What the Cat Dragged In

And that's only part of his collection!

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  1. Just a few.

    1. Yeah, like five… Thousand.

      1. think that to gamercat, each is like a portal to another dimension, where he is someone different, doing what he must, what he can, following the path that the code gives him.
        the greatest portal master of them all.
        plus he has all the skylanders
        I’d love to see them actually play skylanders for once, I know glitch loves it. it would be hilarious to see them go inside the game. imagine sweet as eon…
        it would be absolutely adorable if glitch used eye-brawl, and in the game was just floating in the eye.

        1. The GaMERCat 2.0


        2. Maybe he uses the Portal Gun to get into the games

        3. thats the face i make when I get a game ive been wanting for over a month

    2. Thats his “I just took a massive dump and might have tinkled a bit” face.

      1. I mean it’s true

  2. Yeah a few… million :D Patches in the last panel reminds me of the patrick star meme…

    1. Oh yeah! So tru! lol

    2. It’s not named yet.

    3. I thought someone said he name was Retrocat.

      1. Its glitch now :3

    4. No no no. A few…… billion.

      1. wait…. how did your icon become a mimicu from sun and moon and your in 2014 which was before the game was made…..im freaking out…….time crisis.

        1. simple. picture changes on earlier comments when you change it.

  3. I’m the same way. O_O
    I see Assassin’s Creed! xD

  4. That look on the kitten’s face. XD

    1. Daniel S. Mountain


      1. He’s known nothing but what’s been tossed in his garbage can all this time. He shall never want for games again.

  5. Disks on the floor?!? I find it hard to believe GamerCat would disrespect any game like that. Even Colonial Marines doesn’t deserve that.

    1. I don’t think it’s disrespectful as long as they’re not getting stepped on/trashed. I leave some discs laying around my entertainment center but only if I’m certain they won’t be harmed.

      1. Even then, i have cats who lie down on everything, and theres dust, and i hate it when they get scratched…

        Wow that sounded OCD… I love my games. And i know they’ll last for-prettymuch-ever if i take care of them.

        1. I hardly have to take care of my PS3 discs because I know that those are dual layered blu-ray. Those guys are harder to break than obsidian without a diamond pickax on Minecraft. My copy of Portal 2 has a crack in it and it still runs great.

        2. I thought that I was the only one by far who is still clinging to his ps3

      2. Sometimes, I do too

  6. Amazing comic, like usual. That’s totally me, as well.

  7. @Luna
    I know dat feel.

  8. How on earth did he get enough money to purchase all of those?! D8

  9. You know why i fuckin’ love your comic? because you accept your fans requests. thanks for giving us this new adorable character!

    1. Thanks! When I first brought the kitten in I wanted to keep him in the comic, but wasn’t sure. The readers’ positive reaction to him sold me on him, so he’s GC’s new buddy!

      1. Does he have a definite name yet? or are you seeing what we refer to him as the most?

        1. He does have a name. It will be revealed in a future comic :)

        2. Make sure to add him on the character page when his name is revealed.

        3. I just hope he wont do like all other cases and surpass GaMERCaT in a few weeks, that would be boring ._. Please make him get better step by step and not land mass by land mass

        4. I like bacon

  10. Make sure to not look at the ESRB ratings before letting him play!

    1. Shutup Meg…

      1. I just died of laughter

        1. I screen capped earlier.

  11. That was so sweet, Samantha! That little cat really deserved a good home.

  12. pedocat… @[email protected]

    1. Hey now, don’t be going there.

    2. Holy shit. That’s a good point

  13. I see the Gamecube, but where’s the Atari 2600, 7800, NES, Sega Master System, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Genesis, SNES, SegaCD, CD-i, 3DO, Sega Saturn, N64, Sega Dreamcast, etc? Most importantly, where is the Vectrex!?!?

    1. In storage. They’re only pulled out when nostalgia tickles. Floor space is utilized for the most recent generations.

  14. I’m glad Gamer Cat took the little kitten under his protection ^^ (besides, he can now play Pokémon on his GB)

  15. and now look at the cats steam, psn and xboxlive account…. much more ^^

  16. i want to have a “few” games like that…

  17. I’m adopting the name Patches… Patches is so cute!

    1. It is but the kitty’s name is glitch

  18. Aaaaawwwwwww!
    I’m so happy that gamer cat takes the kitten home with him, he didn’t seem unhappy in his trash can, but still, he’s just a kitten and he deserves better!
    *Overly exagerated feelings about a comic character: check.*

  19. -Sees the lil’ kitteh has a new addition to the “roster” of Gamercat-

    -Makes the same face of the kitteh in the last panel: *O*-

    Just don’t make it to become a “graphics whore” =P

    BTW: “Patches'” tail kinda looks like Raccoon Mario’s tail XD

  20. I was wondering if GamerCat have a Wii U, but looks like a only own a Wii yet.
    Also best console for GamerCat is GameCube. They have the same monogram. :D

    1. He has a Wii U, if you look closely… but doesn’t have a gamepad.

  21. Now GC can play duo games like mario and have luigi and stuff :p

  22. Man, now I’ve got SOOOO many questions…like, does GaMERCaT have a female or male owner? Does he/she find out about the newly acquired PSVita and Patches? Does the owner know about the fairy girl?

    (I’m still calling the new kitten “Patches” cause he looks absolutely adorable, tugs at your heartstrings, and reminds me of Pip from MLP:FiM and Tiny Tim from a Christmas Carol).

  23. And he got ’em all through the internet…

  24. Oh I love your work, it’s just warming up my heart.
    More please :,D

  25. Please please please make the wall of games panel a wallpaper ^_^

  26. This is so awesome this is my brother when he has friends over they’re like: Hey you got any good games? And he’s like: yeah i got a few… and when they walk in they see his wall of games XD

  27. I love your comics! So funny! And cute! And bloody and gory, in that one comic with the red fairies. But moving on from that.

    So I see GaMERCaT has a Wii U, but no Wii U gamepad, just a WiiMote.

    How often do you update? Whenever you feel like it?

    Also, your copyright expired. It says 2011-2012, when the comic is still clearly running in 2013.

    1. He actually just has a Wii, he hasn’t gotten a Wii U yet. And I update whenever I can because GC is secondary to a few other projects I run. I try for at least once a week, though.

      And I forgot to update the copyright date when the year changed. I’ll fix that. Thanks for reminding me!

  28. Glitch: (because I don’t want to repeat “Unnamed Little Cat”) Can I play Pokemon on this? I can’t wait to catch em’ all!
    GaMERCaT: Yeah… good luck with that.

    1. How did you know his name?

      1. …I didn’t. I just like the name. O.O You’re messing with my head, right? …right? Because Glitch is actually a pretty cool name.

        1. Not messing with you. I guess you got lucky in your guess, huh?

        2. And by saying that nstead of leaving it at that revealed Glitch’s name before the actual leak. Unless you’re really messing with me, in which I give props to you for.

          What are “props” anyways?

        3. Glitch: Pardon?
          Not you, Glitch, Kitty Glitch.
          Glitch… Uh…huh…

        4. @Curtis: Props – Proper recognition or proper respect.

          Example: I give him props for being on time every day and getting straight to work.

        5. @Dave
          Thanks for the info!

  29. You ever think about merchandising a GaMERCaT wallet?

    1. Yep! One is in the works.

      1. Sweet! I’ll have to get one as soon as it comes out!

        1. Wait. Is it a male or female wallet? 0_o

  30. I want to see this kitten become a sidekick of sorts. One condition: no spoiled brat story arc. Those are one of my most hated story arc types, next to the liar revealed story arc………wait, did I just demand something from a popular artist. Crap, I really do have more of a loose screw than usual. Oh well, I’ll figure it out eventually. Keep up the great work! Now back to Grep…

  31. I woad rilly love to see the pink cat agen and maybe a fox I like foxes speshly the one with the big ears can’t remember what there Ashly called sorry if no one can read my bad grammar

  32. The name should definitely be Patches… it even fits in with games: when games come out with a new patch.

  33. Aww! The little one is so sweet! <3 So he's here to stay? ^^

  34. Every console this generation has to offer: about $1200
    Every worthwhile game reach console has: about $2000
    Shopping spree at IKEA to showcase it all: $750
    Freaking out some strange young kitten with it all: … priceless

  35. I need moar GaMERCaT!

  36. I’m ABSOLUTELY in love with this two kittys!!!! <3 :3


  38. The look on that kittens face, and mine, when seeing the colllection of games, was priceless. XD

  39. Maybe _he_ is a figment of his imagination as well.

    1. Well, thanks for ruining my childhood. And I’m 11, so that makes me technically a child.

  40. The kitten is the MOST adorable thing that exists.

    Science has proven it.

  41. Gamer-kitten’s face…! It’s adorable!!!!

  42. HAHAHAHA, is just like me in my friend’s house =^.^=

  43. These kitties are adorable!! This webcomic is priceless!!! <3

  44. 400 games and nothing to play…

  45. OMG I love gamer cat and i just want to adopt the little stray he is so cute! Come little kitten you and I can be gamers together xD

  46. I could live the rest of my life in that room… o_o

  47. damn….o.0 looks like my house kinda scary

  48. whyisitincapitals

    He’s just wants him for his original Game Boy

    1. Call the little one gk : game – kitty

  49. Dear Ma’am,
    Thank you for making gAmercat a black kitty. i had a cat a while ago named spook. He was black as well. i thought he was the greatest thing in the world. But one day, he got very weak and passed away in my arms. Gamercat reminds me so much of him. Thank you.

  50. Yay, an adorable kitten apprentice for the main character!

  51. WOOOOOAH! How was he able to BUY all of THAT?! Is he rich or something?! (Talking abtou GaMERCaT of course)

  52. i have a few games i cant say them all but one ove them is fallout new vegas

  53. I love that last pane!

  54. Amazing. Can’t see what’s next! :D


  56. Personally, I can’t find shelf space that works well for my cartridge-based games, so I can’t get my collection to look like that.

  57. That kitten still doesn’t have a name and it’s not on the “CHARACTERS” page.

  58. °O° I have something to do in the week-end. :D

  59. Dude!
    That’s all you got?
    i have…

  60. sólo algunos…?
    que sencillez!

  61. Yay, Retrokitten is a regular character now! \ (^.^) / And I’m like gamercat when it comes to manga. People are like hey you got manga? Me yeah just a few. (260b books)

  62. Just out of curiousity (I don’t actually expect you to do this) but since there are “Two GaMERCaTS” are you going to change the title to “The GaMERCaTS”? Or “The GaMERCaT” (Featuring ~Insert name here)

    1. It’s not “GaMERCaT and the Annoying Fairy” or “GaMERCaT and those other background characters”, it’s GaMERCaT.
      If the new cat (even though Celesse commented it’s Glitch, she may change it) is a main character, which he/she probably will be, the central character is GaMERCaT.
      Unless Celesse decides to change it. It’s her decision.

      1. I mean Garfield isn’t called “Garfield and Odie” or “Garfield and Jon” so yeah, that was a kind of stupid question. ^^;

    2. I have considered changing it to The GaMERCaTs, but I probably won’t. The central character is still GC himself.

      1. Hehe I can totally see another Professor Layton scenario but with GC as Professor Layton and the Kitten as Luke. Oh my god he would look so adorable! Even if you don’t decide do that scenario, you can’t deny us that image lol ^^

        1. To do that scenario*

    3. It’s safe to assume Samantha has trademarked “The GaMERCaT” or “GaMERCaT” by now, so don’t expect the title to change any time soon…

  63. That adorable face in the last panel will be etched in my mind forever… :D

  64. o.o do you giys play fallout 3 and new vegas

  65. Dartpaw86 the new cat is glitch

    1. Yeah I read the comment :3 and I think that is a really cool name <3 but the fact is I feel like it's bad luck to say it before it's actually confirmed within the comic. Besides she could change it at any time if she changes her mind. I mean I don't think it's set in stone just yet. So… like I said "Love the name" but until it's actually mentioned in comic, I'm not going to jinx it.

  66. no Wiii u?

  67. Hello, I think I have the story for you, at least I want to share my idea. He was born a stray cat, but one day, a little boy/girl (which ever gender you wan to choose) found him standing on their porch to get out of the pouring rain, the child was looking outside, bored with it raining, and having no games to play at the time, looked out the window and saw the cat, they came and took the cat in and dried him off, and fed him. They soon grew an attachment for each other, and the child adopted him. Since she/he had school, and her parents were rairly in the house because they were always busy; so that is when gamercat played with the games, and eventually the child let the cat have it’s own room with all the game systems he wanted, because the family was rich. You can use my story line if you want to, it’s just a suggestion.

  68. @Celesse Where did @gamercat get all the money for those games from? And how did he buy them if humans don’t understa- never mind that one. I’m pretty sure he purchases on the computer.

  69. What no Dreamcast? Sega gets no love D:

  70. And the world record for the most epic gasp ever goes to…

  71. Ha! I love the interaction with the fairy in this one, and how she’s just kind of becoming a nuisance in the life of GC.

  72. I just notice the Gamercat looks a lot like Sissel from ghost trick.

  73. I would love to see Glitch trying to play some of the newer consoles and freaking out with the controler trying to hit the right button because he/she has only played a gameboy and then GC just yelling at him/her. :)

  74. GaMERCaT represents almost every person in North America…
    Glitch represents the few that have not seen a collection like this…

  75. If you look at the spotted cat, if you think of his lowest hair sticking out of his head as an eyebrow, it looks much more funny!

  76. Also, I’m such a HUGE fan of GaMERCaT! I hope I can get GaMERCaT merchandise on my birthday (June 7) !!!

  77. I’m naming him Glitch!

  78. did anyone else notice the star on Glitches back?

  79. Alice David Turner

    Really now??

  80. Yeah I have a few. So, uh, you wanna play every single final fantasy game?

  81. there’s the star on Glitch’s back :3

  82. Wait if you think shes your imagination why do you listen to her?

  83. This collection puts mine to shame. The only “old” system I have is a N64 with several great games for it. Well that and a first gen backwards compatible PS3. Now if you’ll excuse me im gonna go in a corner and do a mixture of crying and worshiping GC.

  84. you have horrible taste

  85. Every gamer’s dream. FREAKIN’ beautiful.

  86. I love this one lol so awesome How he got everything!!! :D

  87. Glitch’s little face…

  88. Camolot the Creator

    I have caught a glimpse of heaven….


  89. That one gardevoir


  90. It’s like the kid walked through the gates of heaven.

  91. lol. this is me. i have 12 pages of apps when you add the pages of apps on my devices togeter. i also have 20 nintendo games. my friends are jealous of my 20 nintendo games


  93. glitch’s face #mindblown

  94. thats funny leland

  95. if you can belev it i might have more games then him

  96. Do you have Animal Crossing…?

  97. Do they have stock in GameStop or something?

  98. wait a minute, this was uploaded on a Wednesday. something is not right here..

  99. A FEW?!?

  100. #GamingObbsessedcuzitawesome

    I wish I had that many..
    ;-; my parents don’t even let me play legends of Zelda yet TwT

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