Classic Woes

Who gets the latest gaming info from a magazine anymore? Oh well, it's more visually interesting than having them at a computer screen.

32 thoughts on “Classic Woes

  1. so true. Darn it, Nintendo.

    1. I have the original NES classic. It’s super dope!

      1. ive got a N64 but never used it

      2. I have an NES classic too.

  2. second comment

  3. Yes! Third comment!

    1. when I realised that this was more than just a way for people to replay their old NES games with better graphics, I cried. I will never have one.

  4. Nintendo, don’t cancel the NESC…. Rerelease it alongside the SNESC!

  5. Wait…. THEY ARE?!?!?

  6. I was never too crazy about the NES Classic, but as an unashamed SNES fanboy I’m totally buying that. The entire Donkey Kong Country trilogy would make it worth it… even though I’ve already downloaded all three games off the VC.

  7. On the second panel the paper is blank.

    1. Well, cats can’t read anyway.

    2. Would she really be bothered to draw squiggles just to make it look realistic? Or would she get the comic out on time?

    3. Adding text there would have made it too busy and muddled, imo. Sometimes you have to sacrifice realism for legibility.

    4. It’s a close up of a Wii so it’s all white

  8. Alright! 8-bit theater time!
    “I’m just so mad I could… I could… I COULD…
    Excuse me.”

  9. 11th comment!!!!! Yeah!!!

  10. I’ll take 12th, and I think the reason that the paper is blank is that Sweet is just trolling Gamercat.

  11. Quicker and more reliable info a magazine has. Anybody can throw anything onto the internet and claim it’s true.

    1. You… you’re kidding, right?

  12. want want want want really really want one

  13. Gotta stay on the leading edge of gaming chic, right Gamercat?

  14. I really don’t understand Nintendo sometimes…

  15. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Nintendo may piss us off, but we can’t hate them, we grew up with them, and they know it.

    That said, I’m more excited for a SNES Classic that I’ll be unable to preorder/buy than I was for a NES Classic. I actually played the SNES.

  16. gonna turn on email notes

  17. The next one is great (breath of the wild boxes)

  18. Classic fanboy

  19. Bah. I would have bought a NES classic, if Nintendo wasn’t playing games with the supply and distribution. In a bout of frustration, I googled ‘making my own NES classic’. Turns out, it’s surprisingly easy to do, and not that expensive either.

  20. Will there be any more Undertale comics, or are you done with those?

  21. …I’m still bitter.

  22. Nintendo´s nostalgia goes poof.

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