50 thoughts on “T.M.I.

  1. She’s pretty. I think would have had a shot if he’d had the guts to say hi instead of trying to play her. He chose the wrong response for this dating sim.

    1. [_] We like playing video games together!
      [_] Do you want to walk around the park with us?
      [X] This one time…

      1. [_]At band camp…
        [x]While we were eating…
        [_]When I was just a homeless kitten who like playing GameBoy…

        1. []I found a…
          []I saw a…
          [X]I ate a…

        2. [X] gameboy cartridge…
          [_] battery…
          [_] food item…

    2. [_] GaMERCaT is really good at Mario and knows how to defeat Thunderblight Ganon!
      [_] GaMERCaT is a good big brother and a great role model!
      [X] (Say nothing. Just have your Mudsdale use Superpower on him since he put you on the spot)

      1. [ ] shut up
        [ ]stop
        [X]all of the above

        1. [_] who asked you?
          [_] I don’t like being told to shut up
          [_] so yeah i’d say the same
          [x] all of the above <3

        2. pls be nice to the community, guys :D

    3. tea and cookie wolf

      yea pretty funny tho

  2. the image…the image will not go away!

  3. HA glitch, glitched


  5. (-‸ლ)

  6. LOL “Eww dat’s gross! I’m not goin out with u!”
    gamercat: “You… GLITCH IM GONNA KEEL U!!!

    1. Look out, Glitch! Gamercat is about to yeet you!

  7. Reminds me of the time an old friend said something “smooth” it went like this: “Hi, my name is uh… Tanner and this is uh… Tanner.” and one of them was named Daniel.

  8. Well he did say “say whatever comes to you” well not exactly like that but you get it.

  9. Huh. He actually did take him to thr park.


  11. Don’t Kids Say the Darndest?

  12. She should not look so shocked. Cats to that all the time.

    1. You’re thinking about dogs
      Dogs do that, not cats

      1. I know of some cats that do it. Not as frequent as dogs, but yeah, it happens.

        1. Dats cause’ some dogs are stupid.

        2. My dad’s mom has a Yorkshire terrier.

        3. I love her very much. Her name is Bella!

        4. tea and cookie wolf

          yeesh thats craz also my grannu has two dogs and they have never done it

  13. And yet, I’m still thinking we’ll see a First Date in the near future.

  14. This plan was going to fail, from the start. What’d you expect Gamer Cat? The only thing he actually knows is gaming and you exposed him to a library of it. ..and other bad habits.

  15. Our dog did this once.

  16. Oh, I know this gross feeling.
    My cat did this too… thrice xP

  17. I love how the feminine cats are easy to tell gender without the artist having to stoop to “lets’s make all things pink” or “put a bow on it”. That being said, GamerCat got what he deserved for trying to use glitch like that.

  18. Try Pixel, GC. She’s already under Glitch’s spell.

    Also, I ship GC and Pixel anyway.

  19. Saskia van der Molen

    This one time… at bandcamp… I stuck a…*censored*

  20. She acts like he’s the only cat that would do that XD.

  21. Looks like Gamercat’s wingman is glitching.

  22. Forever alone cat and his sidekick Brutus

  23. I think Gamercat and pixel would be a cute couple. DONT JUDGE ME.

    1. I wont judge you, I FEEL THE SAME

    2. tea and cookie wolf

      ya i wont juge u

  24. i like the siamese
    this series needs more siameses
    also am i the only one who ships nano and gamercat?

  25. She is so so cute!!!!!

  26. Wait isnt that cat the one from the miracle thingy, or the sad long comic where glitch wanted a miracle?

  27. This is what you deserve


  29. Yep, that’s always the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Gamercat.

  30. Before I got on this app, I saw different comics online and this was the first ever one. I emidiately grew in love with glitch

  31. Don’t trust you’re little brother with that kind of thing, Gamercat!

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