It’s All Coming Back

I thought I was prepared but I was not prepared. Thanks for your understanding during my unplanned break last week, it really helped reduce the stress load I was feeling at the time :)

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  1. Alright who’s slicing the onions? Is it you? -points at random stranger-

    1. Haa? Me? No, it’s THAT guy *points to comment under mine*

      1. it wasn’t me!

        1. IT WAS ME!

        2. You thought it was you, BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!

        3. Yum, onions.

        4. KONO DIO DA

        5. *choping noises*

        6. *slicing noises*

          *boiling noises*

          *eating noises*

          *banishing to the End noises*

    2. mmm… onions.

      1. Killer Queen has already touched the Onion.

      2. I eat raw onions like apples

    3. Onions? I hear ogres are like onions. They have layers. But you wouldn’t want to put one on your burger. You know what else has layers? PARFAITS! You wouldn’t want to put a parfait on your burger either, but it would be a great desert after your burger!

      Now I’m hungry…

      1. donkeh! get beck in the roblox shieak game!!

        1. Onion slicing? More like Bore Ragnarok!
          (Sorry but my cult obligates me to make one Kevin joke a day)

        2. Hello fellow cult member! Strange to see another outside of youtube!

        3. RandomCommenter#1437

          *Eats a raw onion* I guess I’m in the holiday spirit. Reply “slice” if you get the reference.

        4. RandomCommenter#1437


        5. ecils

        6. @RandomCommenter#1437 Just a guess, but is that relating to the grinch? In that case, slice.

  2. We all cried because we were chopping onions…okay, we weren’t because that’s ONIONtresting. Cub one is so sad…I couldn’t be sad though ‘cause it is a new GaMERCat comic

    1. *cubone

  3. First

    Plus if you think this is feels, go watch the ending of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. I just sat in a corner and silently sobs the first time I beat the game XD

    1. More like third, red shell on the way

      1. 1 more red shell incoming

        1. And a green shell.
          Crap, it missed!

        2. r/whooosh

        3. Okay, I just got hit by a green shell that was bouncing endlessly between two walls for no apparent reason!

          Who threw that?!

        4. A gust of wind shot it back! It was a wooosh

    2. When I was young, I played through Explorers of Time and stared at the screen for a while at the end.
      A few months ago, a few years after…something happened to a family member, I played through it again. I cried.

    3. when i looked it up on youtube the onion cutting ninjas came

    4. RandomCommenter#1437

      Alright *cracks fingers* here comes big blu.

      1. RandomCommenter#1437

        Damn! It flew by him! He LIED.

  4. *its* own impact.

  5. Maybe you could consider to take more breaks if it helps to lower your stress? Not implying we ain’t need you tho…

    1. Do what you need to be happy, we can handle it. I’m sure we all had lives without GaMERCaT at some point…

      BuT PlEaSe DoN’T JuSt StOp

      1. Never stop this, Celesse. I love this comic. We all do. Keep doing what you love. If you need a break, we understand. GaMERCaT forever. =^w^=
        -Daisy Kitty

        1. Agreed

  6. Herman Li was live yesterday.

  7. Reminds me of when I saw “The Lion King” on Broadway. Those visuals were not better — certainly not more realistic — but my eyes moistened anew.

  8. So sad- I haven’t played it yet but now I’m looking forward to it!

  9. “I’m not crying, You’re Crying!”

    R E V E R S E C A R D, B E A C H >:3

  10. tetris block no. 5867567476436478567456


  11. I haven’t played the game yet but i really want to see that cutscene now.

  12. “You may never come back…”

    1. Never you will look back again, you fight on ’till the end.

  13. I don’t believe in emotion.

    1. SlightlyDramaticLogic


  14. YESS D”:
    so far only the PMD games have made me cry but I cried at that marowak seen, my heart was torn apart

  15. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I actually did not cry. Not back then, not now (watching my brother play; I don’t believe in Pokemon Let’s Go Shill Out Sixty Bucks). It just didn’t touch my emotional core. Pokemon die all the time. I should know, I’ve sent my fair share to Pokeheaven (gotta level up somehow). And maybe its that competitive player edge, but…. Cubone kinda sucks (Alolan Marowak, I’ve heard, is pretty awesome, but Kanto Marowak is kinda garbage), so it didn’t really mean anything to me. As with most events in pokemon games, I’m just a stander-by that is thrust into the nonsense and forced to fix other people’s problems. I do not feel as invested as they want me to believe I am. Team Aqua and Magma destroying the world? Better leave it to a 10 year old boy to fix! Team Rocket stealing ‘mons? Better let a kid do what the cops can’t! Team Flare doing…. whatever the hell Flare was trying to do….? You get it, kid=solution.
    Maybe I’m just a bitter old man at this point, but I really don’t feel invested when these games try to get all story-heavy and soppy. I just… don’t care. I just wanna catch em all, beat the gyms and elite four, and be crowned king of five nights at Pokemon Region. Stop trying to get me to care about regional problems, I’m not even a native anymore in most of these games. I usually just moved in. :Y

    1. Pokemon can do a really good story if it tries, but its best off having well aimed emotions (i.e. Aster is Zinnia’s daughter/niece, Whoops Silver has feelings) and a story centered around a bit of duality but not asking big questions (BW/2 had an awesome story but you can’t use those cards again. ORAS, DPPt, etc. do well with a solid enough story and they’re focused more on epic things happening).
      Still though, most people who are adults and play pokemon do so for nostalgia and for the hidden in depth mechanics beneath the surface. Some plots are good, but Pokemon’s structure makes it hard for it to have a major moving plot (BW/2 and PMD notwithstanding).

  16. Where’s the Smash Ultimate comic? You’d think Gamercat and his friends would be all over that

    1. I’m guessing Celesse is still like 7 hours out of the 150 needed to complete World of Light.
      And I thought hunting down Tabuu’s fighter clones was hard…

      1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

        I thought they said the boss was “Galeem” this game. But it dooooes look very Tabuu. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that “spoiler alert, Tabuu is totally involved”. I don’t yet have the funds for the game yet, so I’m likely to have to wait until Christmas before I get my own copy. Would have loved to learn more about Tabuu. Subspace Emissary, cool as it was, did very little to explain things.

    2. Not after E3

  17. Ya know Pokémon is a good game even thogh the emotional punch is ineffective against me in anyway shape or form. But otherwise great comic.

  18. SlightlyDramaticLogic

    Awwwwww. I don’t know about any of y’all, but the fact that Pixel playfully teases Gamercat (And it works) makes me ship them more and it makes me cry tears of joy. Y’all, it’s HAPPENING AGAIN (つ﹏⊂。) (つw⊂。) JOIN ME IN TEARS, MY FRIENDS.

    1. RandomCommenter#1437

      I agree 100000%

    2. Emma shoot a cannon at your ship SlightlyDramaticLogic.
      FIRE AT WILL!!!

      1. Imma

      2. SlightlyDramaticLogic

        *yeets water bucket at you then runs away*

      3. SlightlyDramaticLogic

        Who’s Will

  19. Indigo Winged Wolf


    1. i got a cool game: world of war cr- JK. a better game is SUPER MARIO KART 8

    2. Mega Man 11

  20. got any good ideas for a song? im bongoed out!!

    1. Fields of dispair

      1. he- heck, noope no. im no emo

        1. Fields of despair isn’t an emo song, it’s a metal song

    2. North Losechester

      Sschafi1 and Phyrnna have some really good music.

  21. -insert crying ni🅱️🅱️a meme-

  22. I sure hope it’s not a “reboot” and just a one-time gimmick. The presentation is nice, but the gameplay is shit, especially wild pokemon “battles”, it literally rather go through a cave full of Zubats and fight every single one than go though any location in this game.
    It really felt like it was pissing all over my nostalgia and using it as a marketing tool rather than satisfying it…

    1. RandomCommenter#1437

      I don’t agree, I mean, the only pokémon games I’ve had were Alpha Sapphire (3ds), and Mystery Dungeon (Ds) but the caves and going through tall grass suuuuucked when you’ve beaten the game 20+ times and your starter is level 100 and can mega evolve. I used torchic btw, mostly because fire.

      1. what if you could set the grass on fire? *imagines things running out of blaze, town on fire, the whole plot and story burns up*

        1. RandomCommenter#1437

          *finds that mod and sets tall grass in forest on fire* *comes back a year later to same place to find a field even though the thing still says forest* Wtf happened here?

        2. Avocado's Number

          In RSE you could use Cut to slice away grass. This never made it to Gen 4 though.

  23. It’s ten o’clock and


  25. Watching Scott die is even harder when it isn’t in 8 bit.

    1. I’ve never played Pokemon past
      a few gym’s in blue and I don’t know
      what anybody here is talking about.

      1. It’s FF2. I’m talking about the GBA versions.
        Learn yo stuff fool!

  26. uh story … got my first pokemon, caught new pokemons, levelled pokemons, beat everyone … story that repeats on all pokemon games :)

  27. RandomCommenter#1437

    Okay, I’m a gamer and a cat person, so this cat is essentially my conscience.

    1. RandomCommenter#1437

      I’m also like a cat, I sit by warm and on high.

    2. RandomCommenter#1437

      And I like boxes.

      1. I like breadsticks

        1. RandomCommenter#1437

          Justin wtf?

        2. What? You don’t like breadsticks?

        3. I like em


    FireRed and GreenLeaf were remakes/reboots as well, and no one complained.

    1. I think you misunderstand. FRLG (LEAFGREEN, not greenleaf) were remakes, but they were the original game with updated mechanics and graphics to reflect the contemporary games. Same goes for HGSS and ORAS. (B2W2 were proper sequels). USUM are in the 3rd cartridge category alongside Emerald, Crystal, etc.
      Let’s Go is a game with updated graphics and entirely different mechanics; it is a completely different game. Imagine you had an old game, and decided to remake it. Along the way you rewrite the fundamental aspects of the game. Story and characters are basically the same, but it went from a FPS to a JRPG. Something went wrong there, even if the game is good.

      1. Pretty sure leaf green was the name of a clone hero streamer

  29. I assume it DID have it is impact, judging by GaMERCaT.

    Now I realize that this comic is so old it probably doesn’t matter.

  30. Gamercat, first you make excuses in guitar hero, and now this?

  31. o m g Oh mY GoD

  32. thats, so sad… :(

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