Leap of Fear

Be one with the eagle, little assassin. Check the new larger comic format. Aww yeah.

39 thoughts on “Leap of Fear

  1. It always made me laugh how there was a convenient little pile of hay that you could jump into after completing a mission and whatnot.

    But this GaMERCaT version made me laugh even more!

    1. heh,heh,heh. I can’t tell if the fairy was being sarcastic or meaning it.

      1. ive always wondered why there was a eagle and now i know its purpose.


  2. Sorry, but it’s spelled “majestic” :)

    1. You got me! I was careless.

    2. That’s how it’s spelt on the comic anyway.

      1. Um, she corrected it and re-uploaded the correct version…

  3. This actually happens in AC3.

  4. “Thanks for the comment, Navi, I didn’t need you’re opinion” XD OMG! Love your comics!

  5. i always missed the hay first time i jumped

  6. You should do GamerCat more often. <3

  7. hehehe mean ol eagle, so obnoxious

  8. Bwahahaha! perfect ^^ this is awsome.

  9. that’s something you’d really expect from a cat and eagle~
    there always seems to be an eagle at every tower~
    it’s like it’s their breeding or hunting grounds~

  10. lol nice one

    1. um……..pokemon?

      1. What about them?

        1. a comic of it is what i mean ;3 he has the ball on the the background. just a question.

        2. you mean a poke ball?

        3. there awesome.

  11. todo lo que sube…

  12. … tiene que bajar :)

  13. CUSS YOU EAGLES CUSS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i hate that eagle

  15. Navi? What are you doing in assassins creed?

    1. Aperture Science Online Catbot

      Same thing she does in The Game of Life: annoy GaMERCaT

  16. Like an eagle piloting a blip

    1. Aperture Science Online Catbot

      HA HA HA HA HA HA! Nice to see another Portal 2 fan

  17. So majestic… like an eagle, piloting a blimp

    1. Aperture Science Online Catbot

      HA HA HA HA HA HA! Nice to see another another Portal 2 fan

  18. Kill the eagle and eat it Gamercat you are a cat after all

  19. Ouch.

  20. Henlo this is doge andI like the eagle part.

  21. Very elegant *clap* good face plant too

  22. And this reminds me when I was playing Super Mario 64 and pressed jump and did not compute happened well. Imagine Mario’s voice screaming and fading away

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