Not helping.

38 thoughts on “Enabler

  1. Every Christmas ever is exactly this case

    1. The true meaning of Christmas is fine, but there are still PS4 games to be had!

  2. man im suprised people haven’t made fanart of these two yet.

    (P.S make a comic about undertale. i really want to see that)

  3. man im suprised people haven’t made fanart of these two yet.

    (P.S make a comic about undertale. i really want to see that im begging you)

  4. man im suprised noone made any fanart of these two

    (P.S make a comic about undertale plz)

    1. They did, but you don’t wanna go there, trust me>_>

    2. sorry about that something messed up

  5. Oh god steam sales are coming. GG all my money.

  6. I know this is a heart to heart type page, but I found it uber cute.

    1. Same ^_^

  7. And this is why gamer couples have problems budgeting.

    1. heh, yeah

    2. yeah because let’s be honest, they probably like eachother.

  8. Being a responsible adult is hard. All that shiny junk… ^^

    1. I’m totally a responsible adult. I bought a vegetable last week.

      1. It was a cucumber, yeah?

  9. Hey main, if it ain’t theft, it ain’t greed. Commercialism is the reason you have a job and some money in the first place :D
    Just don’t spend money you don’t have (or vice versa)

    1. What’s the vice versa of “don’t spend money you don’t have”?

      1. spend the money you do have?

      2. Earn the money you have?

        Wait, that makes no sense.

        1. Don’t have the money you don’t spend?

  10. Pretty sure she’s my spirit animal……

  11. I think that I’m in love with Pixel…

    1. And that’s okay because on this sight, kinkshaming doesn’t exist.


  12. Seeing Pixel give in to temptation and offer to go window-shopping with Gamercat warms my shipping heart.

  13. Me and my girlfriend are so cosplay humanized Gamer and Pixel

  14. This is why gamer girls are awesome. They know how to be the voice of reason, but they GET IT.

  15. This comic made me realise how much Pixel looks like Blaze the Cat.

  16. The true meaning of Christmas…

    Christmas is a renaming and rebranding the Holiday of Saturnalia in hopes of convicing pagans to join Christianity. So, from that angle, the true meaning of Christmas IS advertising…

    Unless you want to look at Christmas as a continuation of Saturnalia instead of as a Catholic advertising gimick. In that case, it’s about praising Saturn, the god of bounty. Or a celebration of people being able to get things they desire.

    So advertising or getting what you want, take your pick

  17. Too bad there’s no game store in my town. But 9 miles away there is.

  18. hey, i wanna come!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Well, I guess she tried to help the year prior and has decided to take the opposite path this year. (I’m rereading the GamerCat comics, in case anyone was wondering. Though I confess that I am not up-to-date, so I have a lot of catching up to do as well.)

  20. *shakes head dissapointedly*

  21. GC always looks so tired when it’s holiday season. (I feel ya dude)

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