I hope you guys are enjoying this little foray into a sort of story line.

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  1. heh, once i found perfectly working pokemon red near dumpster. someone had to be cruel to games.

    1. Speaking of pokemon Glitch reminds me of Spinda

      1. Hey! Just because he’s adorable, and defies logic, and gets confused… yeah ok, he’s a spinda.

        1. thiscomicissooldthatglitchhasnoname

          his colour scheme as well. he can’t learn psybeam though. only puke. he probably has a bunch of awesome pokemon, but only uses his fish. at least get a seaking!

        2. AWW the kitten has a star on his back

        3. but did glitch catch missingno

  2. Ooooh, does this kitten have a name? May I suggest “Patches”? Not only is it reflective of his appearance, but game developers like issuing those out a lot recently. LOL. (^-^)

    1. I second this! My grandmother had a liter of farm cats and one was a boy we name Patches. He looked just like him! But he eventually left, either to get all the ladies or was eaten by wolves. It would be great if he could live on as a gamer either way. Please call him Patches!

    2. My vote is for Retro Kitty! :D

      1. Ehm… Well Main is For Patches xD

        1. Isn’t Patches kind of well, common? I mean I think 1/3 of the cats in North America have that name. He should have a name like GaMERCaT how about GaMERKITTEN?

        2. Dave suggested “Patches” because it’s not only a cat name but a gaming term!

    3. nope,his name is GLiTcH

      1. This predictions…

  3. Wait, the gamercat have a owner?

    1. Who do you think is drawing all these comic about him?

      1. Well… That is a way to put it…

        1. I actually thought it was him. I mean he plays games, buy games, and uses the internet… The real question is where he gets the money?

        2. He calls himself Samantha and draws a biography of his life. Yep sounds about right :3

        3. nope! he’s an eletrical engineer that helps people with thier consles!

        4. No, I mean he gets money from typing how to pass or to fix a game or console. :3 he is so cute too!!!!! Ever notice glitch has a star on his back?

    2. wapvoidbpjmoublcfler

  4. Nonsense! Cats don’t have owners! They have weird 2 legs things who take care of them!

    1. Do you mean, dogs have owners, cats have staff by any chance?

      1. Yep, that’s just how it is. Dogs have owners that they love, and cats have unpaid servants that they just don’t give a fuck about.

        1. i know a bunch of cats what care for their “owners” when them are sad

        2. @SirVegas If you think that then you don’t know a thing about anything. Dogs have owners they love, and cats have owners they love. That’s how it is. Trust me, my cats love me. But so do my dogs. No need to hate on cats.

        3. @.
          It’s not hating on cats. The phrase emphasizes how much more independent cats are than dogs. “Dogs have to be walked daily, fed at regular intervals during the day, etc, but some cats you can literally set free into your yard and they’re set for life, so you only HAVE to love them” logic

        4. To be fair, dogs are only independent because humans provided their needs and dogs evolved to no longer be independent.

        5. Wait shoot I meant “dogs are only dependent because…”

        6. HEY! whenever I go outside to feed my dog,he tries to rip my face off!

        7. zrlkayogmweofuilemrsuhnz

  5. A disciple I see here :D

  6. Kinda reminded me of a friend who still has a Gameboy. Nothing like some good Prince of Persia on it…

    By the way, I really like this new character… I hope to see him more in the future! Cheers

  7. Nice :D , btw some insanes actually did it to hall of fame with only magikarps teams.

    1. ehm…
      Struggle Spam! r_r

    2. And when they evolve, he’ll have six [email protected]$$ Gyarados ready to blow his enemies into shrapnel.

      1. Magikarp is best Pokemon.

  8. These 3 last comics are so much fun! XD

    And I support giving a name to that lil’ kitteh, too! =3

  9. If I found a poor little kitten living in a trash can and playing Pokemon on an old Gameboy, I would totally adopt him. :3

  10. omigosh he likes fish because he’s a keety! ^w^

    And he’s a homeless keety! Soooo adorably sad!


    1. Keety!


  11. Aww he is too cute, I’m going to draw them. : >

  12. Actually, my brother found our first pokemon game underneath a park bench. To this day, it still works perfectly :)

  13. bawww, fine kitty, take that game boy and follow me home

  14. I love that they both agree on the real tragedy here. Nonetheless, I’mma be a bit sad if that cat doesn’t go home with him.

  15. Awwwww, little homeless kitt ;_;

    I think we’re all willing to adopt him.

    Er… eh heh heh heh… and not for his gameboy…. noooooooo.

  16. that cruel person =l

  17. The Retrokitty is so cute! <3

  18. Quickly, Gamercat, adopt him. Teach him the ways of being a cat that games.

  19. The only game I ever found lost was an old GBA game – a Super Mario World reboot. It was lying in a puddle after a rainstorm and I thought it would never work.
    To this day, it still works like new.
    Also, Gamerkitten is a street cat?!

    1. I found Link between worlds at my school because some kid lost it, and I found it and the nice after care ladies let me keep it. I got a 3ds the next summer.

      Aaah. spoils of modern 6 year olds who don’t treat games with respect at your school


  21. Hello! I’m new to GamerCat and I am an instant convert! Totally bookmarked and visited every day now! YAY KITTIES!

  22. I imagine the voice of ‘Patches’ as being similar to Catbug’s from Bravest Warriors (

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play Pokémon Yellow. On my original Game Boy. No reason why… <..>

    1. …Oh wow, those emoticons absolutely failed to show up correctly. That last bit should’ve looked like “<.< >.>”

  23. My friend ruined my copy of Fire Red before I could beat the Elite Four :( I told him he could borrow it for a while and play on my save so he could level up my Pokemon so it’d be easier for me to beat them. Instead he dropped it on the floor and dirtied up his room then it ended up under his bed with food stuff in the cartridge. I was really sad, I put a lot of work into my save.

    1. Last time i would let my friend borrow my stuff

      1. last time they saw him

  24. The little kitty is so cute! Poor kitty I’ll adopt him so he doesn’t have to stay in a trash can

  25. I imagine the little cat having the voice of one of the kids from Emperor’s New Groove.
    But now that someone above me said Catbug, I can’t get that out of my head.

  26. um., i think there is a Gameboy emulator for PS Vita…,
    what’s a Gameboy emulator..? an app for PS Vita that can let you play Gameboy games…! :D

    1. oh., w8., i think i commented on the wrong page.. -.-

  27. Please, make Patches a main character! Let GaMERCaT take him home! (pleaaaase? can we keep himmm?)

  28. Cats don’t have owners. To cats, everyone is an NPC, ready to serve it.

  29. It would be cute if their names were Pixel and Patches.

    1. there is a female cat in this named pixel.

  30. My GBC still works, sort of… The speaker is bad and it’s missing it’s battery cover, but it otherwise works fine. The same can’t be said of my corrupted Silver Version… :( R.I.P game cartridge that I got used and had Celebi…

  31. That was my response when my mom told me she had thrown out our Gameboy

  32. So…is gamercat going to have a new protege?

  33. I would love for him to be a reccuring character.

    GaMERKITTEN (Or whatever his name would be) would live with GaMERCaT who teaches him the true way of the gamer. And he goes into videogame worlds with him :3 Maybe they go into Phoenix Wright, GaMERCaT is Phoenix and the kid is Maya? or Jak and Daxter, or Mario and Luigi? And the kitten learns to become a “True gamer” like his mentor. Because he seems a little Naive at the moment (6 Magikarps?) and Pokemon is likely his first and only game. GaMERCaT will help him out :3

  34. I love this series!!!!!!!! Can you please make gamercat’s owner adopt the chibi kitty? Please update soon!!! P.S. I LOVE POKEMON TOO!!! P.P.S. I miss the old game boys too

  35. i think patchy or patches should be his name.


  37. Owner? Somehow that implies that Gamercat has an owner too, and I always thought Gamercat owned himself.

    (And for my opinion, I find it more reasonable to think that a cat would say “human” before saying “owner.” “Doesn’t your human have a DS yet?”
    Most pets would actually say master, but… not cats.)

    1. You’re right – your human or your person is a better term for a cat to use. I thought of going with slave or staff, but I didn’t want to be too vague on what GC actually meant. I’ll probably use it in the future :3

  38. Also… Six Magikarp? HOLY CRAP! Retro Kitty has the mutha-luvin’ DREAM TEAM of pokemon!

    The proof is right here:
    (Mature language warning)

  39. i have found both pokemon red and blue just thrown away on the ground
    like you could just lose faith in humanity

  40. FOR SHAME ON THAT HUMAN!!!!! Getting rid of a working Gameboy is a crime and a sin.

    1. I agree, John. ;)


  42. i just realized something. Are you starting a story arc?

    1. “I hope you guys are enjoying this little foray into a sort of story line”


  43. i still have my gameboy and play it. its so cruel

  44. Am I the only one guessing it’s Gamercats GameBoy?

  45. i think that this new kitten should be elected as GaMERCaT’s heir, so that one day when all the gaming cats have their own ruling empire, he will rule after GaMERCaT … … … and he also has a cool gameboy

  46. srry i have a condition called “insanity

  47. ……..Dude, a working Red game’s worth like 30 bucks. Ebay -_-

  48. Prioritys. Gamer totaly has them right.

  49. Hi! I recently started following your comic! I love it..I love cats. And I really like this little brown and white guy with the cutest ever missing tooth :D

  50. I found Pokemon emerald on the ground somewhere, it works like new, I still have it

  51. I just levelled my magikarp into gyarados :D love these comics , quite possibly my favourite web comic ever !

  52. I love how they only care about how the Gameboy was abandoned and not about how Glitch was abandoned…. :P

    1. Maybe GLiTCh was born on the streets.

  53. Compare Glitch to a Spinda and then reply your thoughts

  54. Who throws out a cat, a working Gameboy, and a working Pokemon game?!

    1. uh, nobody would throw out a cat. they freaking live

  55. Imagine once glitch learns to enter games. He will need a all new pokemon team!!!!!!! XD

  56. Priorities, he has them.

  57. In the archives link picture he doesn’t have the star. :/

  58. Anyone notice glitch has a star on his back?

    1. That’s a Rare Candy in cuteness level.

  59. My hart broke a little for Glitch when I saw he was abandoned but think about it, how would Glitch and GaMERCaT’s lives would be if somebody didn’t throw out the Pokémon red game and gameboy.

  60. Speaking of DS…have you played Ghost Trick?

    1. because its sooooooooo good

  61. Hell, I still have my GameBoy Advance, Pokemon Red, and Red Mystery Dungeon (Never beaten!), a broken copy of crystal cuz it doesn’t save, and hell, had to sell the rest of my GBA stuff to buy my Xbox 360.

  62. Oh, cool! Finally, GaMERCaT plushies! I wonder how much money got put into it. *clicks*

    “$48,831 pledged of $8,500 goal.”

    …*grabs a statue of baby Jesus and pours syrup on it*

    Okay yeah, think we’ll be getting them.

  63. i once found a mario kart just lying there on the road… i picked it up and took it home, but it didnt work D: it mustve been run over by a car, cause when i shook it ti made a rattling noise

  64. WHO WOULD THROR AWAY A GAMEBOY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


  65. Camolot the Creator

    Once, I found a working PS2 in a dumpster.
    It lasted me until it finally gave out in 2009. Which, considering that I found it in 2004, is quite good, really.

    More recently, I hunted down an original PS3, the one with back-compatibility, so that I could make use of my PS2 library. It was just as good as I remember.

  66. Yes, Gamercat, whoever threw that away is cruel and evil. Now let’s go back to the part where the poor little guy said that he lives in a trash can.

  67. my friend isnt cruel to his 3ds pokemon x game. he gave to me. now i have 3 of the pokemon x game for the 3ds

  68. 3ds released in 2011. comic made in 2013

  69. Adorable.

  70. We all like fish buddy we all like fish 🐠

  71. Glitch starts with g just like gamercat

  72. They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

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