Remember when we used to play games with our imaginations?

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  1. Remember when we didn’t play video games?

    1. What is this blasphemy that is “NO GAMES?!”
      I’ve never heard of it.
      (I grew up with an n64, playing rouge squadron, mario 64, and ocarina of time)

      1. i grew up with a gamecube. played kirby airride, wind waker, and custom robo.

        ah, the memories.

        1. Dang bro
          custom robo was awesome

        2. wow! i thought nobody even heard of that game, let alone remember it.
          that’s both awesome and sad at the same time.

        3. Agreed, Custom Robo was the best. A pain to get all the parts, but still the best.

        4. hey, you remember this line?

          Hero: I’m a good cook!
          Ernest: Oh great. I’ll tell you when we’re going after the Sinister Spatula and his bake-sale bandits.

          as well as other great games

        6. Ha ha!! Like be this comic!

        7. I grew up playing Pokemon: FireRed.
          I just used the coolest looking ones, but i didn’t know how to use a Pokeball, i zoned out for the old man showing me how, so all there was was a angry 4 year old and a Charizard…
          Ahh nastalgia…

        8. I grew up wit a Wii, playing LEGO Star Wars

        9. Same. At least, I did have a Wii but my sister put a PlayStation 3 disc in it and it never recovered.
          To this day I still refuse to play SingStar because it murdered my Wii. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE IT!

        10. Those games sound fun and all but are they really the best games? Like Deemo, Transistor, or M.V. 2? None of are game systems have broken, besides the fact that one we first got our switch somebody kept putting the games card thingys in wrong and we have to get them out with a butter knife.

      2. I vaguely remember being with my family to go buy an NES, this would have been shortly before the SNES came out. After that it was a while before we would get an upgrade (we bought the SNES when it was down to $50) but man did we play that NES to bits!

      3. also, I played Donkey Kong 64
        that was rough
        but fun

      4. Rouge Squadron – it’s about a group of fighter pilots who secretly give each other makeup tips and wear fancy dresses to go out at night and dance.

        1. Wut do u mean? I’ve played that and I haven’t heard anything like that.

      5. I grew up with minecraft and Animal Jam. All my aj servers are empty!

    2. I grew up with the sega genesis, sonic 3 & knuckles

      1. You tiny, young people. I grew up with the Atari 2600, then NES. Got the SNES when I was 8 or so. (Granted, the Atari 2600 came out long before I was born, and actually so did the NES, but only by a year!)

        1. You all nintendo fools i grew up with playstation 1 playing Tekken all day

        2. did u not see the guy that played sega?

        3. I grew up with nothing but a gameboy advance. The many pokemon adventures i had…. Even though the only playable game worth playing was pokemon yellow edition.

        4. Back in my day we had 2K of RAM, and we liked it! We’d spend hours trudging up no hills one way in Super Mario Bros! That is after blowing all the dust out of the cartridge…

        5. hey rena, is your avatar picture blackrose form .hack?

    3. Am I the only one who hasn’t had a game system longer than I am able to remember?

      1. Yes, I do believe you are the only one out of the entire chat section that hasn’t had a gaming system since you could remember. I myself live my life with a GameCube, a Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and a PS2.

        1. own all that, except for the wii u

        2. I had a relatively smooth transition from angry birds on my mom’s phone to a mariocart and wii sports resort on the wii.

    4. Yup.

    5. …………………………………. Yes and no

    6. No I found a gameboy I the trash, remember?

  2. Also, they should play xenoblade. Then they will be playing it for at least 2 months, even if speedrunning it.

    1. Man, I still need to finish that……

  3. I typically finish a platformer in, like, 5 days. 5 hours if it’s VVVVVV.

  4. *looks up from D&D books* Hmm, what was that?

    1. *Paladin fails Save vs Fire. Should have stayed on the Ottoman….*

      1. *Cleric casts Resist Fire then saves the Paladin*

        1. *Pitfall trap opens underneath both of them.
          they both fall in*

        2. Why would there be a pitfall trap underneath a lava floor?

        3. where does it say lava floor?

        4. *Wandering Mage casts Feather Fall on Cleric and Paladin*
          *Welcome to the Catacombs*

  5. Considering most people have never seen lava in their lives, the universality of the “The Floor is Lava” game is delightful.

  6. I was just messing around with my imagination… And everything got intense !

    -Jake the Dog.

    1. Stalker alert.

  7. AHH SO CUTE. Save theeeem. I think this might be my most favorite “The Floor Is Lava !” reference ever.

  8. It would be cool to see an Undertale comic. Like with Gamercat ‘having a bad time’ with sans’s fight. ;3

    1. TennesseeLoneWolf

      OMG so much YES! I would die for this to happen </3

    2. ImGonnaHaveABadTime

      UNDERTALE IS LIFE (if you couldn’t tell by my username XD)


  10. Lava for humans, water for cats :D

    1. Just add crocodiles for a splashing time!

      1. Lavadiles?

        1. Or maybe magmagators

        2. masterbirder227



    1. Dude, Wasn’t it hinted at when they did the splatoon one?

      I mean, I thought it was obvious tbh.

  12. Why isnt Nano on the Characters list?

    1. Λnd for that matter, how come Λnonymouse still is? The answer is probably because the page hasn’t been updated in donkey’s years.

  13. Your RSS Feed is broken. It stopped updating after “Morning Ritual” was posted back on August 31st. For some reason it updated today and made me aware of all the strips I’ve missed, however what is really strange is, that it has now reverted back to the old feed where all the newer posts are missing again.

  14. When that game is played it is very unrealistic.

  15. in other terms, it’s called Chu2byo syndrom

  16. what is sweet playing with? a wii u gamepad? if so then he’s probably having a bad time with his stubby paws…

    1. A Vita, if I’m not mistaken. Though I believe he’s borrowing it from Gamercat, if the 2/24/2013 GC comic is any indication

  17. No games? HA!
    What’s this “imagination” you speak of?

  18. The last times I played games with my imagination, my imagination won. I don’t play games with them anymore.

  19. That was a great game! X)

  20. You’re gamers and you LIVE WITH NAVI and yet you didn’t imagine yourselves a Goron Tunic? For shame, kiddies, for shame.

    Poof up the varia suit on the ottoman or something.

  21. there should be one where Malcolm finds out about GaMERCaT

  22. who is the next to sweet and glitch

    1. I believe that is Nano. She was first shown “trying out” for the player 4 position before Pixel came around. She was then brought back with having a love interest in GamerCat, though he doesn’t exactly feel comfortable with that.

  23. Twice?! Heh, I have replayed all four Sly Cooper games at least 6 times each by now. That aside, I hate how little kids nowadays have little to no imagination. When I was little, I spent hours in my backyard fighting evil ninja pirates, saving the queen of distant lands and a lot more. *sighs* Oh how things have changed so dramatically…

    1. oh please, you can do better than that! me and my brother ruled our own island, and he was friends with a tree, a giant crab, a ninja with swords in his elbows, and a tiny robot that could bend time and space itself!

      man, my childhood was great.

      1. Dude, your childhood was AWESOME.

  24. wait… panel 5… WHERE DID SWEET GO?!?!?!

    1. What are you talking about?He’s totally right there,between them on the couch,very unfazed by the lava.It must be your…imagination.

      1. RUH-ROH!
        -Scooby Doo-

  25. Finally finished reading every strip! Looking forward to the next one!

  26. …I can’t read this the same way anymore, this page was rule 34’ed on tumblr O.Q

    1. W! T! F! OO’


  27. O MY GOD

  28. 4th panel: “I gotta pooooo…”

  29. I remember a time when you where great full for an empty box and a library card…. I am still great full for a library card.

    I grow up with a mom after I would get to lost in video/computer games so I did not get them tell my late teens. Ironically I might have had friends if I could play video games.

  30. time for a little heat!

  31. Why aren’t we funding this?!

  32. I wish I could play ‘floor equals lava’ even more than I wish to play “Wind Waker”! Our house just doesn’t have the right setup for it, and the furniture’s either too tippy, too fragile, or not near anything :(

  33. Don’t those kids even have back-logs?

  34. Sr. Vanilla Milkshake

    Unfortunately, due to having such high IMAGINATION statistics, GLITCH and NANO have mediocre PULCHRITUDE and fairly low VIM statistics.

  35. (answering the author ) yeah..and I still do, it’s called D&D XD ( and other variations of RP )

  36. that’s how i want to die. From my own imagination.

  37. 😲😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  38. There is a game about this, i cant remember it though…
    I know its definitly newer than this comic

  39. WOW!!!!! Glitch and Nano sure do have a wild imagination don’t they. Also I finally have a new Gravatar which is a photo of my cat and I also have a new profile name which is CATGIRL.

  40. Breaking News: Two kittens found using superpowers

  41. Crystal the GamerCat!

    I am slightly concerned…

  42. That’s one of the main reasons I like video games so much, Reality doesn’t have to get in the way of my imagination.

  43. saaame

  44. Imaginations are too powerful..

  45. there is a game called floor is lava

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