It’s Not Old, It’s Retro

It's hard to resist the unreasonable appeal of nostalgia.

110 thoughts on “It’s Not Old, It’s Retro

  1. Good Ole Nostalgia :P

    1. original gold&silver are so underrated, had a go on my friend’s gameboy advance SP.

    2. Yay Glitch,

      Yes spoilers for those noobs to this comic😉😉

      1. hey did glitch catch missingno yet

  2. Would so do that without any second thoughts.

    1. Im with you

  3. New character! Hay-o!

    Oh, and by the way… There are some games that… They just transcend time.


  4. I love it!!!
    it´s so true!!!

  5. when is my turn to play?

  6. Ahh what a cute new character! :3

  7. Retro Kitty?? So cool x33

  8. Heh. I just started a Nuzlocke on my old Blue game (still saves, yes!), and restarted the old TCG game.

    Man, those old games are good. Good times, man, good times.

    1. I know what you mean, even though i never had the pokemon trading card game i did have blue, and luckily for me my blue still works XD
      wheni first heard there was a gb game for the pokemon trading card game, i got an emulator to play it right away

      1. steamcrusader does TCG

        never played the gen 1 games, but I would totally download yellow from Eshop if they just threw in a game-breaking exp. share.
        old trading cards are the best ones too. when I play, I treat poke-powers and bodies just like abilities, allowing me to play with outdated cards and make stupidly good combos like heatrean lvX and origanal fire spinin’ charizard

  9. <3 So cute. So much emotion and so relatable.

    Time to start a Yellow Nuzlocke run? I guess so…

  10. Aww, this gave me so many feels. happy and sad because everything is changing so fast…. </3 nothing beats a good old gameboy/cube and Playstation 1

  11. Вася

    Why somebody intrested in Pokemon? It grew old. Concept had bored me to hell over the years and new games is nothing new, so screw nintendo.

    1. protip: nintendo doesn’t make pokemon, game freak did. They keep updating the mechanics and providing new movesets and ability combos to keep people who actually enjoy the actual rpg genre playing it. You apparently hate them, so nobody cares what you think because you’re yelling at a company for occasionally creating a new game for a popular franchise. “screw nintendo” indeed.

  12. Am I the only one who finds this situation a little… creepy?

    1. Not as creepy as your avatar. Bazinga!

  13. Game Freak develop Pokemon games, yes, but Nintendo own the IP and publish them. Suggesting they’re somehow not a part of the process is incredibly wrong.

  14. …I really need to hook up the SNES and N64 again. Super Gameboy+Pokemon+Stadium for the total win.

  15. Nothing can beat the original. ;)

    P.S.: even if i never played with Pokemon… ^_^’

    1. Get an emulator for it, then

    2. Ỹỗừ ńę√ẸЯ ρζĄỳỀĎ ÞØќÉм○Ň¿
      Sorry about the bad letters. I’m shivering in fear because you haven’t played Pokémon.

      That’s a joke BTW.

  16. I know I would do the exact same thing if I met a kid on the sidewalk and ask for a turn and let him play my game!

    Wait dose that make me pedobear?!

  17. i kid i kid love you gamer!

  18. That new character is damnably adorable…

  19. Haha this cat is so cute! Please tell me he’ll stick around, I definitely want to see more of him. Can’t beat the original pokemon games!

  20. Oooh, that widdle guy! He’s being raised well. Enjoy and appreciate the classics!

    Can the kid cat make regular appearances? He’s so adorable!

    … D: I really want to play Pokemon Crystal, now. I had Yellow version before that, but I never go to the Elite Four on Yellow, so I consider Crystal my one true start to Pokemon.

  21. Love these comics

  22. So undeniably true ^^

  23. ZOMG!!! I was just starting pokemon blue today!

  24. That about made me cry….

  25. In this moment I feel weird of own a PSVita and a GameBoy. Especially because I just have 2 games in bot of them XD

  26. ikr? i still have my old gb and cartridges too (think it still works as well)

  27. ……can i play too?

    Funny isn’t it though, we buy the most advance hardware. then some kid plays old classical games on a retro handheld then we want a turn.

  28. i want to see gamer cat in halo

  29. This is now my favorite comic on here ever. Thank you~ I have my teal game boy color still with yellow, blue, and crystal.. Classics can be the best.

    1. March will be the Month of Multicolor Nuzlocke Pokemon Runs! First one to beat Mewtwo wins :3

  30. Make this small cat a permanent…NAOI….Please? :3

  31. HOW forget those first games? …

  32. This is my first introduction to the series, and I got twin barrels of cuteness blown into me point-blank. Pokemon’s the best ^.^

  33. Nostalgia, the best kind of pain.

  34. WOW WHAT A NOOB KID! Everyone knows blue is better :P But still this made me cry a little bit from Nostalgia

    1. That’s an opinion. Red is better in mine.

  35. i love the old game boys id do that ine day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=3

  36. I have a Gameboy in my Computer :3 But sometimes It Bugs…

  37. Dr. Octopotimus Prime

    When it comes to game consoles, there are two things that improvements can never defeat; the original concept it improves, and nostalgia from the original device. :3

  38. Nostalgia rocks!

  39. First web comic series I’ve found myself remotely interested in.
    Keep them coming. I have this website bookmarked. Your art style is very appealing and your humor is innocent yet can be enjoyed by all ages.

    1. you might also like vg cats the do pokemon all the time. (on one of their comic series.)

    2. Sir or Madame,
      Your comment made my day. In an age of acronyms and poor grammar, you stand tall as one of the last bastions of hope that proper English shall survive.

  40. Ain’t that the truth. Even when the new awesome handhelds are played, the gameboy generation games are always just as awesome. :D

  41. It’s the Gamer Kitten!

  42. Exactly :) although I do admit that I have been recently using most of my free time to play Skyrim, I still love going back and playing Pokemon Emerald (my first ever pokemon game :D)

  43. YOU GOT A PSVISTA! Then… “A Wild GameBoy Appeared!” Yes the classics.

  44. Alright this is gonna take a while.
    Pokèmon Trainer GameBoy would like to battle!
    GaMERCaT:Go Sackboy!
    GameBoy:Go Pikachu!
    GaMERCaT:Use sticker!…
    “It’s not very effective”
    Pikachu used Thunderbolt!…
    “It’s Super effective!”
    Sackboy Fainted!
    GaMERCaT sent out Clank!
    And… I have nothing else, sorry!

    1. I think the Sackboy is way more charismatic than Pikachu… ALL BASED ON SOMETHING CALLED “OPINIONS”!

      He prooobably would have used the paintinator… big difference :3

  45. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Finally something about Pokemon!!! YAAAAAY!!! XD X3

  46. Even as I’m a Vita owner I must say that i can relate to this comic. Nevertheless Vita also has some cool titles.

  47. How did he manage to buy one when the store owner doesn’t speak cat?

    1. Uh… the wizard did it?
      *runs away*

    2. Jakedafrostedflake

      Ehem did we forget his crazy side he could’ve stole it…..

  48. I relate so much to the little cat with the gameboy. I still own an original Gameboy that still works and all of my games still work. I also own an NES, SNES, N64, and the original Atari 2600, which all still work. Every weekend I play each one of them to relive the nostalgia.

    1. I also own and have beaten all of the Pokemon Games that have come out in America.

  49. It just ocurred to me that it’ll be funny to see Gamercat trying to play on a psvita… The rear touch pad will be unreachable… Unless he uses his tail xD

  50. him i wounder wut games the old gameboys have =l

  51. Red or Blue?

  52. Didn’t he already have a Vita?

  53. Moral of this comic: The Gameboy and all Pokemon games are the cutting edge of handheld gaming.

    1. ^Ditto

      1. HaunterEnthusiast

        ^I see what you did there ^_^

  54. pokemon red will never be defeted, its the best game ever, well yellow is a good but red is the best. i almost killed myself after i lost it. i have to settle for green

  55. I remember having a Pokemon Emerald on the original Gameboy for the longest time. I loved it.
    ‘Course then I dropped it in the toilet, and after that I could only go up and right. Try playing Pokemon with only the up and right controls functioning. I had to start over so many times! I wish I still had it though…
    Love love love this coming btw! I wanna turn. :(

    1. *comic not coming goshdarnitall

  56. GaMERCaT wishes to trade. Do you accept?

  57. whatnamecouldiuse

    Will you make one of them play a nuzlocke ?

  58. Glitches response: NO WAY YOU’LL MESS UP MY MAGIKARPS!!!!!!!

  59. I recently wanted to play my pokemon black/white again but now I cant find it!!!!! POKEMON WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?!!!!!!!

  60. This hits me in the feels every time I see it.

  61. I remember my Gameboy now. Must…resist…EBay.

  62. Nostalgia is king baby…nostalgia is king…

  63. you know gameboys are almost indestructubles

  64. Gotta love the classics

  65. No you can’t, you PSVita heretic – White cat

  66. No one else picked up the HAWP reference? I totally did.

  67. Camolot the Creator

    Gamers around the world are proud, cat.

    Not like the Vita has many good original titles or much support anyway… OOOOOOHHHH BURN
    Just kidding. I love my Vita.
    I just wish Sony would give it more support…

  68. No matter how amazing the grafics and sound effects are in newly released games, you always find yourself wanting to play a classic or two.

  69. All hail the once and future king! Gameboy Brick!

  70. good old nostalgia

  71. This is where happiness began.



    1. Hey! you copy my name and my comment!

      1. Fake, that was probably you too

  74. Miguelantopere Gamer

    in this comic is when the best friend ship of this seria starts

  75. But its mine….


  77. Its name is glitch

  78. Glitch!!! One of my favs in this comic, oh wait, all of them are my favorites.

  79. Took GC two years to get the vita. Wonder if people have started having the dolphin glitch yet?

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