Down the Rabbit Square

Minecraft is a game I always identified as a timesink and thus should avoid, but it's immensely fun. I decided to go back to my very first experience with it years ago and finally make the joke I wanted to at the time.

85 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Square

  1. awesome

    1. so happy theres been an update

      1. great comic 😜😋👍👌

        1. First 😏🤣😆

        2. Dude…
          You have a problem

        3. You keep replying to your own comment

        4. Yeah, I have that problem too

        5. thats it im gatting the blue shell

    2. Blue shell these guys!!!

  2. Minecraft can be kinda like that, but you know what’s downright more addictive than cocaine?


    1. Or as Nerd³ called it, “Minecraft the way it should be”

  3. Minecraft is one of those games that has so much to do, that that if you aren’t careful, you won’t do anything but play Minecraft.

    1. Unless you play Breath of the Wild

    2. Yes, That game had so much to do. (but then I gave up trying to 100% it)

      1. There are 900 koroko seeds to find…

  4. I’m too busy being addicted to Starbound to be addicted to Minecraft.

    1. How many hours are you on? I stopped at 600.

  5. I’m glad the hiatus is over :D

    1. Me to! All I did for 6 months was look at my celing for hours…….

  6. Annoying Fairy: Hey listen! Buy Minecraft Buy Minecraft Buy Minecraft Buy Minecraft Buy Minecraft!!

  7. I never found Minecraft all that fun, but I feel this way about the Sims.

  8. Minecraft is the kind of game where you have to make your own fun, but that said, you probably want to go for structured maps if you’re playing a version that has mods support/custom maps. That way you’re not just limited to creating, surviving, or just slaying the final boss.

    I like Minecraft for the exploration element even though vanilla Minecraft isn’t exactly a RPG which can break exploration at times. Nothing like carefully rounding a corner making sure you’re not snuck up on by a Creeper. <.<

  9. I like Terraria more, but Minecraft is 3-D.
    and make the binding of Isaac, even of the end is just GAMERCAT lying on the ground shaking and crying


  10. i read em all love it

  11. plus GaMERCaT is making it sound cooler then it really was

  12. It’s why i never tried… too much danger of addiction!

    1. I play Minecraft… but i’m not addicted ‘cuz I stick with Creative Mode!

    2. Is your name after the Book Mattimeo that book is good

      1. It is! :)

  13. Someone needs to make a Gamercat MOB … or a Player Skin. Not sure which.

  14. Making your own video games is much more endless than Minecraft.

    I shall make a parody of this webcomic called PROGRAMMeRCHICKeN!


    1. I wasn’t expecting the to work on these comments

      1. DANG IT!! I meant

      2. Now I want to try. *Did it work?*

        1. No. Tears

    2. OOOOOO! Can I be in a comic?

      1. I only like the taste of cooked salmon.


    1. How do I delete comments


        1. You can’t delete comment s

  16. Just wait, someone will gift him it. Then he’ll find Modded Minecraft.
    The possibilities will truly be endless.

  17. Wait until he learns about mods and servers

  18. I love Gamercat so much XD

  19. I am addicted to Minecraft.
    Hence the Bendy statue and underwater tunnel system I’m working on.

  20. Honestly I got really bored really fast in Minecraft. Everything took to long to do and I wasn’t creative enough to think of stuff to build.

  21. I’ve found other Addictions besides minecraft. FTL, Into the Breach, Warframe, Destiny?
    (BTW, An FTL comic would be a great idea!)


  22. Minecraft… Lovecraft. Coincidence?

    1. Divine fate? : )

      1. The Void is calling the Cube Cat!

  23. i find this slightly rude to my kind but who cares!

    1. YOU HAVE A KIND?!?!?!?!

    2. He is a Neo. I don’t even know wat that is.

  24. I’ve never been able to find the Minecraft demo. All I saw was like the pre-alpha which wouldn’t even let you craft

  25. I’ve been playing way too much stardew valley lately.

  26. I was brushing my hair thinking to myself about random stuff and I got to the topic of comics when I suddenly remembered that gamercat should be off haitus by now. Was not disappointed!

  27. Pls do more Minecraft ps Gamercat looks awesome in Minecraft good job 👍😸

  28. I used to like minecraft but somehow i never got addicted to it. Or anything in perticular. After a week i’ll get bored of it and play something else and then i get bored of that after a while rince and repeat. But i have to say. Blocky GaMERCaT is pretty cute.

  29. Gamercat. Play Paladins instead.

  30. I’m so happy your back! your comics always make me laugh.
    I’ve played minecraft once, i thought it was interesting. My favorite part of it was going through the portals you can make with obsidian.

  31. WAIT I am not sexist but is this a girl doing this? With gamer cat I thought it was a boy.

    1. Wait are you talking about how GAMERCaT plays or were you confused about his gender (He is male btw).

    2. the person who makes these comics are female i believe

      1. Ya the person who makes these is a girl.

  32. Seriously every time i hear Pixel i hear Dulcinea from Puss in Boots (the Netflix series)

    1. Dats de nostalgia talkin. 😏

  33. I’m not wild about minecraft, but my little bro is!

    1. After experience DON’T LET HIM PLAY ON YOUR ACCOUNT!

      1. OKAY! I only play Xbox, and Bedrock (P.E.) edition.

  34. He’s almost in time for the better togethor update!

    1. Yes, this week if I am correct it comes out for the switch (hard copy) with the better together update.
      Ps. I may be wrong.

      1. ITTTTTTSSS OUT!!!!!! (Better together)

  35. I love this page

  36. His face in the last panel is just like me every monday. LOVE IT!

  37. Is this the first time you played minecraft

  38. I tried minecraft one time. I didn’t know how to play. Imagine my results

  39. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned minetest! It’s the open source alternative to minecraft!

  40. can you make a terraria comic?

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