I resolve to spend more time enjoying life :3

49 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. I resolve to not shove 37lbs of watermelon in my ear. I like to stick to resolutions I can reasonably accomplish.

    1. I resolve to start Ninja training in February.
      got to get some kunai.

      1. i resolve to no longer explode when someone makes fun of the gamercat strip,on the internet or otherwise.

        1. I resolve to not have to resolve

    2. I resolve to interact with others while I’m online

      also I’m new here

      1. forgot the 20

        1. Don’t steal my name. I’m regular here.

        2. DiamondDemocracy

          you just said u were new. lol

        3. Dúfam, že volebná komisia nezabudne na svoju povinnosÃ…Â¥ Vám umožniÃ…Â¥ voliÃ…Â¥ a prísÃ…Â¥ s urnou ku Vám. Držím vá palce – pre správnu voľbu. Alfi

        4. Yeah Emanhag, it reminded me of that and also of how the legends talk about native american culture (kind of shown in Avatar) and how they respect the animals they eat and so on.

      2. I resolve to make lots of ridiculous puns from now on

    3. my resolve is to write at least one comment

      1. I resolve to eating all of the icecream flavors in the world

        1. You might want to watch out for “horse flesh” ice cream.

    4. I resolve to to make any more resolutions.

    5. Tar I’m resolving to get more toys!

      1. Not tar, yay

    6. i resolve…to resolve

    7. I resolve to be a nicer regular on the comic. c:

  2. Just read the entire comic for the FIRST time tonight, and i love it!


  4. this message failed to send

  5. loved it < 3 make more soon : D

  6. TennesseeLoneWolf

    I resolved to never again make a New Years resolution. I never keep them anyway :/

    1. I did that years ago, still haven’t broken it.

  7. I resolve to leave the dark confines of my room and discover the hidden wonders of that mysterious thing I’ve come to understand is called “outside.” I will see the mythical “Sun” and “Sky” and I will-

    Oh right, attainable resolutions!

    Never mind, forget I said anything!

    1. I resolve to play even more video games!

  8. Glitch looking cute there with the crayons :D

  9. Is pixel… Celesse?

    1. All of the characters are me in different ways ;)

  10. Aww! Poor Pixel! I am conflicted. On one hand, I empathize with her lowered expectations; on the other hand, I have projected one of my snobby friends onto her, so I feel extremely smug about Sweet and GamerCat succeeding with a fantastic rebuttal.

    1. Well I thought Pixel was just using a sort of sarcasm.
      But I think sweet is right. If you wanted to become a better person, you wouldn’t wait until next year to do it.

      1. Nah, you’re just being overly optimistic about Pixel’s fortitude.

        She’s demonstrably the “intellectual” of the group, so being outwitted by Sweet and GamerCat should be demoralizing, as indicated by her surprised and then sullen expressions in the final panels.

  11. My resolution is to not talk about the Twilight Zone episode “Number 12 Looks Just Like You!” when writing a comment.

    Wait, now I am. SHIT!

  12. I forgot to make an NYR.
    Oh, and how’s that switch to Patreon going for you? Oh, right, you didn’t!

  13. Don’t know if you did yet, but could you make an Undertale comic with the crew? That would be “sweet”.

    im sorry im gonna leave now

    1. Yes, leave. Nobody wants you. JUST KIDDING

  14. eat ALL the things!

  15. Sweet: Eat ALL the things!

  16. I reslove to learn how to spell the word resolv.

  17. Weight is 1 of the preliminary things you require
    to think about when shopping for pool cue sticks.

  18. *eat all the things* couldn’t you have thought of something better?

  19. Crystal the GamerCat!

    I am GamerCat in so, so many ways.

  20. I resolve to make comics

  21. I resolve to not just play Nintendo games

  22. I resolve to… wait it’s the sixth of september we can’t resolve now!

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