do u think i CARE?!!

  72. make a book of it!
    I like your comics. i read them every week!

  73. Beatiful ^^ , i miss Anonymouse,
    i think this is the first time i see the owner O_O

    1. indeed it is^^ all of your post :) 1. Beautiful 2. At a certain point an antagonist is needed 3. It is the first sighting of the owner :D

    2. i miss Anonymouse too O(>’.'<)O

      1. Why are the anonymice a main character when they only appeared in one single comic strip?

        1. When did someone say that they’re main characters?

  74. I want MOAR GLITCH!!!

  75. did he eat the disc he was holding?

    1. hes a cat not a retard

  76. The creator should make a girl character (who loves games) for GAmercat later down the road. Who agrees?

    1. Read the comments, she actually planned it :)

  77. I Wish the cat would be named MissingCat as a reference to missing no.

  78. I just marathon’d this whole webcomic series, freaking cracked up at almost every one, this is great! :D


  80. Are you dead, or just really busy?


  81. is the human gonna be added to the characters? or is it gonna be when we see his face?

  82. hey! just wanted to say lov your comics!

  83. Owner: random cat from off the street appears in my house and barfs on my floor. SEEMS LEGIT

  84. so adorable :3


  86. In my opinion you should do a strip about Animal Crossing. I understand if you haven’t played it, but i would still love it.

  87. Is glich a boy or a girl?

  88. Wonder whose the better gamer, GC or his owner? I bet if he knew his cats could play video games he would be all like “Ok kitties time for some 3 player!!!!!”

    1. P.S. I want a cat to play video games with too!!!!!

  89. Mew? Subtle humor is subtle!!!!!!! XD

    1. If the joke was intended props. If not I wont explain it because that ruins it.

  90. cute enough

  91. Glitch is 100% my favorite character

  92. Kid got lucky, because I would’ve been disgusted.

  93. How do I get an account?

  94. thats my cat!!!! he barfs all the time. Oh Peanut *rolls eyes*

  95. Is it just me, or did the disc in Glitch’s paws suddenly disappear?

  96. And… the vet bills just went up!

  97. glitch,mah boi are u ok?

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