Cucco Herder


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  1. ♪ I see what’s happening here,
    You’re face to face with Gamercat, and it’s strange
    You don’t even know how you feel – It’s adorable!
    Well, it’s nice to see Zelda games never change ♪

    1. YES.

    2. I…I….I love it! People should continue this momma play track.

      1. now watch me slice,
        I’ll kill this chicken

        now watch me die, die
        i am an idiot.

        who cares about whipping or naynaying

      2. (Sung to “Party in the USA”)
        So I take my sword out
        I slice the chicken,
        But then it ran away,
        Now a chicken mob came my way, now a chicken mob came my way
        So I put my hands up
        and run for my life
        So that I’ll survive today
        Yay yay yaaaay
        It’s a party in a Zelda Game

    3. Ahhhh Clever! Heres a Believer Parody I came up with.

      First things first
      Imma play all the games I wanna play
      I’m fired up and tired of the way the made me wait, oh
      oooh, oooh
      They way they made me wait, oh
      oooh, oooh.

      Second things second
      Don’t you tell me why you think I shouldn’t game
      I’m the one with the controller
      I’m the master of the game, oh
      oooh, oooh
      The master of the game, oh
      oooh, oooh

      That’s all I got so far. xD

    4. Open your eyes, let’s begin
      Yes, it’s really me, it’s GamerCat: breathe it in!

      I know it’s a lot: the fur, the bod!
      When you’re staring at a gaming-god!

  2. i wonder if this guy is allergic to :P

  3. But. . . but they’re alive. Their eyes are still in. Their entrails untrailed. Livers unmoved. Bowels still plugged.

    These cuckoos are pansies.

  4. Nailed it!

  5. Fact: This is also how you harvest eggs.

  6. I liked the first one (some time back). The blue-faced look on the allergic-to-cuckoos girl was hilarious.

  7. Furry Robbie, The

    You’re welcome

  8. … does this actually work? I legit would not be surprised if this actually worked.

    1. Hylian Shieldmaiden

      Even though I already found all his cuccos, I tried it anyway. There were 3 in the pen before the cuccos attacked me, and 3 after the attack was over. So I guess it doesn’t work, which is sad XD

  9. NPCs. No gratitude these days.

  10. Why didn’t I think of that?

    1. because you are not as much of a comedic genius as Samantha Whitten.

    2. Have you tried a cucco shield? Take 1 cucco, find some monsters and make sure that they hit the cucco a few times. (Warning, is not as effective on stronger monsters)

      1. Did you steal this from Dorkly?

  11. Pen? Shouldn’t it be hen? Is it jut a typo or I’m missing some inside joke since I haven’t played the game?

    1. Pen

      1. a small enclosure for domestic animals.
      2. animals so enclosed:
      We have a pen of twenty sheep.
      3. an enclosure used for confinement or safekeeping:
      We have built several pens to hold our harvest of corn.

      1. Oh I always thought it was hen, didn’t know about this perhaps since english is not my native. Thanks for explaining though :)

        1. I know English and I didn’t know this. :P

  12. AwkwardSpaceOctopus

    Is it just me, or is that expression in the last panel reminiscent of Sans? :p

    1. CAN’T UNSEE

  13. Wait a dang second… chickens kill you in Zelda, and people kill you in skyrim when you atack chickens… what if all the chickens in skyrim concord all and its just far in the future?*insert illuminati music here*

  14. it would be hilarious if the cucco was the hero of hyrule because it is immortal can use a punishing attack that can deal major damage if used right and can glide so why not

  15. At least I got your chickens!!!

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