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Sometimes you have to make up your own games. This is partially based on a personal experience with my own cat ;3 And before anyone gets angry at me, the clip only went on the thick tuft of fur at the end of his tail. My cat was slightly freaked by it at first, but ended up playing with it by the end. It did not hurt him.

53 thoughts on “Pin It

  1. What have we learned today? To never pin the tail on living things.

    1. you should name it ‘pin it to win it’!

  2. I wanna do this with a cat now….

    1. You probably shouldn’t :3 Just sayin’.

      1. I use clam style hair clips that have some space in the middle so it not pinching just holding on. Someday s my cat flips out, others she calmly put two paws on it and slides her tail out. I think its all down to if I startle her with the attachment.

      2. Why use a pin when you can use a cucumber.

        1. so true. so, so painfully true.

        2. that_kid_that_oofs

          Or a toaster…


    2. Be ready at night if you do this

    3. *Taps crowbar against palm*

    4. You monster

  3. Malcolm just went full Hakase. Do go full Hakase.

    1. There’s definitely room for a subtle reference or other inspired comic. But some material is incompatible; Malcolm doesn’t design robots.


    1. Bad idea. Only put it on a tuft of fur on the cat, if you have to do it at all.

    2. rrrrRRRRR dieeee! DIIIEEEEEEE!!!! YOU WILL DIEEEEEE!!!!!! 0w0

  5. wow its been a long time since he last appeared

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  7. Lol REVENG

  8. Hmm I feel like I’ve never had a cat with enough tail tuft fur to attach a clothespin to, and i have to imagine it would hurt like pulling out hairs.. but if your cat didn’t mind it in the end then no worries

    1. Actually, he learned if he bit the end it would make the clothespin work and open, so he just took it off and swatted it around! He’s also a long-haired cat with a particularly fluffy tail, so it was easier to do without harming him.

      1. Ah man, smart cats are so much fun!! Why do I always gotta get stuck with the dim bulbs.. though sometimes their dumb antics are fun too.

  9. Ay-ya! No no no no!!! That hurts like a motherf***!! You’re snapping the clothespin right onto bone!

    1. It was meant to be on the hairy tuft at the end, but I guess it didn’t portray well.

  10. I just checked both of my cats. The younger one has enough tail floof to maybe try it. The veteran feline, however, doesn’t and she also has a vindictive streak.

    I don’t think I’ll be trying this.

  11. So that’s why the end of his tail looks like that.

  12. This is to the creator, and sorry for my ignorance of your name: Do you think you could write a strip for GaMERCaT based on the game Castle Crasher’s. I just think the game is so funny

  13. No cat was harmed in the making of this comic!

    1. humans on the other hand…

      1. was sabatoged by his cat

  14. Tee hee, just harmless fun.

    Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the creating of this comic. (Or in life when I’ve tried it) *Whistles Nonchalantly*

  15. Haha, I shared this on another site and my fiance said that is why he doesn’t prank me. (Meaning I was GaMERCaT in this situation.)

  16. Question! Sorry if this has been asked before, but are there any plans for a comic about TriForce Heroes?

  17. Are there any plans for a comic of Tri Force Heroes?

  18. Awww I’m all caught up now :(
    I’m not sure if I should thank you for introducing me to Cookie Clicker XD It’s such a terrible game that I can’t stop D:

    Keep up the great work!! Love the comics! :D

  19. no matter how fun it is


    you never know how he will response

    (1st time i found the source of the comics and i see it all this afternoon (at least thouse that are here) and i love it, keep up the amazing work)

  20. Y’know, there’s a story Poe once wrote about this kinda thing.

  21. Nearly as bad as a cuecumber

  22. My girlfriend probably won’t let me do this with her cats. lol

  23. this is so funny, i’ll never pin the tail of a cat after seeing this XD

  24. I did this to my cat after seeing this and he did not even acknowledge it. And then he ran off and its about 5 hours later and I still haven’t seen him. ha! :3

  25. and that’s carma, lady’s and gentleme.

  26. Gamercat: You do know that this means war?

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  28. my cat dosen’t care


  30. Pins are evil.

  31. I did the same thing to my cat once. I received a series of scratches the next morning

  32. This seems to be broken

  33. He kinda had that coming. As a cat I take serious offense from this

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