Holiday Bomb

Ever just been relaxing then suddenly remember all of the media you have yet to consume? It's the fairy. Don't worry, not gonna do another stress arc for December ;3 Just wanted to make this joke.

45 thoughts on “Holiday Bomb

  1. Is that thing Pixel’s wearing gonna be just a thing she wears now? It looks pretty cool!

    1. I believe its called a blanket scarf

      1. Blarf

        1. No it is a Scarket.
          There is a difference

        2. Chris13isawesome

          Blarf sounds funnier

        3. that_kid_that_oofs

          I agree. Blarf sounds like onomatopoeia or something my cat/classmates would do.

        4. NecroFerret(PokeGeist)


      2. Y’all r a bunch of DUMBASSES! its called a shawl!


        1. you mean a poncho? *** trolling intenseifies ***

        2. language The GaMERCaT!!! language!

        3. pixel i give you permotion to eat the fairy

  2. “December starts tomorrow!”
    -posted December 7, 2015

    1. You do realize that this is last week’s comic right? The author posts the latest comic on Taptastic…

      1. You do realize it’s somewhat confusing for those who only follow this website?

        1. you don’t follow it hard enough

        2. *Following intensified*

  3. hahaha Poor GamerCat

  4. ‘The ghost of christmas want’ XD

    1. Spirit of Christmas Spending

      How about me, Huh?

  5. I was bored and so i started looking up random things and i looked up gamercat. When i clicked on it i went back to the first comic. Since then i have been a fan of gamercat, glitch, pixel, and sweet. By the way the comic where gamercat gets fat because of the junk food he bought for codes for the games, that my profile pic because it looks like a selfie of me, which is kinda sad, but at least im good at games.

  6. Gamercat you should use Steam and buy all your games cheap or the humble bundle and there is no stress of holiday shopping. No better way to go out of this world then by playing video games on Steam it will make your last moments… ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

  7. This got me thinking: why does Pixel dress up like some old lady? Not that I mind, but still, that’s how it looks like to me.

    1. It’s a shawl and it’s considered fashionable too :P

    2. She’s been wearing it for a while.

  8. Yeah new comic! I’m so happy, I love your work, reading it make me so happy. Thank you for that.

  9. I didn’t realize we were getting it on a delay, I thought the comic was just on a bit of a sliding timeline like a lot of comics.

    1. Yeah, she posts on Tapastic first to try to prompt people to read it there. I think she gets a bit more money from advertising through Tapastic than her own site.

  10. ‘I am the Ghost of Christmas Want’
    I see ‘A Christmas Carol’ refrence there xD

  11. eeeeyap……. eeeevery freaking year. xxeeeennoooobbllaaaadde chronicles x… WAAAAANT

  12. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Surprisingly, this doesn’t often happen to me. As often as I’d like to think of myself as a demon of Greed, I don’t often get “wanty” during Christmas time. Not saying I enjoy just being with family, and the spirit of Christmas or all that sappy crap, I just don’t get wanty. I’m poor. I know I’m poor. I know the people who get me things for Christmas are poor. So I accept that I don’t get much. Typically speaking, I don’t get any new video games or… anything really… until its been out for a few months (i.e. when the next new big thing is coming out. :/). So I don’t go crazy. Besides, my fairy stays FIRMLY in her bottle.

    And don’t bother with Black Friday deals, Gamercat. That stuff is suicide. Literal. Suicide.

  13. Honestly, I still don’t see much coming out that I actually want.

  14. I hope Celesse has played Undertale, because I’d love to see a comic related to it!

  15. I’m starting to hate that annoying fairy… è_é

    1. why?

  16. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE do a gamestress arc! It was so funny last year! Why not do it again?

  17. Wait.. why are they mentioning black friday.. that’s in november.. isn’t it a bit late if it’s december? o.o

  18. Love your comic

  19. You guys forget it about the Steam promotions

  20. You guys forget it the Steam promotions

  21. You guys forget the Steam promotions haha

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  23. no, III am the ghost of christmas want

  24. More like *the devil of gaming temptations* there are many devils of temptations including movies, candy, chocolate,carnivals, tobasco, cigaretts, soda, makeup, fancy clothing, guns, Disney, need I say more?

  25. One of the few things Teen Titans GO! did right was their Black Friday episode. Where you see them suffering because while they got the new TV Starfire didn’t help so they didn’t get the newest and best soundsystem. Then the ghost of Black Friday Future shows her the Teen Titans are homeless because they had to pay full price for all their electronics.

  26. I think pixel was coming to tell GamerCat her feelings for him 😋

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