Fit to Ship

If I break open one more giant box with two apples and an arrow in it I'm going to scream.

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  1. First. Also, this happens to me every time! when I go to break open a box, this is all it gives me! thanks for the explanation!

    1. What if a new kitten comes in and she has a crush on glitch? Would it be a Turkish angora ? I hope that 8dea happens #Digit plz let this happen

      1. If there was to be another cat added I think it would be rad to see an old gramma type gamercat.

        1. OMG YESS THERE NEEDDS TO BE A NEW CAT but this one is for sweet ( she should be all good lookiing and stuff)

  2. This seems damn accurate :o

    Reminds me on the MGS5 Vid, where Snake asked for more then 1 Silencer


    1. What if a new kitten comes in and she has a crush on glitch? Would it be a Turkish angora ? I hope that 8dea happens #Digit

  4. I really enjoy these. can’t get enough of them. The first time i saw these, i binge read them lol

    1. Me to, they are the best.

  5. I guess that a revenge for destroying thousands of pots in all Zelda games XD

    1. Don’t you mean billions?

      1. Trillions!!

        1. gazillions!!!

  6. This is the real reason why Hyrule fell

  7. Still waiting for a wolf Link comic, how funny will that be.

  8. hyrule pack co… aka Amazon ^^

    1. Gets a box on the doorstep, ‘Wow, this box is as big as me! Did I sleep-order or something? This’ll be a nightmare to return.’ *opens the box* ‘Nope. That’s my new pair of shorts…’

  9. Blue the shines pawnard

    are you going to do a comic about how you can fight Gannon in your underwear and only Welkom is a bunch of sticks

  10. Malcom, is that you?

    1. (yes, I realize that I misspelled Malcolm, you don’t have to tell me…)

    2. (you don’t have to tell me, Malcolm is misspelled)

      1. Ok. (Oh yeah btw you misspelled Malcolm XD)

      2. We may not HAVE to tell you… but when’s that ever stopped us? :D
        You misspelled Malcolm.

  11. At least it’s not one of those barrels that contain a Chuchu in them.

    1. Who was stoned on duty those nights is what I want to know!!

  12. Box contents accuracy is 100% represented here.

  13. I relate to this cat in so many ways. Is this a problem? (nah)

  14. I always thought that the boxes had been looted of their original contents years prior and all that’s left is either nothing or just a couple of crap items.

    1. No you’re thinking of a nether fortress in Minecraft servers.
      If I get 5 bones and a piece of flint AGAIN….

  15. Most crates I smash in video games just has like a single coin most of the time

  16. I worked as a shipper for a company once. Can confirm that we often had to use oversized boxes for a few small items. It was annoying, but not as annoying as having to find that one specifically shaped box for the oversized, oddly shaped item that didn’t fit in anything else.

  17. I’m surprised they haven’t done anything about Overwatch

  18. I was just thinking the other day about comics like this that just kind of reference things from games.. and go ‘haha yep that happens’.. and you know.. why they’re still funny despite everything.. and i’m not sure why, but it really helps when you point out something like this that I totally noticed, but never thought about conciously, and then put a really clever spin on it. Good show.

  19. Fun fact: If you use fire to destroy the box you get Baked Apples :D

    1. But you also burn all the arrows…

  20. Just got this game but haven’t started yet. Hope it lives up to hype.

  21. On the 4th panel we swiched to the game limbo. LOL just like saying stuff like this.

  22. Oh yea and they be slendymen on the first panel :3

  23. Mabye they had too many boxes and not enough apples or arrows?

  24. At least it’s not like some of the crates/boxes in OoT where there’s absolutely NOTHING in them. Seriously, what’s the point in that?
    Anyways, the apples kind of reminded me of that one stall in Twilight Princess, where you could steal an apple, but no matter which Apple you stole, it always said the other one looked better. He, he. I’m still interested in seeing how GaMERCaT would react to turning into a wolf.

  25. ok, now thats just being lazy, hyrule shipping.

  26. Well you are lucky i only get one arrow and apple

  27. I don’t even get anything. The people who pack the boxes must love wasting wood.

  28. i enjoy the contents because for apples i give to my horse and the arrows i’m a terrible shot so arrows are always appreciative

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