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56 thoughts on “Licked

  1. I’ll do this next time

    1. I tried that after taking a yoga class, I got arrested

      1. Ummmmm……
        I… Don’t know how to respond to that

        1. I would be worried if you did…

      2. I’m laughing a bit. Is it wrong that I find that sorta funny?

        1. absolutly not, everything in this comment is supposed to be funny, if one doesn’t seem funny, just look at it from a different perspective

        2. also I think he is joking

    2. Theres always someone at the BestBuy or somewhere else that hogs the demo.

  2. My cat does this to me when I play Temple Run on my phone.

  3. My concern, is how goes Gamercat expect to play a demo like that. that controller is locked pretty much where it is, and is far too high for him to get at. i suppose he could try to stand on it and play, but that couldn’t work too well :<

    1. He’d stack up the empty console boxes that are always on display in game stores.

      1. Aperture Science Online Catbot

        Move over Einstein, GaMERCaT’s here!

  4. Every time GaMERCaT updates I am reminded how much I want a kitty… 23 years old and still no kitten… :(

    1. i feel your pain x.x…

    2. *Sigh* if only they let you have cats in the dorms…

    3. Do some impulse buying. My mom did it twice and we still have both of our cats.

  5. When people hog game demos, I talk really loudly right behind them about whatever game they are playing on my phone, but im not calling anyone, just making the person feel uncumfortable.

    1. You are an evil mastermind, my friend…

  6. Words cannot describe the feeling, when a cat gets in your sight, just to start… Licking…

    1. It’s worst when they scratch your leg…

      1. Aaaaagh, and they always stand right behind you so that you almost step on them when you recoil in pain and shock!

      2. Aperture Science Online Catbot

        My Master is actually quite friendly…

  7. LOL oh yeah….that is so cat!! XD

  8. This is so adorable. And so cat-like! XD
    I’m totally in love with Gamercat’s delicate plushy body. How he holds his paw in the second pannel… I don’t know, but I love it.
    You should make a book out of this and sell it, I would be the first customer XD

  9. Eh I’ve been around cats all my life so I’d just put the kitty on the head

    1. Sweet new icons too


  11. Yay! You’re back up and running! ^^

  12. You know it seems that if your a gamer it gets kind of annoying that you have to wait in line… TO PLAY A DEMO!

  13. No offense though guys and gals. I do the same thing… except for the licking part.

  14. So… When I’m playing on my PC and my cat jumps on my lap, ruining my game, is he actually doing that because he wants to play?


  15. ok this is a good site very funny and osem and i now thes take a lot of time but pleas make more Celesse

  16. The last two gamercats have been a little odd. LOVE IT!

  17. OMG LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but is he liking himself or hit him in the arm

  18. I just relized his tail looks like a hand……

  19. ya his tail dues look like a hand

    1. Yes his tail looks lets say “magically” like a hand or that’s the best cat tail in the world. I’m not kidding that’s an awesome tail.

  20. i love gamercat , love the fact he can “talk” except to “huuuuumans” which is so cute loved the one where he was probally playing gears of war and all the other players heard was “meow” and his problems with gamestop (smiles)

    1. I bet he was playing halo

  21. ya i had problems some times but at least i had a computer =3

  22. You gotta share… you gotta care…

  23. That guy TOTALLY looks like Egoraptor.

  24. Thanks for the idea of how to get people to share!!!!!

  25. He was playing a demo for over an hour?

  26. Hahah, this would never work on me because I find that adorable and start petting his belly and try to get him to lick me. I’m weird like that hahahaha!

  27. i will do this in a game store if it has a demo of a new game…

  28. I’m too civilized for that tactic, but I understand Gamercat’s point of view. I get impatient when my sister plays The Legend of Zelda for hours and I want to play Pokkén Tournament.

    His entire demeanor just says, “FIGHT ME”

  30. One of my cats does that sometimes but only at our house and only on the ground.

  31. Could have been worse, he could have been a dog!

  32. Demos ahh a game that will never play

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