Lofty Goals

Good luck.

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  1. awesome



        1. TRY BOTH

        2. A lit underground base made of golems?

          That… seems very wrong

        3. Ha! That is NOT what I meant!

        4. A golem made of lit underground bases?

          I don’t even think that will work…

        5. NintendoIsSuperior

          a base underground lit golem? What even?

        6. An underground base WITH golems INSIDE them!

        7. the last 1 might work….

        8. Put a giant wall around the village and put torches around the entire village, then make 5 iron golems

      2. username checks out

        1. the first vilige i had had about 10 vilgers then a few days later thare was 1 that some how climbed a lader on one of those small buildings and bak then villagers culdint clime things

        2. I lived in a vilage then one day i couldn’t find the villagers i also made a prison it had one bed and a fire place the villagers were gone if you know why

  2. stechiagurl🤣😀😎😘🤓


    1. NOT!!! HA!!!


        1. It ‘s SOOOOOOO annoying!

    2. The closest I’ve ever gotten to first was *cough* second…



        1. HERE! TAKE TWENTY!

        2. *uses all*

        3. *then I reload you*

        4. What do you need a Blue Shell for anyway Daisy Kitty?


  3. Even if you build a giant dome around the town, they will manage to set themselves on fire.

    1. Every village has an idiot but in they must hold an election to choose the idiot and of course everyone is vying to earn that title… so…

  4. i just found this today! from a wiki walk… of course.
    tvtropes leads to incredible things! sometimes.
    i really enjoy it! it’s very cute and at least i’ll remember that it updates on monday!

    1. If you want to read the next comic it’s out on tapas

  5. Well, that’s the hardest part in MC. lol

    1. Yeah I was stupid enough to Julie a skyscraper put villagers on the top floor each them go up the ladder and plummeted to there death.

      1. Where it says Julie actually means build

        1. every time I try to keep a town of villagers alive, I have to spawn more.

  6. Tbh, I never really liked MC due to its lack of concept and extreme amounts of repetition for HOURS.

    1. The lack of concept is what makes it fun :c

      1. You make your concept, that’s the whole point.

  7. uhh, Welcome to the Blocky world?

  8. I always thought if they’re “villagers”, doesn’t that mean they live in villages? (even the really big sprawling ones)

    1. you can only find villagers in villages in the game

    2. You’re OBVIOUSLY a freaking noob

  9. You should fight a horde of Ender Dragons. Naked. That would be easier.

  10. I’ve put a tall fence around the whole village, eliminated any places where the villagers could catch fire, drown, fall to their death. Lit up the whole place, made it mob-proof. And still had to breed these suckers, because they just magically vanished one by one. Ugh…

  11. I think the villagers are trying to commit suicide :P

  12. I had a village with two villagers one wanted to be a zombie and have my brother kill him another hugged a creeper

  13. I have reached the end of this awesome comic I only just now discovered….time to place it into THE FOLDER OF FORGOTTEN WONDERS ….where I’ll forget it’s majesty exists for a year or two before rediscovering it’s greatness after many, many updates.

    1. Interesting idea for comics that update only once a week and have a long complex story. Not this one though

      1. If it updates often enough I may reserve it a special place in THE PANTHEON OF HONOR along with Precocious and Badly Drawn Kittens

        1. That, or you could just start an account at

          You can keep track of all your favorite comics and it will remember where you left off.

  14. Not trying to be mean, but i think minecraft is dead

    1. I agree, as far as youtube goes it’s dead.

      1. YouTube is far from dead.

        If you’re talking about Minecraft on YouTube… yeah it’s pretty dead

      2. Yeah it’s in the back of my gaming closet and is probably not going to come out any time soon.

    2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      That doesn’t mean one can’t enjoy it.

      1. stechiagurl🤣😀😎😘🤓


    3. I mean minecraft on youtube is dead, don’t get your bandanas in a knot people.

    4. MINECRAFT HAS ONLY BEEN HERE SINCE 2009! AND ONLY THEN IT WAS DEAD! IT PROBABLY WAS NOT POPULAR TILL 2011! AND LOOK AT THE WORLD NOW PEOPLE. Stupid Fortnite is now the most downloaded game on the PC, and it was Minecraft.

      1. I KNOW!!!! THAT’S ALL PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THESE DAyS!!!!!!!!!!!! “Have you played fortnight?” “I love fortnight!” IT IS JUST DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I KNOW RIGHT! ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!

        2. I’ve played Fortnite. And now know why they talk about it so much. ITS ADDICTIVE.

        3. I’ve played fortnite. I prefer MC. My BROTHER however, plays it NONSTOP. And he’s babbling all the while because of voice chat and it is SO FREAKING ANNOYING.

    5. Couldn’t be more wrong

      1. I’ve played it,it was ok , but Minecraft is the pc king.

    6. It may be dead to YouTube but not to me and other loyal Minecraft players. Once I get my friends to play my world I will make them do my Minecraft chores, then I shall finish my castle plan and conquer my Minecraft world. then of course I will switch to crazy craft and WREAK HAVOC ACROSS THE NEW LAND!

      But of course I am too much of a chicken to even enter the nether. WHY IS THIS REALITY?

  15. My Dad used to have one minecraft world he worked on for 5 or so years. The result:
    A very nice stone brick castle
    Giant farm
    A sprawling villager city with 10+ golems
    And a Coliseum that is probably at least 100 blocks long and 50 blocks wide.

  16. Ugh, I hate Minecraft! Well, see you in a month

  17. I want legit Gamercat minecraft skins…. like right Meow..

    1. AYYYYYYYYY! Anyway…who’s going to make a GaMERCaT, Pixel, Sweet, Glitch, Nano, and Malcom skins. Then post Minecraft GaMERCaT comics on YouTube.

      1. People are ready post gamer cat comics on youtube.

  18. Well, that’s a bit mean guys.. this artist works hard and not coming back to appreciate their work is kind of rude, even if you don’t like the game.

  19. I know you don’t often take suggestions, but could you do at least one post about Overwatch please?

    1. lol Overwatch is dead XD


        its not dead

        1. The only game that has died is that E T game

        2. and that superman game on the snes

  20. what about the wither?

    1. Oh ya, fogot about that.

    2. And don’t forget… Modded! You haven’t truly discovered how fast this game can suck your life away until you’ve experienced modded minecraft!

  21. but did they play the elder scrolls 5 skyrim


  22. Surround the village with a wall, light the place with torches. Bam

    1. That just keeps the Village safe from mobs.

    2. they can still spawn. in a flat world, me and my brother found a village, buillt a wall and tried to keep the safe. they still spawned with torches

  23. This is random. But I’d love it if gamercat played persona.

  24. I know this is random. But I’d love it if gamercat played persona.

  25. GAH! sorry for two post!

    1. It’s ok it happens to me ALL the time.

      1. IKR. i’t be like the game, but the MC is Morgana

  26. And now the burning question, does GamerCat scare off creepers?
    If so, I want his skin. Seriously, interaction with ocelots and wolves have great potential for a comic page!

  27. Truly the hardest challenge of all time

  28. Another settlement needs your help.

  29. I’ve found the most effective way of doing that is to keep far enough away from them that the chunks unload. XD

  30. true. that villager topic happened to me once. they all died, and i didn’t even notice. Next, just do a panel of a burning village. XD

  31. My brother once built a huge wall and glass roof for a village but then a zombie got in and destroyed it. 0~0

  32. thanks for considering my idea that i posted :D

  33. what about the wither? or the guardians? or the other bosses? or MODS?
    sorry, i just reeally like minecraft

    1. I thought that ender dragon was the only boss

  34. How do you have a chestplate and Elytra on at the same time?

    1. It’s the Gamercat what do you expect?

  35. How very he wearing a chest plate and an elytra?

    1. How is he, stupid autocorrect

  36. you just can build a wall and put torches around. also, you can build some iron golems.

    1. i mean if you want to keep the villagers alive

  37. #Gamers4LifeCuzDeycOoL😎🎮🐈‍⬛

    I am questioning how GC and pixel can get their ears and tail part of their skins.. or maybe its part of character creator… welp idk BUT HOW?

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