Warning Shmorning


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    1. Xana fan?

      1. This is a pony reference, actually. fan favorite ‘derpy’ screws up her eyes like that, constantly, and she once said the word muffin and now everyone thinks she must absolutely LOVE muffins.

        It’s exactly as stupid as it sounds.

        1. It’s called “fanon.”

          It’s not that there’s even remotely any particular reason for everyone to think she likes muffins so much; rather, it’s more that many people simply like the idea. Consequently, it becomes a “thing.” :3

        2. I understand that

          I just think it’s dumb. The only prtayals of her are either a) mentally handicapped or b) a misunderstood genius.

        3. Actually, it’s Ascended Fanon now, as the writers have actually done such things as putting muffin prints on some of the clothing she wears in the show.

          And Joural, there are /lots/ of protrayals of everything in between. Personally, I prefer one where she’s a regular person who is simply very clumsy and/or has messed up vision.
          The fic “Shipping and Handling” pulls it off fairly well.

          And pony fans do that sort of thing with background characters /all the time/.

        4. That almost makes it worse, honestly.

          I’ve never read that one, I’ll have to give it a try.

          I have a problem with a very, very few of them, but derpy bugs me because she appears to suffer from a real disability, one which is not, in fact, mental in nature. If she has said disability, she suffers from- random bouts of inability to control the directionality of one eye, causing a loss in coordination and depth perception, which could easily cause many of her mishaps without resorting to her being stupid. Make her silly, occasionally wrong headed, sure, but straight up mentally disabled? Crossing a line.

        5. Now deep is added to the dictionary. She is no longer offensive. Yay.

        6. NecroFerret(PokeGeist)

          I think her NAME if Muffins. And yes, I also think she’s a misunderstood person who (like me) just gets a bit caught up in daily life and finds it hard to concentrate on some things.

        7. Ummm I reeeeeally don’t think that’s what people think of Derpy…I only see her as being a bit clumsy but so cute! And so what if people make her like muffins? I think you suffer from over-reaction syndrome.

        8. Wait, MLP?

        9. Very cute MLP reference, I say!

        10. Haha MLP refrence!

    2. whoa! whoa! whoa! slow down!

    3. Another gamer animal: GamerDragon

      3D can stand for 3 Derp

      1. Poor glitch

        1. i actually dont like muffins unless it is chocolate. (stares at chocolate muffin)


    4. muuuuuffffiiiiiinnnnsssss !!!!!!!

      1. I want some muffins too…

      2. it’s muffin time

    5. OMG X3

      1. The GaMERCaT 1# fan

        It’s muffin time sir!also:give me a muffin!but it’s not muffin time sir!their references to “Phines And Ferb In The Second Dimension”

        1. Its true

        2. NecroFerret(PokeGeist)

          Eat me!
          I’m a muffin!

  2. lol derpy hooves cat ^^

    1. PotatoFace McFluff

      Derpy Paws* ;3

      1. LOL!

        1. DERP!
          instant reaction:
          “HE ADMITS IT!!!”

  3. lol, he got full derpy, haha

    1. You never go full derpy!

      1. Why not?

        1. Lycanthropicleo

          because once you go derpy, you never go back!

  4. I approve and enjoy that Derpy Hooves reference :3

  5. Adorable.

  6. DmC fan is not amused xD

    1. CmC Fan is amused

      1. I see what you did there, and I approve.

  7. what are you talking about? my eyes are perfect 6_9

  8. Muffin Button!

    1. But i didn’t install a muffin button!

      1. Then install a Cupcake C…button. Yes. Press your cupcake cbutton.

      2. then where’d i get this muffin?

        1. MonsieurAwesome

          Go Team Four Star Fans!

  9. LOL that happen to me when i play the 3ds

  10. Those derped up eyes on the kitten just crack me up. Herpaderp


  11. He went full derp!

    1. Never go full derp…

      1. Too late, I’ve done it multiple times……

  12. Just turn off the 3D

  13. Do love the MLP reference.

  14. Not quite a rumour, Nintendo themselves warn this, for liability purposes I guess

    1. They were almost banned entirely as they mess everyone’s eyes up, not just kids, but they had already finished developing it before being told no.. so they made some ‘donations’….

  15. Buahahaha XD, Derpy reference XD

  16. Pfff, I saw that warning too. Makes me wonder if the 3d capabilities have any effects on older eyes. Derpy Hooves reference was pretty cute too.

    1. They can give people headaches even when they’re adult. I always play with the 3D off for that reason. They tried it before with the VirtuaBoy and that was the biggest complaint (of a few, all justified) it received.

  17. Dang girl, you’re working like crazy on these comics lately! Love them! :D

  18. (^__^) <{Yay for the My Little Pony reference!!!}

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Your comic just got 10x more awesome for this pegasister!!!

    1. Dont you mean 20% cooler? :3

      1. Yes. Just yes.

      2. Oh, yeah, I do. (^__0) hehehe…

  19. I’m surprised by how many people got the reference. I guess MLP really is popular on the Internet.

    1. you must be new here. :P

    2. Welcome to the internet.

      1. Yes welcome to the Internet the place for either trustworthy or not so trustworthy information.

    3. Ever heard of bronies? They’re male people who like MLP. Its fanbase is surprisingly large. It even has a section on Cheezburger for it.

    4. yeah,but they call them something else….bronies….stupid,right?

      1. They’re actually called “bronies”. Seriously. That’s their official name.

        1. I know a few… one looks like hes a goth… i thought he was emo till i saw his bronie shirt…

        2. Don’t forget the pegasisters!!!

        3. Those are opposite fandoms.

  20. I don’t see the problem; who wouldn’t want to be able to look in two directions at once, and if you didn’t want muffins already then I’d call this an improvement.

    1. Well cats wants fish all the time so I would call this an improvement.

  21. Well…was not expecting that reference

    Still, made my day…

  22. I confess I busted out laughing at the reference to [my favorite] Derpy! [I’m such a brony…^///^]

    1. you know,the word bronie pisses me off….

      1. Can’t we all just like what we like and not care if the whole world doesn’t have the same tastes as you??

        1. TheStripedParrot


  23. I’m not a brony, yet I found this reference to be very hilarious XD

  24. Funniest one yet! Almost passed out!

  25. I dont know who you are or how you look but im falling in love with you because of these comics. X_X

  26. Haha, muffins XD

  27. I vote that the second ‘attack’ in his character screen on the ‘About’ part of the site should be changed to ‘Derp’.

    1. Meant the ‘Characters’ section! Characters!

    2. WHOA! that….would….be….AWESOME!!!

    3. Seconded!

    4. Third!

      1. Forth! I mean Fourth!

  28. Hahahaha!!! :3

  29. so funny i thought no one actually read that warning except for me

  30. p.s i love the my little pony refrence

  31. DERPY!
    I like that pony :D

  32. I just don’t know what went wrong

  33. Cheezeburger would’ve been more appropriate.

  34. DERP…….

  35. Who would ever read teh warning lables in the first place…. there probaly in japanies say, ha ha stupid american you can’t read what i am saying anyway there is nothing imortant on this any way…

    1. what the hell is wrong with you?

      1. He’s just a troll. A pointless useless troll that probably get’s lost in his bedroom.

  36. Glitch is best pony.

    1. GLiTcH IS NOT A PONY!!!

      1. Double Rainboom reference?

  37. I squeed at the reference. I am a 19 year old guy. No regrets.

  38. D’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor thing!

  39. Excuse me, but I think whatever game Glitch was playing made him derp.
    “the American Optometric Association has assured parents that 3D gaming in moderation would not be harmful for children.”
    Infact, if you continue reading, it HELPS his eyes…Silly fairy, you can also turn 3D OFF.

    1. do you know what “in moderation” means?

      1. A bit more than five seconds?

  40. Oh so that’s how it happens!

  41. WOO WE GOT A PEGASISTER HERE! Problem haters that love The Gamer Cat? Anyways love the MLP refense.

  42. I LOVE IT! Muffins! “So one time i was at the bakery and i saw a huge Muffin! and said ‘MUFFIN’ and i ate it really really fast, and the muffin man was all like “Oh my god are you alright” and i was like “*HACK HACK*” ’cause i was coughing, and he hugged me really hard and said “Are you alright?” and i saw the muffin again and i said “MUFFIN” so i ate it really really fast again and he said “Oh my god why did you do that?” and i was like “*HACK HACK*” ’cause i was coughing again and then-“…. yeah i know it….

  43. Um… I hope… Never Mind.

  44. His eyes should’ve done a barrel roll.

  45. For some reason, I’m now craving muffins.

    1. You mean you weren’t before?!

  46. Haha Derpy’s reference :3


  48. I’m pretty sure the 3D effect HAS screwed my vision up even more so I stopped using it (except for very brief times)

    And just how old is the gamercat in the first place? XD

  49. Quite


  50. You know what they say GaMERCaT, “A muffin a day keep bad eyes away”. XD

  51. Loving the MLP reference. xD

    Brohoof? /)

    1. Samantha is female… so you couldn’t brohoof… bro means male, bro…

  52. derpy hooves is funny

  53. Manuals? We don’t need no stinkin’ manuals!!! LOL Now it’s almost a commodity to see a manual for a game…never got one in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2…I found that slightly disturbing.

    As far as the 3D depth slider goes, I tend to keep that in the middle. I’ve asked my friends what they leave it on and they are all in the middle as well. There is such a thing as TOO much depth.

    Also, I came across a really awesome article on Kotaku that’s related to the 3DS and stereoblindness. Check it out!!!



    1. Very few people think that is in any way funny. Bugger off.

    2. here it comes the funny guy ._.

    3. The MLP fandom in a nutshell.

      1. TotalBronyParty-ACE

        “people who hate the MLP fandom in a nutshell”
        -I fixed your post for you =)

  55. I beg of you! Please keep the cat’s eyes like that ;3

  56. *Sniffles* I miss you cupcake…

    1. Now this is better. Bugger off with the MLP BS and give a real show like Invader Zim the references it deserves.

  57. This made me laugh, even with a flaming sword in my chest. Let it be known that this is humorous!

  58. I just want to say that I love your comics <3 They are helping me get through a really tough time at the moment. We had to put my kitty, that I've had since I was six, down the other day. 17 years old, but he was still my kitten. He used to sit on my lap and watch the screen when I was playing video games, so he was kind of a gamer cat. Lol. Please don't stop making these comics, they make me smile :)

  59. Thanks for this, I loved it. I thought, “Gah! Get out of my head!” I was Link for Halloween, constantly annoy my husband by saying “Hey! Listen!”, am the biggest advocate of the 3DS (and Pokemon), a huge Pony fan (girl, there are girl fans contrary to popular belief), and have the most sassy black cat with a red collar. I’m glad the pony site EQD posted a link to this. I enjoyed every single comic in the archive. I sent the DDR comic to my husband, he sent it to his computer lab staff, and Gangnam videos occurred. Joy for everyone! ^_^

    1. Hello pegasister. :)

  60. I want the anoymouses to attack them and the kitten to pwn with derpy powers.

  61. Muffins. YES!! Cupcakes anyone? Muhahaha XD i love GliTch

  62. Perfect, now GLiTCH and derpy have the same muffin,
    Rule of the Internet number 37: If it exists, there is ponies of it, NO EXCEPTIONS!

  63. Wow. First Psy,and now MLP?

    That’s 2 strikes, GaMERCaT. Don’t go for a third.

    1. LOL She’s going for a Turkey!!! :D

    2. I can has cheezburger?

      1. Yes a gangnam muffin burger =D

    3. Last I checked, it’s her art, not yours, thus, she can do what she wants with it. Make your own comic if you don’t like it, you negative nancy.

      1. You can’t plagerize though… no spinoff gc comics for you…

  64. Going down the path of the pony, eh? Sometimes I’m amazed by how much of a Scott Jr you are. Just as funny, much more kid-friendly.

  65. I came here for the pony reference, i stayed for the cat <3

  66. I love Gamer Cat!

  67. OMG! Made my day with that reference :)

  68. I want some muffins… XD

  69. Muffins *^*

  70. Is gamercat going to have a GF?

  71. Nintendo is not amused

  72. he could just disable the 3d effect instead.

  73. I dont like MLP:FIM, e i have headache every time i see 3d (cinema or 3ds)… but this strip make me laugh like crazy! =^_^=

  74. awsome can you make kingdom hearts one plz :3

  75. I love it!!!

  76. I saw a cat today. he was trying to get into school! silly kitty. school is for humans! he/she reminded me of GaMERCaT. :)

  77. Make a cat named Pixel! She is an all white cat with one green eye and one blue eye. She and her owner never go outside (unless they get a video game out of it) And she is claustrophobic.

  78. TotalBronyParty-ACE


  79. Aw, I want some muffins too!

  80. Adorabu!!!! :D

  81. First thing I thought about when I saw the comic’s name was “VGCats” but then I noticed that you actually update.

  82. Derp was around before the MLP stuff kiddos… It also could count as a megaman or bidoof reference. Y’know since those are video games. *shrug* Jussayin’

  83. I am so happy I found out about this. Thanks, Tumblr. Please continue making these. I love all these references and just Glitch and Gamercat in general! <3

  84. The 5th and 6th panels kill me every time!!!!!

  85. This is a running joke with my circle of friends now…

  86. Hm. I’m pretty young, and the 3d hasn’t had any effects on me so far. Maybe I’m immune? After all, I can play Minecraft or Bioshock Infinite for hours on end without barfing.
    Quite unlike my mother…

  87. Derpy Hooves cat x3

  88. I just play without 3D. The sheer complexity of the virtual design is far too much for my young brain to process. Its not that it derps my eyes it just looks really weird.

  89. What happened to his tooth?

  90. Pinkie Pie whit a mustache: Good, good. Everything is going by the plan..

  91. i felt the same the first time using 3ds…

  92. So that explains how Derpy got derp eyes

  93. He should have put “I like turtles” in there…

    1. then there wouldn’t be an mlp reference XD

  94. #Derp!

  95. I love this comic and the last panel was wonderful, however I….dont see how people automatically assume its a MLP reference (yes Im a brony) Derp has been around WAAAAY before Derpy and seeing as the derp face with mismatched eyes was before derpy. Also I would see it as a more “causing eye/mental problems” derp. Also seeing as derpy in MLP has never been mentioned ot have any problem whatsoever. Basically “derp” is a tag applied to anything that looks goofy/stupid . And if you search “Derp” (not derpy) on an image search you will immediately get more memes of the derp face and photoshopped pcs…or non-photoshopped than of Ms Hooves. And no, I dont hate derpy or anyone who posted their love for the character. Just the rapid ascension of assumption is a bit jarring

    1. And you can assume everyoen associates derp with derpy because not everyone is that into the show and even people who are into the show dont know every facet of the fandom…I sure as heck dont o.o and I dont want to try cause I dont have an infinite amount of time for every outside-inside joke…not that I dont like it…but yowza its just ALOT

      1. *cant

      2. Actually, people are seeing a Derpy Hooves reference because of the muffins comment. “Muffins,” was one of Derpy’s only spoken lines before she got that brief feature in the beginning of one of the episodes.

        1. Ah, ‘lright then, thank you. Thats a storied background for a character though. (Derpy Hooves) So much damage control done by the studio then reverse damage control. I honestly think her popularity stemmed from the fact that she was whittled down alot after initial release for re-airs. Thats very understandable. Nothing piques curiosity and garners want more than removal of something from the original version. I mean, lets say the original cut was kept in tact. Would she be as massively popular? I don’t think so. Liked character, yes, but not so much to the status as she is now. In fact, she has become a where’s waldo/wally. Not trying to cause a ruckus, but I dont know if giving her anymore show exposure would be good. Sometimes that works but on the other side, keeping fan loved minor characters as easter eggs and small parts keeps their fans going. As the saying goes “less is more”. Anyway, its a huge chunk of irony that because of the decision to ‘nerf’ a character, that character has become bigger outside of the show than she is inside of the show. But only so after said nerfing………..um ive rambled… Well this skunkfox/skox bows to your comic and always checks for updates and if it wasnt said before, if it is a MLP refernce, fine by me. This comic is what all true warriors strive foar

  96. So cute ! Muffins for me too ! ^^

  97. Ohhhhhh snap; Derpy has arrived!! 8D

  98. lol i love miffins and derpy! 9-6

  99. AlphaPlaysVideoGames

    So..Not even one of my favorite comics is safe from ponies/pony refferences.

  100. But I wanna die!


  101. Oh my goodness that’s the best! I always wondered how Derpy got those problems :D

  102. Camolot the Creator

    I can’t even look at a 3DS’s screen, even with the 3D off: the dual-layered screen gives me a headache.

    That is why I bought a 2DS! It doesn’t give me massive migraines if I play it for more than five minutes, and, as an added bonus, it’s like a third of the price!

  103. back when the fairy was actually useful…

  104. Muffins!

  105. The kid’s been derpified.

  106. Derp derp derpity derp derp derp derp derp

  107. maybe the 3d is why i have 7.5 on my lefteye and 6.3 on my right eye

  108. Wonderfur refurence mango

  109. I read this comic over a year ago. Didn’t get the reference untill I thought about it at work today. It was like some wild spark of realization.

  110. Lul look at the way glitch’s eyes just go rolling around when he goes *derp!*

  111. that was a bad idea.

  112. hewo my nam is paka

  113. Jan irutvegt hrinnhiugrtvgtniounnjruyuohmngiryvotmuhgynt ygnhu tve

  114. I had a nen 3DS before the 3D vision hurts meh eyes 👀

  115. #GamingObbsessedcuzitawesome

    I’m kinda scared of 3ds now 0n0

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