Home for the Holiday

Sometimes things don't work out so well, but it's always nice when your friends show you you're appreciated.

63 thoughts on “Home for the Holiday

  1. cant believe there still rocking a 360

    1. Well the xBone blows.

      1. Actually the XBone rules. Its much better then the 360, and has a better UI.

        1. Okay what is an XBone?

          Also they should do a SAO gamercat.

        2. It’s what people who have the attention spans to continue disliking the Xbox-One even as the current console generation metastisizes call the system.

        3. It’s what people who have the attention spans to continue disliking the Xbox-One even as the current console generation metastasizes call the system.

        4. XBone is Xbox One
          It’s a joke that came up due to unfortunate logo placement in the conference and person giving the announcement blocking out the ox making the logo ‘Xb One’ or ‘Xbo ne’

        5. The XBone is the current Microsoft console… so named as not to confuse it with the first XBox… mostly because Microsoft are the worst at naming consoles EVER… and given their competition for a while basically amounted to being named after urine… that is saying something.

          I mean the original XBox wasn’t that bad…. naming the second “360” was asking for trouble though, since it meant they couldn’t put a 3 in the third one or it’d get confusing. BUT instead they decided to do about the only thing that could possibly be MORE confusing : They game their third console the name the first one was informally going by all along.

          I guess they could have been trolling.
          But it really was the stupidest name ever… SO it is informally known as the XBone…

        6. Not until they release PUBG on it.

    2. Their*

      1. No one in particular


        1. Thank you.

    3. A bit late here….but….you know that there are white xbox one controllers, right? I -have- one. Also, game systems don’t melt or explode if you turn them on after the next one comes out; I’ve been playing on my Playstation 2 and my Playstation 4 hasn’t called the mob out to kneecap me yet. ;)

    4. it is fine i still have a 360.

  2. The chocolate on the sofa arm is a risky move!

    1. But everyone does it…

      1. i love glich in the 4 panel lol that is so me

    2. It did not end well for me…. I got killed while trying to clean it up!

  3. This is probably how I will be spending my Christmas!

  4. This is probably how I will be spending my Christmas!!

    1. #DoublePost

      1. The joys of working at a place where I can read webcomics, but they think t1 is good internet.

  5. Sad but fun at the same time

  6. Previously Retro, now Vex

    Really cute and sad at the same time… Also, sad cuz I don’t even celebrate thanksgiving OR Christmas and it’s just… Strange, seeing people enjoy it so much.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. Love your comics to the max!

  7. Its so butifull (sniff)

  8. SuperDoom1... I mean BedfastSkate156


  9. 2 years ago, a bridge collapse and we cant dinner with my GF and her parents… so, we (me and 2 friends) make our rammen-rice-beer party…. I remember that day like the best thanksgiving ever!

  10. This is really touching. Glad he has such great friends.

  11. What else are cats for? :) I love your longer comics… They always hit hard.

  12. I haven’t read these for a year or so! I pulled an all nighter just to catch up. I love these comics!

  13. Ironic. I’m reading this with my cat laying between me and the keyboard.

    1. Same with me actually.

      1. My kitty was here a few minuets ago, but then I fed her. :P

      2. Woah! My cat’s laying on my legs! What is up with this?

  14. Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving, no matter what.

    1. true dat

      1. ZeldaGameNerd3101 (11 yrs old)

        I know what malcolm is thankful for this thanksgving!

  15. Ones of the joys of keeping pets.

  16. This is probs my fave comic so far, and I’ve seen them all!

  17. This is the second time your little comic has made me cry.

  18. Wow they must live really up north to have such a snowstorm on Thanksgiving. Down south we are lucky to even get one snow day.

    1. so true :( where I live we’ve only gotten snow once.

  19. Wow Gamercat, Glitch, and their owner must live really up north to have such a snowstorm before winter. We are lucky to get one snowday down here in the south.

    1. ZeldaGameNerd3101


  20. Captain Not-So-Obvious

    Wow, in panel 4, Glitch is scarfing down the food like there’s no tomorrow!

  21. Glitch is so cute sleeping on the last panel :3

  22. Ah, the annual feels addition of Gamer Cat.

  23. I’m the opposite of this, I have very few friends that are also gamers, but my family is very close to me.

    1. OMG Dimentio! I loved you in Super Paper Mario!

  24. His hot chocolate is about to fall, and that bothers me. Such precariosity!

  25. You’re never alone if you have a cat.

  26. TT3TT So cuute! I wish I could do that…

  27. I just realized: with the three of them together like that, they remind me of stevecash, Sylvester, and Gibson.

    This is such a touching piece. I love it!

    Glitch looks so cute! Especially on panels 6-9, but mostly 6! x3

  28. Look at the 4th panel: Glitch is devouring his food so quickly

  29. Wait… 3:00 AM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  30. I immediately thought they meant a Monster Hunter party.

  31. is anyone gonna drink that cocoa if not then i’ll inhale it faster than kirby

  32. My cats do the same thing when im sad. They love to cuddle up against me. Until my dog sees the whole thing and wants attention too. Then they dart like bullets

  33. #gaMERCat rules

  34. [email protected]@barrel your cats sound amazing. mine are selfish spoiled brats that never really cuddly

  35. Sounds like my kinda Thanksgiving!

  36. OMG I so relate, cats and all

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