I'm sure I'm not the only stubborn person that lost all their expensive lock picks trying to open a chest above their skill level. At least I didn't have a cat burglar reputation to maintain.

31 thoughts on “Locksmith

  1. Meanwhile, like feels no sympathy, because he can just kick open any chest like a badass. Lock-picking is for the unimaginitive.

    1. YEah but he is playing as an Assassin. He would draw less attention picking it then he would kicking it.

      1. Yeah, but wouldn’t a cloaked figure in town buying lock picks make you want to hide your treasure in a cave and go all Golumn. *mmy precioussssss*

        1. Ezio the Zoroark

          It’s actually spelt Gollum. (; fyi

        2. yeah, kind of, but who on earth would sell lock picks and not look totally shady???


    2. your button mash. THE button mash.

      1. i took a pic of it and got it in the blue! i didn’t even mean to!

  2. Would GaMERCaT be the kind to play Dark Souls or would he… y’know go insane?

    1. i just got an idea! why not a series if comics where they play a bunch of indie games? i think glitch should play besiege to start off because that would be fun to see!

  3. This reminds me suspiciously of a barbarian trying to open a door, which is to say, there was never a chance of it opening without something breaking. In this case gamer cat’s wallet is now broke.

  4. For a second, I thought this was a reference to an Elder Scrolls game…

    1. “Master level lock? Psh, I have 60 lockpicks. Simple.”
      *50 lockpicks later*

  5. Do something on Dying Light!

    1. why not do a bunch of comics where they play a bunch of indie games? id love to see glitch play besiege

      1. Or a hat in time (if anyone remembers that)

  6. Is that other assassin Pixel?

  7. Oh, and did you know it’s only jumping like that because of the ridiculously low FPS? Try getting the graphics to the lowest settings before you pick a lock, it’ll be much smoother on any difficulty. Thanks, Ubisoft.

  8. can u give me tips on how to make a good comic

    1. 1. Learn to draw. If not well, at least consistently. You will get better with practice – practice practice practice.
      2. Create characters that you like and can relate too.
      3. Outline the world they are in as a reference for yourself and only modify it if you have too BUT stay consistent.
      4. Determine what the story is going to be – it can be rough BUT plan ahead on where you want to go. If there is an end then plan it and let your readers know ahead of time. – never abuse your readers unless they like it.
      5. Write the scripts
      6. draw the panels/strips

      Always remember to pace yourself AND stick to your schedule.
      You will generate a following – how big will all depend on you.

  9. The joys of timely button pressing. Thank you rhythm-based games~

    …although, the game is kind of buggy and broken so…probably because of *cough*.

  10. I love how pixel just has to ask him that

  11. Should’ve taken lessons from Sam Fisher.

  12. If this was Neverwinter Nights at high level … Ranger 1 Fighter 3 Monk 16 .. when nobody is looking just punch it. ;)

  13. i just realised how insanely similar gamercat looks like sakamoto-san from nichijou 0.0

  14. And I thought Skyrim’s lockpicking system was hard.

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