Digital Daze

Not gonna lie, I got into Minecraft hard during my hiatus. Sometimes I had no idea where the days went and it was a little disorienting!

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  1. Hello, I have been reading your comics for so long and I love them I am happy that you are back and healthy again well keep up the good work.
    Ps. can you do another splatoon or a splatoon 2 comic.

    1. That would be nice

    2. I would like one about Overwatch

    3. Yeah, you should make a comic about Octo Expansion!

      Or maybe Baldi’s Basics, because why not :P

      1. How Aboubout Octodad?

      2. Baldi is kind of creepy… (Pls don’t judge me)

        1. I want, I actually agree.

        2. *wont


    4. I wonder what GaMERCaT would look like in Minecraft…

      1. You Will see in the next comic.

    5. Or maybe Super Smash bros

    6. Wrong name. That was stupid, I’ll restate it. Maybe you could also do a Super Smash Bros. no pressure or anything.

      1. Yes. Yes Yes Yes yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
        I think I have a problem

  2. Glad to have you back :)

    1. Yaaaa he is back yay do a Fortnite socal media joke please

      1. Also apparently never played any Sega-related games

  3. Welcome back!

    1. Yay you are back! Also sorry I respond so late so on Monday i was going to read and the wrist thing happened… We did not have WiFi because we just moved!!!! Terrible right?

      1. Oh man, where are you now?

        1. Well they just have us WiFi 5min after I posted that

        2. But the wrist thing about no WiFi was that I could not
          read gamercat!

        3. Also all of the places where it says wrist actually means worst

      2. I spent 7 months without wifi. Try that shit.

  4. As a wise man once said, “ASDFGHJKL;ASDFGHJKL”

    1. I went to the basement at midnight and a old man was there. That’s wat he said.

      (JK! That never happened. I don’t have a basement.)

  5. Hey look people who aren’t commenting FIRST….

    glad to have ya back ^w^

    1. SECOND

      1. Pls stop

    2. I almost did first…..

      1. Team Callie!

        1. Why does everyone want to be first comment? It’s not like you win a prize or anything…

        2. Why?

    3. Your name is like a combination of the best and worst thing of all time.

  6. I saw this on Tapas b4 this soooo

  7. Wait until you see the minecraft one

  8. At last, the king has returned. *Lord of the Rings starts playing in the background*.

  9. NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system, This was a really nice meta joke.

  10. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have been waiting so long!

  11. Modded Minecraft still pulls me away from all the unplayed games still waiting in my Steam library

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  13. Glad to see ya back!

  14. Happy to see a new comic! Hope you’re feeling better! :)

  15. Welcome Back!

  16. you abandoned us for minecraft? what insolence! :D

  17. OverlyDramaticLogic

    I’m all for the Gamercat and Pixel interactions (>w<)

  18. ^_^ Yay! Gamercat is back!! Also, I just discovered Strays… I would love to see that as an anime! ^_^

    1. Just saying Samantha i REALLY want strays back. It was a
      And still is a good comic

  19. Yeah… Minecraft… Once you launch it, the work stops… Which reminds me… ;)

  20. OverlyDramaticLogic

    Hey Celesse I know it’s a bit late for it, but can you make a late Valentines Day comic and other late Holiday comics?

    I was kind of hoping for a Valentines day special this year.

  21. Welcome back! I hope you had a nice break.

  22. Welcome back! We missed you! I hope you had a nice break

  23. Minecraft has a lot of flaws yet somehow it’s still one of the best games ever made.

    1. I know right! Fortnite is over rated

      1. Yeah even though what my sis did to my Minecraft world (if you want to know what she did to it go to the last comic and find my name with a really omg storey and your see) I’ll choose Minecraft over fortnight any day

        1. Sorry forgot the l where it says omg I actually mean long

  24. I would like a Mario Tennis Aces comic soon
    and also a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comic! (or at least GaMERCaT’s reaction)

    1. Yup! that’s the Smash 5’s name if you didn’t know

      1. Got that from E3?

        1. The_MeltingClock

          sort of
          My big brother gave me the update on Smash 5
          I LITERALLY freaked out!

        2. The_MeltingClock

          I LOVE IT

        3. Yes, I was so hyped!

      2. Ya I know.

        1. I missed the E3 because we didn’t have WiFi or a working tv. I was hope ing for team ico to be there but i don’t think that there in it this year. I was a huge fan when the last guardian came out

        2. OMG!!!! I just saw what might be a new team ico game! So I was this pic with a girl that looked like Yordle but it wasn’t her then I saw this huge beast and finally i looked at the bottom of the pic and saw the number 2018! If you want to see the pic for your self look up team ico’s beauty and the beast and scroll drowns until you find some thing that says “is this the first image of the last guardians created a next game?” It won’t show the same pic but still it looks awsome!

        3. It actually says “is this the first image of the last guardian creaters next game?”

        4. You can also just type team ico and look at images and your see the pic I was talking about.

  25. Welcome back Celesse! Missed you and your clever mischievous feline friends!

    1. … is Celesse Malcoms girlfriend?

  26. AnonymousOldStyleGamer

    What I wanna see is Gamercat suffer while trying to beat Halo CE on Legendary

  27. Hey, I noticed that this comic image is a .webp file instead of a regular .jpg like previous comics, so I cannot save it like I could before. Mind if I ask why this change was done?

    1. Just saying... She's gotta eat ya know ;)

      Maybe so you’d spend some money and buy the volume? ;P

  28. Ey, Gamercat is back!
    I wonder if he knows about E3. And how much AWESOMENESS NINTENDO HAD

    1. yes you are correct

    2. Nintendo has awesome awesomeness

  29. Welcome back!
    *makes popcorn to rebinge the archive*

    1. LOL

  30. Welcome back hen

  31. Professor_Perplexus

    I am so unbelievably happy to see that you are back!!! This seriously made my week. I understand how hard burnout can be so I would have completely understood if you had to take longer. Here’s a hearty huzzah for you getting through it! I love love love this comic, it brightens up my day when I feel down. Thank you so much for all the great fun with the GaMERCaT and Friends. Much luck to the future and game on!

  32. What do you all think is better PlayStation (Ay of them) Xbox or Nintendo

    1. Well PlayStation has my favorite game on it but Nintendo is awesome to!

  33. Yay!!! I’m glad you’re able to come back to it. Don’t forget that you health comes first and breaks are important! I’m looking forward to more GaMERCaT.

  34. Welcome back ! very happy you are feeling better please take your time and create as the mood suits you , we are just happy to see you again !

  35. YAAASSS BOI GC’S BACK!! *Wraps GaMERCaT in a hug and gives him a $50 GameStop gift card.*
    Also, now that the comic’s back in the swing o’ things, I have some game suggestions!
    Bendy and the Ink Machine
    Getting Over It

    1. i only agree to 2/5 of the suggestions
      And those are the ones that aren’t horror games

      1. BTW they already did FNaF

        1. I think gamercat should play rime. I never thought I would cry when I played a video game.

  36. Any dragon ball fighting game

  37. I just binged all of it… Worth my 2~3 hours… :D

  38. I absolutely love gamercat, It brightens up my day! I’ve been reading it nonstop since I found it two days ago~ Keep up the good work!

  39. The truth comes out….


  41. Hi Cellesse, you said, that you sometimes did not know where the days went and got disorientated.
    …that does not sound like a fun time. :(
    Please take good care of yourself.

  42. Please do a Minecraft or Roblox comic

    1. Minecraft is in the newest comic
      even though it’s been out since 2004!!!!!!
      Me = sad

  43. Gamercat is awesome my favorite is Glitch you should add a new character

    1. You really should work on punctuation.
      Like this:
      Gamercat is awesome! My favorite is Glitch. You should add a new character.

  44. Welcome back and hope you’re well.
    More Splatoon sounds great, but im also thinking that Nano and Dark Souls might also be rounding the corner to Remaster everyone’s faces. 0_0


  45. what about the switch? overwatch? fortnite?

    1. NO FORTNIGHT!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. you mean fortnite. its not fortnight.

  46. welcome back!

    Also you have MANY MANY games to catch up on/ make comics about. And play Terraria.

    1. Yeah! A terraria Gamercat comic would be the best!!!

    2. Shadow of the colossu s remake!!!!

  48. Welcome back Celesse!

    Yes, the worst in that is in RPGs, if you aren’t sure which sidequests you haven’t completed yet and treasure chests you didn’t open yet.
    It’s compelling you to not leave and it works well^^

    Let’s just see what will Gamercat and co. talk about next! It should be truly interesting.

    Take care and once again, it’s great to see you back!

  49. how many people still play minecraft anymore?

    1. I do

  50. Oh cool!!! What servers do you play on Minecraft? I’d love to play with my favorite comic artist nwn

  51. You have no idea how ironic this is

  52. He does the exact opposite of what I do.

  53. Hey chelesse, make more characters,

  54. And so begins a new arc…

  55. I drew a picture of the Gamercat, Sweet, Pixel and Nyan! It is soooo cute

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