It Only Doesn’t That

I swear I'm not being endorsed by Sony.

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  1. If only Nintendo sold the old pokemon games on other systems. They are missing out on so much money.

    1. Are you serious? It would be the worst idea that could have ever been thought.It’d would be worse than making God of War or Killzone for all consoles and pc’s out there.

      1. God of War yes, but nobody is envying Killzone. Hell, even most PS owners are ‘eh’ about it. Uncharteds?

        1. That’s true. As far as PS shooters go, I’d say that Resistance is much better than Killzone.

        2. Journey? Awesome game only on PS3. Sadly. I wish it were on at least PC as well.

      2. shut it! that’s a GREAT idea!

        1. I disagree. Nintendo gets more than half of it’s money from the consoles, that are mostly purchased due to specific games. whoever says this is likely someone with no Nintendo console that wants a Nintendo game.

        2. At least some forward compatibility

      3. let me just find your address now, so i can kill you in your sleep, benshannon.

    2. Nintendo sells a game it made for its own company on a platform it made itself, thus forcing anyone who wants to play the incredibly popular game to buy the system. It also updates this system every few years to make sure the purchaser has to keep buying.

      Noooo I think they figured it out.

      1. This is the reason I have a Wii and a 360. Monster Hunter Tri is for the Wii and Chromehounds is for the 360. If it wasn’t for these games, I never would have gotten the consoles.

        1. Until the Wii U, I had all three major consoles. I pretty much got the 360 for Tales of Vesperia, and the PS3 for Tales of Graces f. These people are geniuses at making money.

        2. i had a vita once but that was until i lost it

    3. You can play Pokemon on the Vita and the PSP though.

      1. Not legally. And by doing that you couldn’t use the multiplayer features, which are a crucial part of the Pokemon experience.

        1. Actually, there is nothing illegal about it if you already own the cart.

        2. I was assuming that Nini was speaking of pirating the game to play on the Vita. Why would anyone buy a game for a console they do not own, or play a game on a different console than the one it’s meant for if they do own the other console?

        3. Holy crap? the cart works in the Vita/PSP? I can’t wait to try this! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

        4. gameboys broken?

        5. Actually, I’ve been playing pokemon games on my psp and using the trade feature for years. I’ve even loaded my pokemon yellow and Crystal teams from my psp into Pokemon Stadium 1&2 on my PC. It’s just a matter of having the right software. As for why I would choose to play these games on my psp instead of the original hardware, that would be because I can store my entire library of games on my psp and take them all with me in my pocket.

    4. Nintendo needs to go Sega’s way, so they stop making crappy systems and focusing on making games, and also sell PC versions of their classics though digital distribution such as Steam.

      All we need is a worldwide agreement not to buy anything from them until they change the “buy our crap to play these games” business model.

      1. Sega was forced out of the console business by shitty sales of their last consoles. Why the hell would Nintendo stop making consoles, when the DS and Wii were the best-selling consoles of the 7th generation? They made a ton of money on the DS and Wii, so why would they stop what they’re good at?

      2. You do realize that Microsoft and Sony apply the exact same business model, right?

      3. Oh god, you’re a fucking moron. I guess MS and Sony should either completely drop exclusive development or fuck off too, right?

      4. I, once again, strongly disagree. the Nintendo 3DS is popular, same as the Wii u. just not as popular as the DS and the Wii. just like the PS3 was not as popular as the PS2, and the Xbox and the Xbox 360.

    5. How about a remake of the first games with gameplay style and graphics like X and Y…On second thoughts, maybe not

    6. Funny thing is I have the original PSP and hacked it so I could have all my pokemon games on it xD.

    7. what they should really do it remake all the pokemon games to fit the 3DS.
      that way you can replay them with better quality.

      1. they’ve started that project. also, I always wonder why this system flopped. now i know.

        1. It’s amazing how Pokémon affects portable gaming.
          And Breath of the Wild…
          And Mario Odyssey…

          Thank God for the Switch.

        2. yea, altho I don’t like the fact that pokemon go is going to infect the switch now… DX

    8. my personal favourite is destiny

  2. And so the hi-tech psVita looses out, yet again, to the awesomeness that is old school gaming….And pokemon. XD (I still don’t play my PsVita anymore and I’m busy playing old school Gameboy Advance games.)

    1. old school gameboy advance games… old school… gameboy advance games…

      1. Yeah, I know. It’s hard to believe that Ruby and Sapphire are 10 years old.

        1. emerald is better

        2. TheHoodedWanderer

          I havent played Ruby or Sapphire but I have to say emerald is awesome.

        3. wait theres an emrald? maybe its for the gameboy or something because theres no emrald for nintendo 3ds xl

    2. they pretty much just substituted pokemon with sonic on the playstation.
      also, gens 3 and 4 have my favourite graphics ever, lol ima retro graphic person and stuff

  3. You can just put an emulator onto the psvita, same as the 3ds and play roms.

    1. What’s an emulator? I’m uninformed.

      1. Welcome to gaming, I’ll show you the way to the emulators and r- oh wait, roms aren’t around anymore, thanks Nintendo!

  4. Games company’s are like that, Xbox sells only halo on there console and Nintendo does this a lot, selling PokeMon, zelda and mario on there console only. It’s how they get you play there games, I kind of think it’s dumb, sell the game on all consoles, you get more money that way off of it.

    1. If you release all your games on all consoles, no one will buy your console. It’s kind of the whole point of exclusives.

      1. He’s right, a company needs something to draw the customer in. If you can play all Nintendo games on a Playstation why buy a Nintendo? Or vice-versa.
        To be honest Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft should just all merge into one company, and only have one console that plays “ALL THE GAMES”

        1. ^ This

          These I find wise words. They could combine powers and just completely rule the buisness. I’m afraid though, there will be a power struggle between the current presidents though..

        2. Make one console for all the games? Are you insane? The only reason that we have the advances that have come to gaming is that the companies are competing for market share. If the only system that existed was the NES ans no one was looking to compete for our gaming dollar, we wouldn’t have gotten the playstation. Without playstation the N64 wouldn’t have come out because there would be no need to make advancements to lure gamers away from competitors. That means no PS3, no Wii, n Xbox 360, just NES. Sure they would probably roll out more advanced consoles, but at a much slower pace due to there being no need to one up each other.

        3. What Nephrenra said. Also, what you’re suggesting is called a ‘monopoly’, and we have laws to prevent those for a reason. People fought real hard to get rid of them in the 30s, mostly because once you have one or two companies controlling ALL of one kind of product you’re at their mercy.

          So yeah. No. Monopolies bad. Competition and capitalism at its finest good.

        4. They tried releasing games on all systems before back when there was 14 systems out. The end result was part of what contributed to the video game crash of 83. Despite what people think, exclusives are good for the industry.

  5. Does GaMERCaT own a 3DS? I think he needs one.

    1. He does.

    2. He does, and somebody should tell him about Pokemon X and Y

      1. And Fire Emblem Awakening.

        1. And Kid Icarus.
          (And also possibly OOT3D, but Navi should have let him know anyway.)

        2. If you were paying attention to earlier comics he already knows about OOT3D.

  6. Make that cute little cat a sidekick or something. i love him!

  7. well played little kitty well played

  8. @Augustin, agreed, that’s a great idea! Make the little one a sidekick! :3

  9. that’s right.
    don’t diss the gameboycolor.

  10. I can play Pokemon on my Android tablet…

  11. Amazing as always. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  12. why get a vita at all. there realy isn’t any good games on it to begin with. 3DS having Fire Emblem, zelda, mario, Monster Hunter, Mario Kart, and Pokemon. What dose the Vita have that’s worth buying it?

    1. The only good thing going for it is that all the PS4’s games are playable on the Vita.

      1. I’m still wondering how they’re going to do that. Even if the streaming technology works, the Vita lacks clickable sticks, R2 and L2.

        1. The funny thing is that they may just keep the Vita-PS3 model. You have to buy both console games, of which the Vita’s version is usually $10-$15 more. Why change from something that is extremely profitable?

        2. He’s talking about the promised PS4-to-Vita streaming feature, that will allow us to stream the video and audio of games to our Vita from our PS4, for essentially the same experience you get while playing games on the Wii U gamepad. It’s supposed to work for every single PS4 game, but I’m wondering how they’ll get that to work considering the Vita’s different set of control outputs.

  13. actually, you could play all the games up to gba on a vita too…

    1. Yeah but playing Nintendo games on a console made by a company that hates and has been trying to get rid of Nintendo for years makes my blood boil just thinking about it. No way are my Nintendo games touching Sony.

      But on the other hand, it implies a perfect world in which both companies are one, and get along. That is pretty nice :-3

      1. its not like nintendo would mind if sony died for some reason either

        1. I know, I feel the same way about playing PS games on a Nintendo console. In other words, until they stop fighting I refuse to multiplatform them.

  14. I like how Retrokitty barely says anything, about one sentence a comic. He’s too busy gaming to have to deal with GaMERCat. But I hope he becomes a recurring character.
    (I’m only calling him Retrokitty because I remember someone else calling him that and I love that name, I hope Samantha sticks with it ;-) ) and if he does become a recurring character I wonder if it’ll be a running gag that he’ll never been seen without being glued to a gameboy.

    1. That’s something a child who doesn’t understand how the gaming industry works would say.
      If you could mod your console so easily, everyone could get the games for free and no one would buy video games anymore. And the obvious repercussion would be developers not supporting the console anymore. In other words, no more games for that console.
      The PSP can be hacked with just a few clicks. Developers aren’t making money from the games on that console anymore. The only people that still buy the games on the PSP are either stupid and don’t realize they could get them for free, or they are hardcore fans and they are willing to pay full price.
      I don’t know why I’m wasting my time explaining this to you, it’s so blatantly obvious you’re a child.

      1. This reply was supposed to be directed at Reki.

      2. You think the only reason people would choose not to steal something is because they’re stupid, while elaborating on the reasons why doing so is destructive, and you’re calling someone else a child?

  15. I say we stop buying consoles altogether until they make them more open. Instead of suing everyone over homebrew, allow people to use the devices they paid for to do whatever they want on them.

    Oh, wait. The consoles aren’t ours. We just pay for the privilege to use them, so we have a long list of restrictions that make putting Linux on things like the PS3 a greater criminal act than mass murder. Thanks, Sony!

    1. i say buy a pc and get a good gamepad. open enough?

      1. But a PC is no console…

        Todays Console Players didn’t understand what a Console should be and one thing is… not open.

        Today there are much better possibilities to get a open Computer System on your HDTV. A Gaming Console is still a System only for playing Games. An the best is: when you don’t like that, than you don’t must buy it. ;)

        1. There is a difference between “not open” and “litigiously sealed”.

          Besides, modifying a console doesn’t make it open, sharing information like schematics and code makes it open.

          When I buy a console, a remote, a camera, etc, I expect to be able to do what I want with it, without the chance of the company suing me for it.

          Besides, so many people got a PS3 because of its processing abilities and the built-in linux. Sony waited until people bought it for that reason then took it away…only to resell it with a price tag of $1000. Thats just not right.

      2. Yes, because I want to be tethered to a freaking COMPUTER when I play my games! I don’t play on portables because I have stuff to do and am on the move most of the time….no, I want to sit in from of a computer and play games.

        I don’t must buy anything. I WILL buy the things that fit my lifestyle.

  16. Give the hackers time

  17. Great Comic, i really like Retro Gaming.

  18. Bah, who cares about about Pokemon when you could have Zelda, and Mario, and Metroid!
    –Oh wait, the Vita doesn’t have them either.

  19. Oh! You mean the Vita doesn’t play Pokemon? You mean I don’t get to play the same game I played more than a decade ago again and again with some variations? You mean I can play actual RPGs instead?

    Well, I sure regret buying a Vita now!

    1. …..what actual RPG?

      ……oh wait, Vita actually has games???

  20. This comic pretty much puts everything in perspective. Vita looks enticing…but there is barely anything worthwhile on it. I hadn’t purchased a handheld since my GBA (which I actually really liked) and got a lot of hours out of golden sun and whatever iteration of Castlevania it was at the time. Vita is a pretty sweet piece of hardware, the library just sucks right now and doesn’t warrant the purchase price.

  21. I hope they have the cat comparing the Devil May Cry series to DMC Devil May Cry, and I hope it is more like an MARVEL multiverse comparison of Amazing/Ultimate (not all new ultimate) Spider-Man than the usual complaints about new Dante.

  22. The new kitty is TOOOOOOOO cute! =^w^=
    Take him in the cast, i beg you! @[email protected] <- Shrek's Puss in boots eyes

  23. You got that right little cat. Nothing is good unless you can play pokemon on it. Thats why I hate water beds…….wait what?

  24. The main reason I’m not spending my already-limited gaming funds on a new Vita.
    Also, can you PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE keep Gamer Kitten around?

    …Yeah, that’s right, I love him so much that I already have a name for him.

    1. I heard another commentor call him Retrokitty. So that’s what I’m calling him :3

  25. him how interesting i think i did this yesterday

  26. OMG! Nooooooo! D: I need more comic!

  27. Too bad it doesn’t have any good games…
    That’s the main thing about the 3DS it has so many good games (kid icarus uprising, fire emblem awakening, the new pokemon in October, ETC.) which is why people are buying it more than the PSVita

    1. Actually it has quite a few good games. I traded my 3ds to a vita because the only good games were the few Nintendo developed. Vita has a good indie game selection.

  28. Vita is nice, but needs more love. I enjoy it and my 3DS and my GBA emulators (Cause BOTH my GBASPs and Both my GBAs broke). Nintendo is doing nice by having a large variant of games for the 3DS, Vita is getting there, but they need more marketing that is customer friendly. Also they need to cut the crap with Capcom. Cut the crying and the stupidity and work with them to bring MHP3 HERE! If anyone has a Vita, PS3 or PSP, it will do wonders like how MH3U is doing for the 3DS and the Wii U.

    1. Oh crap, i just realized i have 2 DSes….

  29. I can state one good game for the PSVita that might be hard to find, but is hella good.

    Ragnarok Odyssey.

  30. *bought PSVita for Persona 4 The Golden*
    No regrets.

  31. Celesse i now you sed no requests but how a boat a minecraft gamercat comic if you can i dont care if you don’t but pleas

  32. i think they should turn all of the old Pokemon games into DS games, if they did Nintendo would make a lot more money, and besides, my game boy color broke and i now i can’t play my Pokemon Yellow or red anymore :C

    1. They should make a pokemon rainbow!!! XD

  33. And that’s why I prefer the classic PSP: many good old games and some good not-really-so-old games (MHP4 included!).

    1. I mean 3, the keyboard is a traitor some times.

  34. Btw, this kitten looks to be 8 or 9. Since GaMERCaT is obviously older, I wonder how old he is (The human equivalent)
    I guess maybe 16-17?

  35. GameBoy you say? I wish I had the original as well as anything else Nintendo. :3

  36. I am enjoying my Soul Sacrifice thank you very much :3

  37. This comic shows why Nintendo is my primary!

  38. i am alot like the new cat. i still play pokemon on a gameboy someone gave me. not to mention i have like 6 magikarp. and 12 games in total

  39. the last square made me think of grumpy cat lol

  40. How did he buy the Vita if no one understands what he said?

    1. Hours of agonizing pointing and charades.

    2. online

      1. He came out of the store with it if it were online he would have got it in the mail.

  41. If it doesn’t play pipeline, I’m not interested.

  42. He only likes pokemon. What a shocker.

    1. Cat In a Poke Ball

      *chirp chirp chirp chirp…*

  43. POKEMON TRUMPS ALL!!!!!!!!!! XD

  44. you actually can if u instal a gba emulator onto your vita.

  45. No GC pokemon is the final word on handheld gaming.

  46. I hacked my original PSP and put pokemon on it, Problem solved.

  47. This comic rather clearly demonstrates how, even if a console / handheld is the most powerful/brilliant thing ever, without games it won’t sell. Games are what make a console, not it’s specs.

  48. My Vita would like to say something.

  49. Hey , y’know the 3DS plays pokémon…just sayin’.

  50. Cuz it STILL doesnt have the Custom Firmware… When it does…. ha-ha

  51. Camolot the Creator

    Modders around the world: “Soon, Sony… Soon…”

  52. If it can’t play pokemon, it’s crap

    1. true words m8 never have i ever owned a handheld system that wasn’t from nintendo

  53. This is exactly why I prefer Nintendo over Play Station.

  54. adorable baby!!! i would adopt too

  55. It’s 2018 now, and we have the switch. Ha!

  56. the last panel i love the disappointed face of gamer cat love these comics keep on celesse

  57. GRRRRR You made the comment i was gonna post unpostable! BECAUSE YOU SAY YOU’RE NOT BEING SPONSORED

  58. i have some great news i found my vita again plus itint this the early version of the switch

  59. Pokemon is my LIFE! I don’t want that stupid NES if it can’t play Pokemon!

    1. I thought Dark Souls was your favourite🧐

  60. What’s new isn’t always what’s improved!

  61. Lucario (Master of Aura)

    “It’s the final word in handheld gaming”

  62. Nintendo switch is better i think it can play pokemon

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