Order Up

We're long overdue for another fairy trauma for Gamercat. I threw a fairy into the cooking pot as a lark and was not disappointed by the horrifying results. Melt those suckers down!

56 thoughts on “Order Up

  1. first to comment on this horrifing commic

    1. Why even comment if you’re not going to say anything?

      1. Ask yourself that.

        1. SotiCoto_Whinner

          Ask yourself that, too.

      2. so people bring out their blue shells and I can tell them that they’re actually called spiny shells. also I did say something.

        now, let’s cook up some mighty banana soup for dinner!

    2. There was another one of these comics!

    3. steamcrusader_dumbass

      first to comment your pathetic need to say first, commic.

      1. Gamercat’s face in the last panel tho.

        1. i tried this on the master cycle hoping to throw them in there sadly they just used fairy dust as fuel

  2. should have gotten the milk instead

  3. You would think he’d learn

    1. I just like his reactions.

  4. In fairness, the loading screen tips say the Fairy ‘helps’ you cook the meal and you do see it fly off after. Admittedly I’ve not tried cooking JUST the fairy :P

    1. I have. Fairy flies off no matter what.

  5. This looks familiar…

    1. There are two other strips, with the same tematic:
      “Sacrifice” (December 28, 2011)
      “Potion Puree” (May 14, 2012)

  6. Poor fairies… GaMERCaT killed another one of you…

    1. My life is a joke

      Maybe this could be a way to get rid of the annoying fairy, but, merely a guess

  7. Ah. Some things never change. Never really need explanations, either!

  8. You know, while I wish this is what did happen, the fairy just magics up the potion and leaves. Still super funny

    1. It does happen if you only cook a fairy, it magics stuff up if it’s not the only ingredient. I don’t about multiple fairies though.

  9. Uhm … what on earth did you expect? ^.^’

  10. Is anyone else amused by how Koko picks up the entire pot with one hand to pour it into that little bottle?

    1. she has superstreanth

  11. Play bendy and the ink machine please!!!!! greetings from Chile :D

  12. hey hey, link hey hey. That’s it time for the pot for u!

  13. Is this a reference to the comic about the potion comic from earlier?

  14. Love the look on Gamercat’s face. Also, that Sheikah girl is adorable!

    1. Agreed

      1. Koko. Shes that weird girl who refers to herself in the third person.

  15. GamerCat was supposed to know how health potions were made.
    Too bad he forgot that.

  16. I would love to see the next comic have Gamercat with that horrified expression holding the Fairy Tonic while the rest of the game goes on in the background.

    1. Lol same XD

  17. I love the expression on the girls face! She doesn’t even care that they just tortured and murdered a fairy, she just takes what’s left, pours it into a bottle, and goes back to what she was doing before with no f*cks given. Poor GaMERCaT, he’s been scarred for life, again!

  18. Eyy, I caught up! I was two years behind, haha.

  19. This gonna turn to a meme

  20. At least you know it is 100% organic without additive

  21. oooh no hes cooking anoying faries cosin

  22. Raven: CrazyHunterXIII

    Seen potions being made by blending fairies….throws a fairy into the frying​ pan, wondering what would happen

  23. … no comment

  24. It looks like the apple on the last panel got hives.

  25. Seriously…
    To cook a fairy! After he allready saw all that stuff about their heals, it’s really Not convaincing at all ! Sure, for a video game, you can be wondering, but He allready knew it!
    So what is this Fake shocked face ??!!

  26. Lived that, I thought something cute would happen like a supercharged fairy when I used 3 to test the waters, it was terrifying.

  27. Nice throw back to an early strip LOL

  28. deja vu again

  29. The fairy doesn’t get melted down, it just leaves a little bit of Pixy dust

  30. The bouncing fairy is little like the Pusheen cat comic at the beginning:)

  31. fun fact if you just put bottles of goat milk in the pot you get warm milk or as it is in game “milk” still poor poor gamercat still hilarious though

  32. I find it hilarious how gamercat predicted the fairy tonik (even though the fairy tecnacly only helps link with the cooking and then flies away) several years before Botw.

  33. Actuuuuuuually, if you pay attention, the fairies don’t melt. They dance around the pot and enchant whatever’s inside.

    Still, fun to think about!

  34. More of the fairy jokes. (Not complaining)

  35. Glad I’m not the only one who did this immediately after finding a fairy lol

  36. I wonder what would happen if GaMERCat met Paya.

  37. i feel ya Gamer Cat

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