I'm going to Hell for this one. They're not even hitting the buttons, but this isn't about points, it's about SWAGGER. Also, the kitten has been added to the Characters section because you guys are so adorably impatient. Also also,

187 thoughts on “DANCE OFF

  1. Amazing. o:

    1. Yes very amazing, but with this music playing in the background it is BADA55!
      It may or may not go with it but it’s still cool.

      1. OR I could go with this;
        then I guess for the end you’d need THIS;
        So what if I know what this song is? You can’t sue me.

        1. I know I can’t.
          (Don’t have the money to)

    2. dancing….LIKE A BOSS!

      1. Another gamer animal: GamerDragon

        When you play Just Dance 2015 or 14

    3. dreams come true

      1. my computeer almost crashed because of all the colors and gifs


  2. *_*…Caramelldance!! x3 kawaii!

    1. Thats what i thought of

    2. I agree 200%! ;)

      1. :) What’s your avatar from? The style looks like it’s from the “Mana” series.

        1. I found the image on internet (i dont remenber where), and after i photoshopped.

        2. It’s from an Aeria Games MMORPG called Eden Eternal. It’s a playable species you can choose from.

        3. Thank you both :)

  3. Too much cuteness… *explodes*

    1. “You died from the cuteness” Would be an awesome MineCraft death.

      1. Agreed.

        1. I can hear the mod being coded now. :D

        2. What about naming a mob “Cuteness” and making it mudurcate you? I did it and “I was slain by Cuteness”

      2. Buys a sword. Names it Kindness. Kill People with Kindness xD

        1. Did you know that Eragon almost named his sword “hope” that would be worse than “kindness” like killing someone with hope

  4. Is there any DDR game that has caramell dansen?

    1. MINE ! 8D

  5. Hahaha, amazing!

  6. Cat-ramel dance! XD

  7. Glitch is Stevie Wonder.

    1. Fully Agree

    2. truelly Agree

      1. F**Kin’ lag

  8. Oh No !! not the gangnam stupidity !! Gamer Cat you failed !!

    1. But really perfect animated. ^^

  9. they got moves like jagger

    1. That made me laugh almost as hard as the comic did!!!

      1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. GaMERCaT needs to smile more like in the last panel lol. Just white eyelids, he looks SO HAPPY I COULD DIE.

  11. Caramelldansen is the best one!

  12. Sup Cute, I Can’t take my eyes off of it.

  13. this is the best! im glad to see an animated comic. it can only lead to good things

  14. *Dies from overload cuteness*

  15. This is so freaking awesome.


  16. is it just me noticing the smaller cats arms are missing in the last frame

    1. They are behind his head.

  17. Congratulations. You’ve won the internet. :D

  18. So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*

  19. I thank you, sir, for reminding the populace that “swagger” is a seven-letter word. They seem to have forgotten the last three. Uncultured swines.

  20. Great, now Caramelldansen is playing on loop in my head. Oh well, at least it’s a fun song.

  21. That last panel gave me diabetes, but it was worth it.

  22. OMG!!! THEY ARE CARAMELLDANCEN!!! Yay! Very cute! ^_^

  23. The last one it’s so kawaii

  24. This is really a way too cute *-*

    The last Panel give you the rest. ;)

  25. This is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. Can we haz avatars of these gifs??? I’ll make it myself and credit you? Linkz back to site???

    1. I’ll make some eventually, but if you want to make your own immediately you go right ahead!

      1. Yaaaay thank you!!! :D

  26. the last panel give me seizure for a sec but it was worth it.

  27. Internet in a nutshell~

  28. Oppa kitten style!
    Hey, heya GliTcH
    Oop, oop, oppa, do the kitten style!

  29. you made this GIF image very quickly well done ^_^

  30. Oh god, the little one is doing Gentleman XD

    1. Is he… IS HE? Or is it Abracadabra?
      … I know my preference.


  32. I love it !

  33. Ruined by the Psy stuff.

    1. Ruined by the hater stuff.

  34. Hey Celesse, you know what I think would be a nice touch.
    Once the comics get back into the joke panels, I was thinking maybe you could mix it up a bit.

    I’m thinking like those saturday morning cartoons in which you have a bunch of main characters but the episodes sometimes features only certain characters at a time.

    I mean maybe you can have comics featuring both GaMERCat and GliTCh as well as ones with just GaMERCat, or just GliTCh. Keeping us guessing even more as to the randomness of what future comics are going to be like :3

  35. I’m thinking: what’s missing is a score counter, stuck at 0, displayed in the top left and right corners of the appropriate panels. Or not. Nice anyway ^_^

  36. Recently started reading these comics and I am hooked!
    Your cute style mixed with video game references provides a refreshingly enjoyable read. Keep up the good work, really like the dance! :)

  37. Don’t they know they actually have to press the buttons on the dance pad? :D

  38. I secretly wanted GliTCh to be female. Ah, the awkward realisation if that happened!

  39. Cutest thing EVAR! XD

  40. YES!! I like ^.^

  41. OHMAI, so amazing, and I loved it completely.

  42. LOve it but kinda sad…..never like dance…….. I was born without dance moves…….

  43. adoro al gatito gamer
    i love the gamet kitty

  44. On the last panel I put ‘Safety Dance’ on and it fit purrfectly (Terrible pun by terrible people).

    Really cute, though.

  45. This is amazing… especially the Caramelldancin(not sure if i spelled that right) but about time the little guy is in. Welcome to the family, GLiTCH.

  46. WAIT!WAIT!WAIT! Ahem…
    Just Kidding I’m not like that. It’s still funny though right? :3

  47. I’m so happy I came to this site today because the comic cheered me up and, I’ve been having a kind of bad day.

  48. Reminds me of the scene in VGHS where there’s a DDR dance-off (Technically speaking it’s a Bland Name Product, but same thing really), and one person hits all the pads while the other actually dances without even looking at the screen.

  49. i love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Mmmm….gif (What!?)

  51. geniallllll,,muy tierno ,,gamercat manda


  53. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can’t stop smiling! Thanks for a wonderful comic!

  54. Dat ear-flop.

  55. All the Caramelldansen!

    *Lolfail0009 has given in to Caramell*

    1. Welcome to my world. XD

      every I hear that song, I end up Caramelldansen either in my chair, or actually doing it… o_o

      *Marine-Fish147 Died from Caramelldansen*


  56. Aaaaa !! So adorableeee !! ;w; //dies of cuteness overload I wonder how they’d look like doing Gwiyomi that’d be so very much priceless <33

  57. This is so adorably cute! >3<

  58. Oh my gosh…love your comics and this is def. my fav!!
    *melting by cuteness mode activated*

  59. The last panel was so sweet it gave me diabetes.

  60. Mother of Arceus!
    IT’S ALIVE!!!

  61. This one’s the best one yet!!!

  62. CARAMELLDANSEN!! *Squee*

    ♪We wonder are you ready to join us now, Hands in the air we will show you how, Come and Try, Caramell will be you’r Guide. Come on move your hips, sing oh ah ah ah, look at you 2 clips do it la la la, you and me, can sing this melody. Ooh-ah-oo-a-a-ahoo. Dance to the beat, Wave your hands together, come feel the heat forever and forever, listen and learn it is time for pranceing, Now we are here with Caramell Dancing. Oo-oo-oo-ahoah, Oo-oo-oo-ahoah-ah-ah˜♪

    Yup, i know every word to that song. X3

    I absolutely LOVE your Comic! (Btw, the Caramelldansen one might be my next Skype pic!! X3)

    1. Eeeeeeh!!!! YES! SING IT, SISTER! XD

  63. Glitch + Caramelldansen = Hypersonic SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! XD

    1. I totaly Agree!

  64. Gamer cat kinda looks and reminds me of this cat. :3 (from Nichijou)

    1. Wow. He really dose look like the GamerCat

  65. So…cute…Can’t…look…away…

  66. AMAZING animations, Sam! :D

    And Gentleman FTW! XD

  67. Hey Celesse are you gonna make a wallpaper of the background of this site?

  68. TheHoodedWanderer

    I cant wait to see more of these this was too perfect. :3

  69. who do make an avatar picture?

    1. TheHoodedWanderer

      Go on the website gravatar as seen next to the write name and make a account then add a pic everytime you use your email on the right website it will show that pic

  70. O____O amazing ness.

  71. O_O This is my favorite thing EVER.

  72. R.I.P. all slow computers. You will be missed.

  73. Ok I kinda admit that Caramelldansen dance was pretty cute.

  74. OMG need to make a video with the carmelldansen cats!

  75. So… The kitten will be named GLiTcH?
    Well, I guess “Retro Kitty” only works if he really focuses on retro games.

  76. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I love that the kitten’s name is Glitch!


  79. Awwww they’re caramel dansen!! How cute!!

  80. You know, this is actually a pretty true story right here.
    I once had a stray cat move into my house by following our cat, and the stray would run frantically around my DDR pads in the basement.

  81. Gamercat used Swagger.
    Your Attack power increased.
    You became confused.

    1. Lol

  82. You should do a comic of ghost trick, the cat with the scarf looks like sissel

  83. i just started reading….. you sir are awesome


  85. Me and my bro recognize Gangnam Style, Harlem Shake, and Caramelldansen. But unfortunately the other two remain foreign to us.

  86. The last frame would make an awesome avatar/sig…
    (I browse a lot of forums)

  87. rebelLucario its all gangam style except for the last one which is caramelldansen. How does that look like harlem shake. harlem shake isn’t even an actualy dance its an act of one person dancing wierdly then everyone dancing wierdly

    1. Well… I mainly went off of what my younger brother said. I really know just about nothing about harlem shake aside from that my brother said it involves pelvic thrusting… I showed him the comic and he claimed it was harlem shake, so I went with it… *shrug*

  88. D’awe its so adorable!

  89. Would you object to [someone among your fans] doing a complete Oppan Gamer Cat video?

  90. OMG, my heart just died.

  91. Last square is soooooo adorable!!!

  92. I remembered something when I looked at this comic after coming back from a convention. They had two Taiko Drum Master machines, and on one they had the Caramelldansen song. I danced to it while playing! Just trying to picture these two trying it :)

  93. lol glitch is dancing like a gentleman

  94. MUST.

  95. second panel – Oppan GaMERCaT style!

  96. Funny how they are using DDR pads but yet none of their paws actually touches the arrows.

  97. They’re doing the caramel dance. ADORABLE. Period. I saw the Gangnam style and was like “eh okay”. Then…. see above. X)

  98. they’re dancing to Carameldansen. ohmygawd.

  99. Who won?

  100. Playing this to breadfish. It’s scary how well it works…

  101. I feel like making an endurance out of the last one and caramel dance.

  102. i want to fuck those two.

  103. Make a whole animation to play Gangnam Style and Gentleman

    1. Also they are Dancing to Gangnam Style,Gentleman and Caramelldasen


  105. I can die happy now seeing this

  106. Amazing ! :3
    Cat’s can’t be funny !:D

  107. Amazing ! Cat’s can’t be funny ! :3

  108. ****, double clic……

  109. …Dat carmelldansen…

  110. Gotta love the kitten’s swag.

  111. Gah! I blame you for putting this back in my head..

  112. This game me a seizure, AWESOME!

  113. PathOfTheAwesomePie

    Still…MY… FAVORITE COMIC!!!!! (>A< )!!!!!!!!

  114. Go Glitch! Go, Go, Go Glitch! Go,Go!

  115. Nice anamations! I still have no idea how to animate:T
    But I really like these comics! Oh, and G.C, no offense bro, u need more swag in those dance moves B/

  116. Soo cute!!! I love it!! :D

  117. I admit I lose that one!
    Congratulations cats, you beat me xD

  118. Listen to this… read the comic… wait for the dubstep part. (But it fits with each part)

  119. Panels 1-5 are awesome, and then panel 6 is just adorable!
    Also, what the frick is going on with Glitch’s legs in panel 3?!

  120. I lust love the last panel! X3

  121. how i learnt about carmeldancin. FAITH IN HUMANITY RESTORED

  122. awww cute

  123. aw
    can i play

  124. What’s the dance in the last panal?

  125. I vote Gamer Cat

  126. Miguelantopere Gamer


    1. Agreed! I don’t even care that their not playing the game right!

  127. Samantha, In panel four is GaMERCaT trying to do the floss?

  128. glitch was good at being swagger!

  129. HenryEntertainmentSystem

    This just makes me think of the Kapi mod in Friday Night Funkin’.

  130. The other comics make up for it your going to heaven when you die

  131. I have 2 things to say about this comic – 1: I used to be OBSESSED with this comic back when I was in 4th grade! I hope the creator makes a new comic soon. 2: I see what you did there creator. You thought you could do a sneaky and make Gamercat and Glitch do the Caramelldansen dance and have no1 notice. Well you’re wrong because everyone and their grandma knew what you were referencing the moment they saw that last pannel!

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