Tomb Jiggler

Yeah, I went there.

93 thoughts on “Tomb Jiggler

  1. I laughed so hard.

    1. this is why fake boobs could get you killed in real life…

      1. LMAO but seriously that can be offensive to women.

    2. I just cringed.


      scratch that, NOTHING is even CLOSE to as bad a Camilla


      1. poor Corrin

    3. Why gamercat why!?

      1. WHY!! GaMERCaT WHY!! you know better

        1. (walks away to nuke the comic and airstrike it)

          DIE EVIL COMIC!!!

        2. this is very insulting to girls! specifically women.

        3. yet we all know that this comic speaks the truth.

  2. I think I cracked a rib, too funny!

    1. eww……………..un comfortable…..

      1. same…

        1. It’s sorta funny…..maby

  3. is funny see you again Gamer Sakamoto san <3

    1. Now I cannot unsee this…

    2. SO TRUE! XD

    3. OMG Nichijou ftw!

  4. They did reduce the size of her breasts actually, but this is funny nonetheless :p

    1. In the new game, yes, but in the old games she still has melons.

      1. Oops! I didn’t notice the kitty said “older ones”. Sorry! :3

      2. In the older games they were more like pyramids. So angular you could put an eye out on them.

  5. Laura’s deadliest weapons….her flailing Chesticles~
    arent you glad they didnt make Tomb raider a FPS game~?

    1. How could they? you wouldn’t be able to see half the screen lol

      1. they prolly wouldnt have to worry about programming moving feet into the game…..

    2. I think you should check out Jurassic Park: Trespasser (PC) from 1998. Let’s just say that heroine can see her own body when looking around. Pretty much like Garrett in Thief: Deadly Shadows. That was quite innovative back in the days.

    3. yep,her chesticles are always hitting SOMETHING…

    4. Did you just call her Laura…

      Why do so many Americans call her Laura.

      It’s Lara!

      Lah! Rah! LARA!

  6. Funnily enough, the artist who worked on Lara’s model in the original game made her boobs bigger by accident! XD Hard to believe a male artist wouldn’t do it intentionally just for the LOLs.

    1. That would explain how unnatural they looked. A simple mis-use of the scale tool would increase their size without adjusting their form to look natural.

      Until they made the titles for today’s consoles, I always thought she looked ugly. The face was deplorable, not like anyone ever looked at it, and the breasts everyone went ga-ga over were not shaped realistically.

    2. He dragged them out by 150%. He even tried to fix them before the rest of the team creeped over and told him to keep them like that.

      I don’t see why most men look at the breasts first. Good looks mean nothing if they have a horrible personality.

  7. So… is Gamercat a boy or girl, or is it ambiguous?

    1. Boy, but that doesn’t matter in the virtual gaming world.

      And that he is a Boy should be clear after this Comic. ;)

      1. It seemed like this would be funnier if Gamercat was a boy, but I could see how impractically large gravity-defying breasts could be frustrating for a woman as well. It’s a Blues Clues sort of thing. Blue turned out to be a girl, but who could really tell to begin with?

        Of course, had I looked at the ‘characters’ section, the mystery would have solved itself.

        1. I don’t think it’s the breasts it’s the bra. Hmm… Must be a recoil bra. Wait what?

        2. I don’t think it’s the breasts it’s the bra. Hmm… Must be a recoil bra. Wait what? Recoil bra?! I must be losing my mind they don’t make those…YET.

        3. GaMER CaT IS a boy you know…

        4. I don’t think a female cat would have that much trouble figuring out that boobs don’t fold… but cats don’t have boobs, so who knows?

    2. a dude of course! although he sorta looks like a girl sometimes….

  8. These are hilarious, I just went through and read them all… I had ordered the GamerCat charm for my DS just because he’s cute… but he’s hilarious too :)

  9. BWAHAHAHA Oh god! I love that last panel!

  10. You are a genius. :D

  11. eso hubiera sido un problema en los juegos de Tomb Raider

  12. This is just so…well lets say i had a hard time not laughing in my computer class hahaha.

  13. XD HAHAHHAA i can so relate! poor game cat! as soon as i saw his new avatar i cracked up! <3 love your work here and at Strays :3

  14. What the…? Oo’
    They grow bigger at every new Lara’s incarnation! XD

  15. On an unrelated note, does GaMERCaT have to stay in game until he’s beaten it or can he jump out of game at anytime. If he can he should just to erase his headache :D

    1. In my opinion, it’s just his imagination. He plays the game and gets “Too into it” I don’t think he has a problem leaving, but in this case he probably left after 4.5 seconds.

  16. Chronic Back Pain AHOY!

  17. Ern… I must admit I can barely wait for the followup…

  18. i never thought i would see a male cat as a female cat trying to drag his boobs down just to get his gun!

  19. *facepalm*

  20. Hmm… It seems every comment I had in mind they had in mind before I could put it on. FUS ROH MAO! I feel better now

  21. No wait 75% of the comments sorry.

  22. Has anybody ever seen the video by Smosh “If video games were real”? They imply that her breasts are actually implants…

  23. Happy New Year! … I got late r_r

  24. There are so many more comments on this page than on any other.

    I guess now you know what your audience likes.
    Guy cats cross-dressing!

    1. ……..that’s legit………..

      1. Ooo mabey ppl would like sweet and glich cross dressing

        1. wait, but they don’t wear clothes. i just realised so do you mean like switching fur colour schemes?

  25. HA!!!!!!!!!!! funny but theirs something rong theirs no gun case on the belt i haven’t played the game but i think that’s rong

  26. ops never mind i dint see the gun case sore !!!!

    1. How long have you been playing video games? You spell 25/30 wrong!

  27. … When huge breasts were a trend!

  28. First I facepalmed.
    Then I laughed until I cried.
    Then I took another look at the last panel and did it all over again.

  29. *a few min after i saw this*
    …WTF? rule 63??

  30. The femaleness of the author really comes out in how the theme was handled in this one. :D

  31. At least in this comic they aren’t triangular.

  32. ha ha ha.i love gamercat because he is funny.

  33. lol… but I cannot unsee it D:

  34. That one gardevoir

    Thats how boobs work

  35. that is very innaproppriate

  36. oh heck
    that is wrong and innappropriate

  37. Holy shet.

  38. Wat. De. Heck.

  39. um ha I guess

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